Ashley Tisdale in a bikini

July 2nd, 2008 // 118 Comments

These are pictures of High School Musical’s Ashley Tisdale spending her birthday in Hawaii. If you have no idea who she is, please, switch lives with me. In the meantime, I guess she’s hot – sort of. I dunno. Hold on, my penis just wrote me a note: “I quit.” Dude! What about the memories we’ve had together? Like all those time I’d think inanimate objects were really a woman: The coffeemaker, the book shelf, Suzanne Somers…

EDIT: Moving this to the top of the page in the interest of freedom. Or science. Or something. Don’t question it. Otherwise that means the terrorists have won.

Photos: Splash News

  1. surrounded by idiots

    she’s hot

  2. surrounded by idiots

    she’s hot

  3. Not sure why anyone, besides a 13yr old girl, would know or care who this chick is? But, on a positive note – after all the pics of Amy Crackhouse, etc it is nice to see a semi-attractive woman on here.

    Hmm, also ironic that someone calling themselves “surrounded by idiots” goes and posts duplicate messages……….

  4. Alice

    LoL/ She is really sexy!!! I have ever seen her hot video on the wealthy dating club R I C H L O V I N G.C O M for hot guys and girls to hook up for Hot Love and Sexy Dating. She is really sexy with bikini in that video.

  5. Lauren

    I love her.

  6. #4 – please go die a slow and painful death. NO ONE clicks the spam links you put up.

  7. I dont care if I'm first


  8. Gravy

    She’s funky looking.

  9. aunutt

    23, and still no breasts…
    and where’s the brunette hair?
    what’s with all the blonds, fake, hate it.

  10. Your Fat Mom

    If she toned up her tummy just a tiny bit, and exchanged her face for a woman’s, then she’d be a hot 8. Otherwise, she’s stuck at 5 or 6 who only looks decent when not in the presence of other girls who look better.

  11. numbers


  12. Onyx Blackman

    I <3 Jewish girls.

  13. Samantha

    What is up with her weird hip bones? You would think that she has enough money to buy a swim suit that fits, but alot of celebs wear stuff, especially shoes that are too big or too small. It drives me crazy!!!

  14. Randal

    There certainly is a sense of confidence glowing from Ashley as she walks next to her man, who sports a necklace charm that changes color when its hit by the rays of the sun. Cool, dark and clingy shorts turn into a bathing suit when wet and become hip when dry.

    A silver ring wraps one of his fingers, completing this stylish, 21st century beach look.


  15. doomhammer

    So, what flavor is it this morning girls? Chunkey Monkey? Chubby Hubby? Is youre freezer stocked up for your lonely 4th of July holiday?

    That chick will be on a beach in a bikini looking HOT this weekend. Your jealous asses will be on the sofa petting your stinky ass cat and wiping the sweat from beneath your fat boob/stomach roll.

    But yeah sure, criticize her.

  16. Lipster

    She not the hottest girl in the world but noone commenting on this site has poked anything hotter.

  17. Deva

    She wouldn’t poop right for a week after I was done tearing her up……..I love Disney chicks.

  18. #11 – if she toned up her tummy? LOL yeah, she’s a real blow pig.

    Look, she’s a no talent nobody but she is definintely skinny and there’s nothing wrong with that tummy! you can complain about her lack of tits, but then again – skinny chicks don’t have big tits. That’s one of the cruel jokes Mother Nature plays on us.

  19. Your Fat Mom

    #16 Try if you want to go to a gossip site and find nothing but praise for celebrities.


  20. Samantha

    Hey doomhammer, I never said she wasn’t hott. All I said was she needs to buy a bikini that doesnt make her look like she’s about to be squeezed in half!

  21. doomhammer

    #20 Try and Between the two maybe you can achieve a shred of self esteem that will keep you from criticizing girls with real lives and maybe even get out of that cat shit infested apartment of yours sometimes.

  22. veggi

    16- *waves*
    I’ll take chunky monkey!! But I’ll let some hot unsuspecting 20 year old to hold my boob for me and it wont be a cat I’m petting..

    hmm, that was quite whorish..still sounds nice though

  23. thats pimp to you

    Girls, the fact that the only people trying to take your picture is your Mom and the doctor who is doing your gastic bypass should tell you something.

    Stop putting these gilrs in bikinis down just because you cant be seen in one.

  24. E-yuck. She’s like a sex-less version of Skeletor. I’d chew off my right arm just to get away from this mummified turd. Why is Hollywood so retarded? Quit throwing your monkey feces onto film and selling it to the public!

  25. caitie

    Who is this person, and should i care? I care more about her boyfriend (he’s sexy, you see)

    I’ll care when her life starts downward spiraling in typical Disney chick style. Until then…

    I just realized what a terrible person i am.

  26. doomhammer

    “hot unsuspecting 20 year old”.

    I guess so 23. We never suspect to be holding a fat sweaty boob, but thanks to alcohol and youthful stupidity, it can happen. Congratulations.

    Remember guys, friends dont let friends pick up fat chicks.

  27. So why is “Dr. Otto Van Der Wahl” posting a comment on this picture that says “make me hard” with a link to his children’s website ???? Sick fucking bastard.

  28. twzzlrgirl

    #28…i just clicked the link too, and you’re right, that’s fucking sick.

    Dr. Otto Van Pedophile is more appropriate.

  29. Bigheadmike

    I would drink her bath water….

  30. Bigheadmike

    I would drink her bath water….

  31. ph7

    Fresh, tight, lean meat = A+.

    Glad to see Superficial keeping the women under 25. No sags, droops, flab, cellulite, plastic surgery, and other ravages of age.

  32. Seriously...

    Every beach should have someone who hands out complimentary “Onesies” (spelling?) to people who need them. And she does.

    If you got it, flaunt it. If you don’t, cover it the fuck up.

  33. yodolayheehoo

    …she doesn’t make me vomit. enough said.

    still lovin the sportsdvl.

  34. Teddy Kennedy

    EEERRRRR-AH, she’s fat.

  35. lolo

    eewlll look at her nasty stomach…its hanging out her bikini….

  36. free lily

    where’s her ass?

  37. That tummy is so flat when you pull out and jizz on it, it just stays there and doesn’t drip off to the side.

  38. McBeef


    I fucked a dozen girls just like her before I graduated high school.

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  40. Thats just nasty skank!

  41. e

    Randal’s comments are the highlight of my day. Hahaha. Well, not really…

  42. ashley: Please don’t do that again!!

  43. me

    @39 a Dozen? You do know that means 12, and you do know we are talking about real women not related to you. Jerking off on your sister’s panties 12x does not count sorry.

  44. Deacon Jones

    I’ll bet anything she’s a beat lay though, even though you could bounce a quarter on her ass

  45. The Fonz

    why? come on.

  46. Plobes


    STOP INSULTING KITTEHS! and the women who love them!

    you fucking asshole

    kitties are better than you!

  47. Deacon Jones

    Trust me. Rich, young, skinny girls are the worse lays.

    You need the ones that are 5-10lbs overweight, or the 31 -33 yr old range

  48. Richard McBeef

    44 – does jerking off on your sister’s panties count?

  49. she ugly

    her face is busted and crooked.

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