Ashley Olsen surprised she didn’t end up like Britney

August 5th, 2009 // 97 Comments

Looking surprisingly less Muppet-like in the September issue of Marie Claire, Ashley Olsen admits she’s surprised her child-star years didn’t turn her into a barely functional burden of the state. You know, like Britney:

“I look back at the things that we did and the clothes that we wore, and I think, Wow, we really were troupers,” says Ashley–although, gazing at some hideous flowered overalls she was put in at age 6 or 7, she has to admit, “I remember really loving those.”
What comes across in the photos is the degree to which the girls’ lives were engineered. “It was almost like I was in the army,” Ashley says. “School, work, homework, fly to New York, get in at 2 in the morning, do a morning show at 5 a.m., then another one at 7, then a radio interview at 10, you know?” Cutesy, coordinated outfits were just part of the drill. The pressure was intense and the scrutiny even more so — “That’s why I look at Britney, and I’m surprised I didn’t end up like her.

That’s funny. Because I look at Heath Ledger, and I’m surprised he’s not alive.

But I see where you’re coming from on the whole Britney thing.

Photos: Marie Claire

  1. Wade

    Nice pics

  2. Wade

    Nice pics

  3. lol

    Britney was 26? there is still time lol

  4. SLUTney sucks

    Yeah, I’m sure she’s crying. She’s got a $100 Million fortune to comfort her. She owns a $20 Million penthouse in Manhatten, and can do pretty much whatever she wants to do, for the rest of her life. She needs to stop whining & have fun. Just don’t do a SLUTney spears & get into drugs/alcohol…

  5. Deacon Jones


    I’ve waited like 10 years for this photo spread…..

  6. el ces

    Mary Kate looks good here, but Britney has nothing to be ashamed of.

  7. ha

    Beautiful, but I think Mary-Kate is prettier.

  8. This is Ashley Olsen, not Mary Kate – and she IS looking good! MUCH healthier than when they were so skinny.

  9. Dr. Kildare

    The only thing she should be ashamed of is her little-boy’s body and no boobs. I can forgive drug addiction (Mischa), I can forgive child endangerment (Britney) – Hell, I can forgive outright thunder-thighs (JLH) …but a photo shoot like this and you don’t deliver the goods?!? She looks like shes’s the same size as when she wore those flower dresses. You got all that money bitch, but it can’t buy you love.
    Just another poor little rich girl,

  10. lizzy

    bit of a ballsy statement she made about britney… but i always loved ashley olsen, she looks beautiful in these pictures, especially picture 2! she and justin bartha are a cute couple too.

  11. Charles Few

    Huh, famous, sane and eminently frakkable. That’s kinda a paradox.

  12. Mary-Kate

    funny…if she was going to use a celeb for some sort of comparison I would have picked Lindsay over Britney to describe where Ashley is going.

  13. Wait, which Olsen sister has the cocaine problem again? I forget..

  14. Jeffer

    When did this bitch get so fat????? She was much more attractive when she was younger and in shape!

  15. Anon

    She looks good in those pictures.

  16. Parker

    Sometimes I’m surprised Ashley Olsen’s ass didn’t end up on my dick. LIttle pleases me more than walking around with a midget like her stuck on the end of my penis. I could carry her in one of those little papoose things and poke her legs through the bottom and poke my weiner into her bottom then take a stroll through the city, take in the sights, maybe stop for a sandwich somewhere along the way. My weiner would be all warm and cozy in her tight little bum when we stopped to let tourists take pictures of her. All along her little midget legs would be wiggling and wiggling, trying to reach the ground but never touching down.

  17. Ree

    Ashley is so much prettier than MK. MK has those wierd duck lips. Anyway, I thought it was MK that took out Heath, not Ashley.

  18. Clamhammer

    My penis is confused. It just asked me to look at reruns of Full House…wait I get it now..Clever penis

  19. wtf

    @16 Parker

    You mind amazes me

  20. stickykeys

    she looks like a Bratz doll

  21. bakinmycake

    what’s up with the granny pants?

  22. cracka ass

    Those granny pants killed any potential chubby.

  23. herbiefrog

    hey ashley babe… : )))

    didn’t realisise there were more foto’s

    def no longer little…
    …we can handle that
    …work thru it [as it were...]

    …lucky boyfriend : )))

    take care n luv ))

  24. FU

    just wanted to add a comment about something else.

    Thanks for turning off comments for the Giuliani & Bill “story”
    I guess you can’t have the wave of normal comments about them being worthless and her taking it up the ass by a yak.

    oh yeah….Ashley, I’d hit it…one time because she will probably break in half

  25. HUMAN

    MMMMM!!!! I would so love to try her on for size!!

  26. These are gorgeous photos. She does not look thin (or midget-ish) at all.


  27. Tom K

    Wow she turned out pretty hot!

  28. Tom K

    #16. Your a sick fuck!! LOL funny but still a sick fuck lol

  29. Amy

    #9, your logic is faulty…in other words (since you are obviously retarded), you make no fucking sense.

  30. mike

    i don’t think her pampered childhood was one bit like being in the fucking army. idiot girl.

  31. Tom

    In this case, you can change “View Full Size” to “View Actual Size”.

  32. Bosco

    I’d rather be Britney at least she gets to eat …..

  33. gotmilk?

    Yeah wow, you two two monkey faced aliens were troupers for wearing the same shit everyone else wore, except you got paid tons of money. and now she dresses well or more like a crazy homeless person? i’ll go with crazy homeless person.

  34. RAQS

    hehehe Britney is a big name for this girl!

  35. god of tits

    she has no tits. that is unforgivable.

    she should be killed.

  36. Please

    The pain and torture of it all. It must be just awful to be a child actor victim and be expected to dress like a normal kid and wear ugly clothes. I really feel her pain.

  37. I’m diggin’ that first outfit. I think I’ll go fap.

  38. Beer Baron

    I just hope she ends up like Heath Ledger.

  39. Senior Pepe


    Parker?… My ass!

    She didn’t wind up on your dick because you are really Adrian Grenier, and your “weiner” smells like feet, swiss cheese, and mackeral.

  40. tard

    It was MK that was involved in the Heath Ledger death, not Ashley. Nice try, though, Fish

  41. J D

    Balls Deep

  42. Britney was very a hot girl in her prime, that wasnt smart enough to keep all the attentions and responsibilities in check. What the hell is she talking about…

  43. uh oh I smell cease and desist from ze lawyers of Vennesa…

  44. Nice pics. She is gorgeous.

  45. lina

    she looks great!!!

  46. gross

    I give the Photoshop artist props. Making that hag look attractive took the work of a TRUE artist.

  47. Feckless

    Oh, Superfish, that was sooooo cold……

  48. lauren

    so she looks really good… but WHAT HAPPENED TO MK? they’ve ALWAYS done everything together, and now ashley’s w/o in photoshoots? something’s up with that

  49. ddt

    almost, but not quite. the heath ledger thing was definitely mary-kate.

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