Ashton Kutcher Seems Really Concerned About Demi Moore

January 26th, 2012 // 37 Comments

With Demi Moore in the hospital for doing whip-its of all things, you’d just assume Ashton Kutcher might be a tad concerned for the woman he was married to before detonating their relationship with his wandering cock. Turns out he has not a fuck to give because TMZ has footage of him fist-pumping with a bunch of chicks at a Bruno Mars concert (after the jump). Although, in his defense, Miley Cyrus has already offered her prayers, and Madonna‘s said she’s there if Demi needs anything provided it’s not the location of her Lazarus Pit. She’s in good hands.

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Photos: INFdaily, Pacific Coast News (9,000th post – MR)


  1. Should he be concerned? Honestly, they’re divorced now. I could give a flying f*ck if my ex was hospitalized.

  2. Cher X

    Nice Batman reference!

  3. CptCreep

    The best part of having an ex-wife you never had kids with… Not a single fuck given.

  4. Friend Zone

    Nice guys finish last.

  5. Inmate 12236969

    He’s only concerned when he sees her with another guy.


    I read that she had addiction problems a nd it contributed to the demise of the marriage so he’s probably like..whatever..I’m surprised it took this long. You get like that after being with an addict for that long.

  7. Star Droppings

    Drug problems? Cool Whip is a drug problem now?

  8. hate myself and want to die

    why should it be his problem if the old lady can’t handle sucking a whipped cream can?

  9. PickleShmickle

    Man that’s a fuck load of chicks? I think i saw one, maybe two, and one of those two was all over some other guy. But Bruno Mars? That’s what I would be more concerned with.

  10. That’s the face of a guy that took 3 years just to figure out how to pronounce “DemI.”

  11. mrsmass

    why should he care? bitch be trippin’

  12. Frank Burns

    Who can concern themselves with issues of mortality when entranced by the vocal stylings of Mr. Bruno Mars?! No one!

  13. peter pantsless

    I think he’s more of a loser for fist pumping at a Bruno Mars concert. That’s the real travesty here.

    • spinal11

      I don’t blame Demi, watching this moron fist pumping and frolicking like a gay Chihuahua at a Bruno fucking Mars concert makes me want to huff the entire contents of my cleaning supply closet.

  14. Schmidtler

    I’m pretty sure nobody ever considered their marriage to be anything more than a sham anyway, and now that they split, and considering Ashton is retarded, why would he give a shit about her idiot friends over reacting to her idiotic reaction to something idiotic like whip its? all that idiocy, I’m just surprised the whole lot of them didn’t disappear into a void in the fabric of time/space.
    also, nice work Dr. whatshisname, we needed an M.D. to tell us ‘when you get dumped it sucks to see the person who dumped you out some place’.
    anybody know where I can order a shit ton of whip its to be delivered to my ex?

    • Artofwar

      ….And since we are on the subject of mental retardation—it seems that retardation must be at pandemic proportions if so many of you think this knifed-up, junkie, geriatrics hoe-bag, was only doing so-called “whipits”—–this child in an senior citizen’s body, managed to get herself fired from the move St. Elmo’s Fire back in 1985 for her insistence on showing up late on set, and being an overall she-cunt, due to her cocaine addiction.

      She subsequently had to suck gallons of man-milk from the directors balls sack to get re-hired.

      This Demi Moore Drugs cradle robber —-has been fucked up for decades.

      Even more fucked up than the toddler she use to be married to—and that’s mighty fucked up.

      Just a little- something something– for those of you out of the loop….Artofwar

  15. Blue Velvet

    The more I read about this the more I realize Demi was doing cocaine and amyl nitrite.

  16. Fix it

    Everything he said to Demi, every “I love you”, every “always and forever” was a lie. All those lies told to someone who he considered crazy for being with him. She didn’t care that he lied, she just wanted someone to pretend.

  17. It's the kimkim, bitches

    Hahaha! Whip-its! What an eighth grader.

  18. Archie_Leach

    Come on people, this is an “actor” whose greatest claim of “artistic work” is “Dude, Where’s My Car?”

  19. mando

    Why can’t she just smoke pot like the rest of us?

  20. al

    I think Ashton has regressed and is now a teenager!

  21. “Who?” *head-scratch*

  22. Ashton Kuther Demi Moore Rushed To Hospital
    Commented on this photo:

    “Hey, you look older than me but younger than 50. What’re you doing tonight?”

  23. whim

    this situation proves he’s really an actor:
    HE IS A GREAT LIAR, folks!!

  24. Hmm....

    “fist-pumping with a bunch of chicks”. See the fist-pumping. Where’s the “chicks”??? And did it ever occur to anyone that maybe, just maybe, she drove him away with her apparently multiple issues? Hmm, food for thought.

  25. JenJen

    Uhh… didn’t they break up? Like, getting a divorce? Why would he care? He’s never proven himself to be a caring, compassionate, selfless person, why would he start now? Sure, the “nice guy” thing to do would be to give a crap about your ex-wife, but he doesn’t have to and he’s not going to.

  26. jules

    Man, sometimes I feel so sorry for celebrities. They’re actually these wicked huge nerds but they don’t even know it because all they ever get is breathless awe and quality pussy. Sometimes, when you’re acting like an idiot, not in this case, but in general, it’s nice to get knocked the fugout like regular folks because it makes you smarten up dickhead. Videos like this make me feel sad for them, the way I feel about the gorillas at the zoo. Sure, they’re interesting to watch, and it’s exciting when they masturbate and throw their fecal matter at each other and barf into their hands and then eat it to show off, but you always get the feeling that they’re trying too hard. You know?

  27. charles

    Bullshit! Womanizers, cheaters…..Pity Demi Moore being cheated by her last 2 unhappy marriages.
    Demi love you as always.

  28. Ashton Kuther Demi Moore Rushed To Hospital
    Commented on this photo:

    He’s such a douche nozzle. I hate that guy.

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