Ashton Kutcher is Getting Paid Way Less Than Charlie Sheen

Presumably because of all the scarf-wearing, Ashton Kutcher will reportedly make considerably less than Charlie Sheen’s salary on Two and a Half Men, according to TMZ:

Sources tell TMZ, Charlie’s base pay on the show was $1.25 million an episode. We’ve learned Ashton will get more than half — more than $625,000 — but less than $900,000.
There are reports Charlie received upwards of $2 million an episode, but that includes his profit participation.
… We’re told Ashton spent time with creator and Executive Producer Chuck Lorre and the two got along great — something that was essential for Lorre, who was at war with Charlie.
Ashton will NOT be playing the Charlie Harper character. He’ll be playing someone new, who comes into “Men” Malibu house.

I guarantee you Chuck Lorre didn’t hire Ashton Kutcher because of his “chemistry” and has zero aspirations about this working out. This was entirely about insulting Charlie Sheen (Kudos, btw.), and I’m pretty sure there were several network meetings where Chuck Lorre just presented inanimate objects as a replacement. “So, how about this toaster? We’ll call it ‘Uncle Toasty,’ and I’m confident its creative output will be on par with Charlie Sheen, a heh heh. But, no, seriously, you jamokes want an actual person, so let me think on this. Who’s the closest actor to a piece of toa- Ashton Kutcher.”

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