Ashley Tisdale is still really famous

July 5th, 2007 // 66 Comments

I still don’t know who Ashley Tisdale is, but she’s still in Hawaii wearing bikinis and that’s good enough for me. Although it’s freaking me out that she’s 22-year-old and somehow manages to look 12. I’d suggest a time machine, but everybody knows the only use for a time machine is to go back in time and capture a Brontosaurus. “Ferrari, eh? Pretty nice ride. STOMP!”

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  1. veggi

    another compelling story. jesus.

  2. veggi

    I’m outta here, so veggi troll, troll on you stupid finger in the ass fetished fucking weirdo.

  3. so stop posting things about her then!!

  4. alishia

    i want that body

  5. She’s another stupid American girl. They’re all the same. Ugly, blonde and dumb.

    America is the laughing stock of the entire world. American girls aren’t as cultured as European girls.

    Americans are stupid. I’d be glad if they got blown up by China.

    Fuck America. :)


  6. Why are Americans so fucking fat?

    They’re nothing but fat sacks of shit!!!!

  7. Jimbo

    Wow! They say every guy has a hidden pedo fantasy, and this chick is perfect for it (without getting arrested)

  8. Penis Mightier

    At least American girls bathe and shave their pits you useless European pig.

    PS Canada rocks!

  9. jrzmommy

    Trouble maker in aisle 5!

  10. edan

    Listen, I understand it’s nice to have an ass. I like having an ass. Most days it’s pretty good to me. But just for like, a week maybe, I would like to have a tiny little non-ass like that. *Sigh*
    Lookit her little curveless body. Think of the cute clothes I could wear!!

  11. American women use left over bacon fat from their greasy dinners to help shave their flabby under-arms.

    And by ‘bathing’, they just sweat a lot after eating a lot of KFC. That’s good enough for them. Then they get stuck reading the literature on the packaging. “Hey Ma, what does ree-cyyy-cleee mean?”

    LOL! Get an education you stupid American fuckhead. Go shoot yourself in the head.

  12. Jimbo

    veggi don’t go! Don’t let the troll drive you away. Stay and hang out with me! We’ll ignore the fuckin troll

  13. Italian Stallion

    For some reason I’m in the mood for fruit stripes gum………

    When are you guys going to realize the Thatcher doucebag is an american just trying to get everyone all pissed off so it has someone to talk to. Ignore the stupid fucker and it will go away…………

  14. katelynn

    ummm….european women do bathe and shave. who told you that they didn’t?

    seriously, some people need to get out of their own country a little more often

  15. Penis Mightier

    11: based on your username you must a a Brit-wit which gives you absolutely nothing to hold above any other country in the world. Brits are pale and rotten toothed, and quite possibly the ugliest peeps on the planet. Go watch Harry Potter and sip some tea.


    america kicks europes ass we might not be the best countrie in the world but we at least have brains

  17. Vicky___uy

    ok … so the European guy is right about american girls being all blond and stupid. Im Uruguayan and waaay hotter than her, but brunet.

    About that girl Ashley, actually she´s kinda famous, that movie was kinda a big success, even here in Uruguay.

  18. lalalalaaaa

    no. 14

    its called a joke. its a known joke around the world that european women dont bath and shave. its got nothing to do with being american and not getting out and exploring. im south african and i know that little saying!

  19. LOL!

    An fat Yank think he knows about countries outside of his own shithole. How novel.

    “Penis Mightier”, please go fuck yourself, you worthless American slab of shit. :)

    Pale faced and rotten toothed? You’ve been reading too many fantasy novels. How about you skip a few Burger King drive-thru meals with your obese family…save up for a plane ticket…and actually visit somewhere outside of your squalid little asshole-country?



  20. lalalalaaaa

    haha – yes why do brit have yellow teeth! i have always wondered…..

  21. lalalalaaaa

    haha – yes why do brits have yellow teeth! i have always wondered…..

  22. Penis Mightier

    Actually I’m British and its totally true. I Haven’t bathed since 1996 when I got caught in a downpour….even then it was unintentional.

  23. katelynn

    well they do shave and shower. i’ve met more unclean americans with bad teeth and smells than unclean europeans.

    And I’m american!!!

  24. euro

    Thatcher isn’t British. He’s obviously Italian. Any time you see some dumb hairy monkey trying to start shit, it’s always an Italian. Chimps of the Continent.

  25. lol

    americans actually are fat and stupid.

    they have a lower IQ average than Europe and Japan and higher obesity rates

    sorry, statistics.

    Japan rawks =^.^=

  26. thai girl

    sorry i have to agree with what is being said, the americans that visit here are always loud, rude and obnoxious

  27. Italian Stallion

    @24 You got us mixed up with the blacks…..

  28. Texas Tranny

    @26…That’s just because they are looking for the 14 year-old Thai T-Girls to fuck. Some of the best looking trannies are form Thailand. Yummy

  29. lambman

    still fugly

  30. BlohansDeviatedSeptum

    Ahh I see Thatcher is back. Even if he didn’t identify himself as an inbred limey fuck you’d still be able to tell. Nice syntax mate, the British education system has really done you well. Where is the good old IRA when you need them anyway? I remember when I was in the forces and we would kick the shit out of any pussyfied brit we could find. It always felt so good putting my boot into a mouth full of knarly, fucked up teeth. I mean we were really doing them a favour right? Stupid twits can’t even run a subway without crashing it. Nice work you porridge eating fucktards.

  31. Vickiiii

    @24 you racist dumbass!!!!!! those comments are not even funny at all…

    You r really fucked up…. probably some black guy fucked you in the ass when you were little and it left you traumatize for life, plus .. You probably don´t have anything of stallion …

    fucking retard …..

  32. BlohansDeviatedSeptum

    #25 the only thing Japan is good for is a nuclear testing range. Read any good rape comix lately? That’s one twisted, overcrowded, poluted country your rocking there. I can hardly wait until China comes looking for revenge. that’s gonna be sweet.

  33. Vickiiii

    sorry .. it was fot @27

  34. LOL! Someone who was in the “forces” is now doing the gay guy sport of reading celebrity gossip blogs. LOL! What a fucking loser. I hope #30 was severely raped as a little boy and memories of his abuse make him piss his sweaty pants as an adult.

    But he’s probably Irish – which would explain a lot. I forget how many guns the IRA has now. Is it 12? 8? I’m sure I could count it all on my fingers and toes. Fucking Irish should’ve starved to death in their potato famine, the fucking inbred wankers. LOL

    All Ireland ever was was England’s lap-dog. Conquered, conquered, and conquered again. Do you know why? Because they’re all stupid, redneck farmers who can’t even spell ‘Ireland’ without a dictionary at hand. If #30 is Irish, I hope his entire family drown in the Irish sea, and their shabby unwashed bodies float down the Thames and get stuck in a sewage pipe.

    I’m still laughing at Americans. One of them said ‘countrie’. LMAO.

    And now the wannabe Irish join in! What a fucking joke. Ireland…the asshole of the world! Can’t even settle their own country. LMFAO.

  35. tokyiyana

    don’t diss japan you stupid american asshole :)

    it’s true that japanese have higher IQs than Americans. wanna talk about pollution? visit LA some time.

  36. robin

    she’s a hoot on “Suite Life with Zack and Cdoy” in the Disney Channel. How do I know? I have an eight year old.

  37. henrietta

    that girl is hot.

    p.s. @#30 the racist asshole….knarly isn’t a word ;)

  38. Italian Stallion

    @31 Sorry, you must be black. Not because you got upset at my comment, but because you type in ebonics. Pick up an English book and read it, coon…..

  39. jrzmommy

    I like it how when someone makes a joke about a country, suddenly, out of fucking no where, there are 10 new commenters who just happen to be from that country. Like the “Japanese” person in 35.

  40. Ooba Gooba

    Hey Thatcher:

    We have much better weather than you do.

    We win.

  41. Jimbo

    Japeanese girls are hairy and have flat asses (so, two moons, counting the face). If it weren’t for bukkake there’d be no reason for them to live.

  42. wanky


    lol and since when did hair color have something to do with intelligence??? some people are really fucking stupid…especially Vicky___uy….i doubt you look anything better than rosie o’donnel bitch! ahah

  43. Danklin24

    who’d have thought this chick would have a really cute ass. Its so tiny and tight. I’d bang the hell out of her.

  44. #26=bitch:
    would U like 2 know Y
    Americanz R zo loud and
    obnoxiouz? Let me tell U,
    ztupidbitch..We R not
    COMMUNIZTZ yet, azzdick.
    We fuckin zay what we want
    to..we don’t worry about
    our Royal Hy=nezz cutting
    off our fuckin headz like
    your Royalz do. Itz called,

    fuckin: mark and remember bitch????

  45. Mia=U have been
    Missing in action
    for awhile now…
    I’m guessing that
    U r the bitch thatz
    acting like the
    Foreignerz that R
    hating uz…yea, itz
    U, bitchZatanFucker???????

  46. Fuk

    I guess it’s a matter of taste. Japanese people think American girls are fat, but I tend to think those girls look malnourished and bow-legged.

  47. Danielle

    Well I’m glad no one has bashed Canadian women yet…

    Fire away Thatcher.

  48. Fat Tabby

    #47- If it’s regarding Canadians being American Junior or says “Where is Canada? Is that in (insert totally different continent)?” then I’ll definitely be impressed.

  49. metaphor

    Yeah Yeah all blonds are stupid, European women don’t shave, Americans are loud and obnoxious.
    I think you guys are actually living in a cliche.

    Ok I don’t know what that means either, but it sounds right.

  50. rory

    i hate her

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