Ashley Olsen surprised she didn’t end up like Britney

Looking surprisingly less Muppet-like in the September issue of Marie Claire, Ashley Olsen admits she’s surprised her child-star years didn’t turn her into a barely functional burden of the state. You know, like Britney:

“I look back at the things that we did and the clothes that we wore, and I think, Wow, we really were troupers,” says Ashley–although, gazing at some hideous flowered overalls she was put in at age 6 or 7, she has to admit, “I remember really loving those.”
What comes across in the photos is the degree to which the girls’ lives were engineered. “It was almost like I was in the army,” Ashley says. “School, work, homework, fly to New York, get in at 2 in the morning, do a morning show at 5 a.m., then another one at 7, then a radio interview at 10, you know?” Cutesy, coordinated outfits were just part of the drill. The pressure was intense and the scrutiny even more so — “That’s why I look at Britney, and I’m surprised I didn’t end up like her.

That’s funny. Because I look at Heath Ledger, and I’m surprised he’s not alive.

But I see where you’re coming from on the whole Britney thing.

Photos: Marie Claire