Ashley Tisdale is taking over the site … AND I DON’T KNOW WHY

July 5th, 2007 // 45 Comments

God help me.

NOTE: It is curious that between these pictures and these pictures she managed to put on about 20 pounds. Especially considering they were taken on the same day.

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  1. djthecat


  2. djthecat

    damn you! anyway, she doesn’t look as cute here.

  3. RichPort

    Once I hid in a closet in my sister’s bedroom and watched her get undressed. Looking at these pictures makes me feel dirtier.

  4. wedgeone

    So what is Ashley Tisdale’s fatter uglier twin sister’s name?

  5. combustion8

    She looks like anna kournikova with down syndrome.

  6. YaYa

    … lol…

  7. YaYa

    Isn’t she the chick from high school musical?

  8. kt

    it’s the cut of the two suits that makes her body look different. she should stick with the first one.

  9. britt

    Who the hell is this bitch??? Shes not even pretty, wtf???? Stop uploading stupid unfamous ugly people please

  10. teeteetdot

    Why don’t you just put pictures of me in a bikini, I’m probably more famous than this chick is.

  11. missj

    she is quite unattractive here. that is a large chin underneath the first chin.

  12. Big deal – here’s where you can see her topless!

  13. missj

    maybe that’s a neck. hmm. sigh.

  14. lambman

    stop it, just stop it.

    There are thousands of pictures and hundreds of articles writen on celebs every day. Can you knock it off with the posts on ugly chicks who’s only ever made 1 movie for the Disney Channel?

    do a post on somebody attractive and interesting like Rachel Weize or Bryce Dallas Howard, or that hot Megan Fox chick. It’s like sites like this make-up useless celebs to post on every day.

  15. Shockies


  16. missj

    haha yea it’s obvious she wants ppl to take pictures of her if she wore 2 different bathing suits and these are taken in the same day..unless she peed in the first one

  17. This is child porn! You’ve been warned

  18. Hollywood Agent

    This girl is NO classic beauty, that’s for sure. In fact, I know dudes with better looking faces.

    She also can’t really be at Malibu beach. Malibu is a wonderful surfer beach, but to go and stand in the water is very painful since the ocean floor in Malibu is covered with large pebbles. Furthermore, Santa Monica beach has dirty polluted water. Zuma beach would really be a much better choice. I think she must be stupid too.

  19. Jimbo

    I dunno, these pictures make me hornier. She looks a lot fatter and less attractive, so here it seems like she’d be the pathetically eager, ready to do anything type. My personal fav – they’ll do absolutely anything to keep you in bed with them. I’m sure the female commenters know what I’m talking about. And nothing beats the look of shame that crosses her face when she realizes – after you’ve spurted a load in her mouth and you’re ready to leave – that you’ve been laughing at her the whole time.

  20. floof

    OMG who is this biatch?? No one cares about her!!

  21. Hecubus

    This site is like a sore tooth with me now, I don’t know why I keep coming back to it. I remember back when this place used to be about making fun of celebrities and not posting random pics and non stories about random rich Americans. I tried to give the new writer a chance but really it’s a joke now, fire this idiot and get someone with a little wit.

  22. wanky

    her body looks pretty tight but damn her face is ugly!

  23. woodhorse

    Fish – all these Ashley Tisdale posts is you playing favorites with Jimbo who likes the younger crowd.

  24. Cardinal Ximenez

    thats a buttah face.

    she looks like the little sister of Gummi Bear… only more masculine and more capable of throwing a baseball, and pissing while standing up…

  25. leelee

    I know it’s summer and all, so all you east coasters are down for the bikini pictures, but personally not a day goes by where I’m either wearing one myself or seeing someone in a bikini.
    No offense Superfish, but please try to post something at least semi-newsworthy you know like the Al Gore III accident. Nevertheless, I do appreciate the fact that you are able to poke fun at your lame choices.

  26. Lowlands

    The Superficial-Because you’re Ugly-.Is that the reason why she’s taking over the site?

  27. Booi

    yep, pretty lame, this website is never updated often and when it is, it’s just because it works out good for the staff’s libido.

  28. Y don’t U fuckerz go
    fuckin watch the fuckin
    nightly newz..fuck???

    The girl in the top pic
    lookz like a fucking ugly

    If U people don’t like
    it here, get fucked

  29. Bitch


  30. frenchie

    What the hell is this? Why is this baby fat butter butt on here again? I guess the fish has jumped the shark. Hmmm…over it…yawn…tune out.

  31. miss oblivious

    Um, can we please stop w/ the Ashley whateverthefuckhernameis posts, please?! If you have nothing new and semi interesting to post, then just don’t post anything. Nothing would be better than this. She is very boring and barely famous. I’ve never heard of her, and don’t care to again.

  32. Hagar7

    Next time you can’t find anything to talk about for a couple of days just say that the server is down or you’re on vacation instead of serving up this bullshit.

  33. LivewireT

    Enough with Ashley Whoever!!!

    I read this site everyday, and for the most part it’s cool, but come ON. Take a hint Superfish. Who cares about this chick? Who is she even? Actually, I really don’t even give a crap. I’m just sick of reading about her.

  34. maybe she ate too much salt and puffed up LOL

  35. thiz girl iz
    zo fuckin ugly
    and the guy zhez
    with needz to
    work out, wherez
    hiz abz??

  36. Kimberly.

    She looks healthy… For once an actress doesn’t weigh 50 pounds. now next year – she’ll probably be a crackhead & weigh 50 pounds, but for now i think she actually looks nice.

  37. Connor

    she has a ugly ass birthmark on her arm.

  38. Patricia

    She is very cute , dont have alot of body , but she is very cute ,
    She is not very cute in this pictures but in others she is gourgeous !

  39. you are so beutyfull ASHLEY

  40. Sprmcandy

    Sweet pretty lady, killer body.

  41. bruna

    you’r hair is so nice that i wont mind to put shampoo and conditioner on you’r hair


  42. bruna

    you’r hair is so nice that i wont mind to put shampoo and conditioner on you’r hair


  43. Eel

    Truly UGLY girl, with bad skin and a double-chin forming already.
    And when they show her in magazines they airbrush out all the zits and moles and birthmarks. Take away the fake blonde hair and makeup and she is just plain UGLY.

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