Ashley Tisdale gets her bikini on

July 3rd, 2007 // 185 Comments

Ashley Tisdale was spotted in Hawaii yesterday in a bikini. And I’m pretty sure she isn’t famous, but she was in Disney’s High School Musical and she shares the same birthday as Lindsay Lohan (she turned 22 yesterday), so that’s good enough for me. Besides, I’m too busy fighting terrorism and nursing kittens back to health to make sure everybody on this site is actually “famous.” Dress a koala bear in a bikini and odds are it’ll make the front page.

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  1. JC

    ive never seen that movie but shes not bad

  2. aint got that schwing

    wow a not-that-famous girl whose not-that-hot in a a not-that-skimpy bikini. sure, Jimbo will get his obligatory boner and yet again his coworkers will be juuuust a little too slow in averting their eyes…but what about the rest of us?

  3. I’d eat her like thanksgiving dinner.

  4. asdfasd

    How old is this girl? Too young for this, I’m sure.

  5. wanky

    @4….asshole read the fucking thing! shes the same age as lindsay dipshit!

  6. Jimbo

    @3 Then can I eat you like Christmas breakfast?

  7. KC

    I don’t think #4 can read. A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

  8. I’d eat her like SPAM, wasabi and soda crackers. Ono, haoulies!

  9. Mr. Bean

    She’s famous to the 6-14 set. At least she hasn’t turned into a coke whore , so in my eyes that makes her prettier than Lohan, Brit, or Paris.

  10. KC

    Yeah, but unlike Lindsey, this girl actually *swims* in her bikini.

  11. AndresV

    @5: asshole, read the fucking thing! She shares the same b-day as firecrotch but turned 22 not 21….

  12. rosie's mustach

    Me no likey.
    With such a butt face I would have expected God to have given her some bigger cans, you know just to even things out a bit.

    A body like that can look great(innocent and classy) but only if you have a face like Natalie Portman, sadly with a schnoz like that this chick is shit outta luck.

    But at least she’s not fat.

    (See I like to leave things on a pleasant note)

  13. fatty

    I’m tired of all this bullshit, everyone here should get a fucking life. I mean you sit here all day and hit refresh make comments about people you’ve never met and judge them based on their looks you should all be ashamed of yourself you bunch of fucking queer faggot bitches, take that to the bank and make interest on it!

  14. hotty

    I KNOW everyone will agree the girl in the background of pictures 13 & 5 is smoking hot. Deal with it fags.

  15. Rich

    @14…you take all of this entirely too seriously.

    Who took these pics? He/she must of been on the beach thanks to a hot tip that Brit and Paris would be there using there butts to rub sun tan lotion all over there naked bodies. When that didn’t happen he/she settled for pics of this girl. She should get paid for her trouble.

  16. Danklin24

    Christ you guys are dipshits. A paper bag solves all those problems. With that body, i’d do her. I was actually kind of hoping she’d get her bikini on sooner or later. I knew a kickin body was under those clothes.

  17. PsychoChild

    @5 i think you should learn how to read too. Notice how it says birthday but that she turned 22 yesterday. Lindsay just turned 21…

    Same B-Day, different year, thus different age…

  18. woodhorse

    #14: if you’re tired, go to bed. And don’t call me a bitch.

  19. Big Mama

    What’s with all these striped bikinis lately. The Nautical colored ones are so so, but these black and white prison stripes have to go. This must be some type of Paris Hilton cult thing.

    I have never seen such an ugly bikini as this girl has on in my entire life. She should get herself off to the mall tomorrow for holiday sales.

  20. Lux

    Yawn…slow day. Looking forward to the posts following fourth of July, which should be full of drunk fights, anorexic barbeque invites and general debauchery.

  21. nagger please

    Very nice..

  22. Lux

    Now that I actually read the paragraph, I must say it’s hard to fathom that this girl is actually older then Lindsay Lohan, she looks so young and pure.




  24. MeatSack

    This is example “A” before the plastic surgery…

  25. techclerk


    Not sure what school her cap represents, but it also makes me want to “Eat at the Y”.

  26. leelee

    I think I’ve heard this girl’s name thrown around so often that I’ll accept that she’s someone… nevertheless, a very boring, not so attractive someone.

  27. Superevil

    15, I’m pretty sure that girl is 13 which makes what you just did ILLEGAL

    but on another note I’d still bang Ashley Tisdale’s box out.

  28. Bored Again


    (i’m so happy i can finally post on this site! for weeks now i thought i had to sign up to something but now i see it’s as simple as just type away and press ‘post your comment’. joyness. whoever you are that writes this too… you are a funny, funny man. and i don’t mean in a peculiar way)

  29. frenchie

    who? what? why?

  30. #8 it’s spelled Haole. Fuckin racist.

  31. Aislinn

    In pic 12 she looks like a beaver.

  32. hotty

    29. Well guess what faggot, I’m 13, not everyone on here is a 52 year old fat slob with no job and a convicted child molester. So wake the fuck up from your down syndrowm induced quasi fucking reality where you a king lord of the internet……all fucking hail the new king. Fucking asshole.

  33. umyeah

    she turned 21…

  34. Quinn

    34… not EVERYONE will agree.. because not EVERYONE here is a 13 year old prepubescent. Now go check your balls in the mirror to see if you’ve grown a hair yet. or better yet, jump off a balcony!!!

  35. Aerialgreen

    Pft! not even one camel toe shot?, this is way too vanilla.

  36. charm

    at least a koala bear would be something new… What is this, the millionith picture of a nobody we’ve seen in a bikini since May?

  37. Milandir

    She is average, the only going for her is her 22 year old body. That said, I’d hit it.

  38. Ryan

    and how is she nobody?
    if you’ve ever seen a teen magazine she’s on every single cover.
    she stars in an incredibly successful tv show, she’s starred in the most popular kids movie EVER, and she’s starring in the sequel to the most popular kids movie ever.

    just because you’re all addicted to paris and lindsay like a crackwhore’s addicted to cocaine doesn’t mean people you fail to recognize are ‘nobody’.

  39. Haha some of ya’ll are hilarious.
    Uhm I’m a girl, and straight but nevertheless I think Ashley Tisdale is gorgeous. She’s not stick thin and doesn’t have implants.
    S’far as I can tell she’s one of the few 20-somethings in Hollywood that hasn’t become addicted to drugs, so she’s OK on my list.

  40. missj i the only one that is creeped out by pic #5?

  41. Miss_PMS

    Who is this silly bitch?

  42. Zeuz

    way to go with the “who the fuck is this bitch” pics

  43. lambman

    Everybody involved in any way with “High School Musical” should be shot…not killed, but definetly shot somewhere painful.

    this chick is ugly as hell, and I heard her first single and it made me wish I was deaf

  44. coco

    # 24 LOL! you are so stupid and naive that i almost find you funny.

  45. smaddox

    seriously, I don’t find her attractive at all…

  46. smaddox

    I mean… there’s something WRONG with her mouth (lips?) right?? just look at photo #5!

  47. Anathema Dave

    #49 … Just because some people aren’t born with bottom teeth doesn’t give you the privilege to ridicule them. Focus on the positive. Like the fact that she chose sunglasses that beautifully accentuate her Down Syndrome. Clearly, this is a girl willing to overcome her handicaps.

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