Ashley Olsen shows off her underwear

February 13th, 2007 // 110 Comments

  1. misanthrope

    What the?

  2. misanthrope

    If she *isn’t* posing for the camera… what in the hell is she doing?

  3. no1justminda

    getting schwasted in her panties!

  4. doomhammer

    If she were totally nude and doing herslef with a big black dildo, I might be somewhat interested. As is. Nah.

  5. Italian Stallion

    I remember when she used to dress like that on “Fullhouse”. I bet Uncle Jessie got wood back then too…..

  6. misanthrope

    Wait… even if she *is* posing for the camera, what in the hell is she doing?

  7. bigsteamyone

    skeletor in t-shirt and panties …..not sexy ! , what so ever .

  8. Hohlraum

    man, I’d break her in half in bed lol. someone feed that girl.

  9. Populist

    I have to admit, it’s a little disappointing that she’s wearing those panties. If Brit, Lindsey, or Paris were in these photos, viewing them would be like watching a long-distance pelvic exam.

  10. after all the britney crotch shots, i’m just grateful she’s wearing panties. god bless underwear

  11. bigponie

    what the fuck is this child pornography pictures doing on here.

  12. Binky

    If she decides to squat on that cactus in the foreground – call me.

  13. RudeBear

    She’s putting on a show for some dude. You can see his head in a bunch of the pix. Freaky!

  14. itspat

    After the Britney pictures, I can’t get hard any more unless there’s vomit visible. Maybe if she drinks some more, then spews chunks, and then moves around doing whatever the hell she’s doing here…but only if she’s playing in her own vomit. Britney’s bodyguard pulled her out of the SUV before those pictures could be taken (“ohhhh…pretty…yellowgreen corn crop circle…duhdoye…”).

  15. Josh_Lavarn

    Are those panties from her official Wal-Mart line?

  16. JungleRed

    That second shot where she’s taking a crap is especially hot.

  17. misterveryze

    It kind of reminds me of what I see those playful bears doing at the zoo. Except she looks half dead and I’m not *aroused*.

  18. 23apples

    Hahaha these pictures are hillarious! If you look at the 10th & 12th pictures you can see a guy at the bottom of the picture, I’m guessing theres a pool there. So if shes not posing for the camera, why is she acting that way for the guy!?! She seems like a weirdo!
    Look at picture #8 – second row, last one on the right. This picture really scares me. Her legs.. they are so screwed up looking. It looks like a skeleton sitting there. From the knee down, it looks like a little child’s legs. It really disturbs me alot. The weird part is, she might not even be anorexic. My best friend eats like a fucking pig and has the same body structure as Ashley Olsen. She looks boderline anorexically-thin and has what looks like a 6 year old’s body. And, Ashley Olsen has always been thin.

  19. WiseMan


  20. fearsarewishes

    Naughty kitty. Rowr!!!

  21. RichPort

    That’s right, there’s a guy at the bottom of a couple of pictures. I think it’s Bob Saget, and it looks like he’s watching her and jerking off. Must be a “Full House” reunion.

  22. Joshingya31

    Are these from when they were filming Full House?

  23. John Mark Karr

    She’s hot!!!

  24. Jenster

    yes indeed, one does get all figity when one does alot of coke.

  25. Evodico

    She’s not posing for the camera. She’s by a pool and she’s playing around with or posing for some guy… Look at pic #11, there’s a guy swimming and she’s splashing him or something. Also you can see him in #13 and #23. Since these are ground level shots you can’t see the pool so it all looks weird – to say the least.

  26. whitegold

    #18 – oh, i do see the guy!!! that’s weird, he looks like he’s growing out of the grass. but that explains why she is posing like that, but the question i wanna know now is: who is that guy she’s posing for?!?!?

  27. vixamy

    i wonder as well,

    ‘vacation from what’???

    what exactly do her and her sister do anyway?

  28. serial snarkalec

    Poor thing. The rich get bored so easily. Where are the ones of her biting her toenails and picking the lint out of her belly button?

  29. jrzmommy

    Isn’t that guy the father of Anna Nicole’s baby?

  30. misanthrope

    Wow, she is incredibly unattractive. The second thumbnail is hilarious.

    @24… :) Would you just sit down?!?

    @28… tee hee!

  31. RichPort

    My stepdaughter sometimes jumps around like that in the living room. Makes me very uncomfortable. I have to put a magazine over my lap.

  32. Richie Rich

    I’ve analyzed these snaps for hours. She’s smoking Parliments, there’s a barcode sticker numbered 09481 51056 on the umbrella, she’s drinking out of a Dixie cup, she’s wearing Marc Jacob sunglasses, a t-shirt of her own design and panties from La Perla.

  33. Vanessa

    She’s SOOOOO high.

  34. ph7

    she must be tighter than a brand new first baseman’s mitt.

  35. unempfarmer

    I don’t understand why women in America are so ashamed of their bodies. Here in Belgium women walk around nude all the time. It is so natural.

  36. Lowlands

    This girl her legs are to far apart.While standing she even doesn’t have to spread her legs,an Amsterdam sidewalk-xxxpole could be shoved inside without any problem!Too skinny girls like this are a totally turn off!

  37. Jill

    hell I’m catchin the next plane to Belgium!

  38. MrSemprini

    I’ll have you know that I was NOT in a trash can while taking those photos. I was in a lovely suite across the courtyard from Ms Olsen. And, by suite, I mean I was standing on the toilet in the cabana men’s room. Have to remember not to wear crocs next time. They’re slippery on porcelain. By the time I finished the roll, I was soaked up to my knees. You think that’s bad, you should have seen the guy that I barged in on. Boy was HE soaked. He took it rather well. And, when I say well, I mean that he tried to run over me in the parking lot. Good thing I had ditched the crocs by then or POWIE.

  39. ScarletDove

    Sunscreen people… she looks like a lobster. You’d think the gopher guy would offer to slather her up.

  40. ScarletDove

    Sunscreen people… she looks like a lobster. You’d think the gopher guy would offer to slather her up.

  41. Richie Rich

    #38 ROFL!

  42. Richie Rich

    #38 ROFL!

  43. Barbie

    the gopher-man-thing is quite alarming! can anyone give an explanation for that?

  44. Niecy

    Is this an attempt to be sexy? If so, she might want to brush her hair

  45. Niecy

    Is this an attempt to be sexy? If so, she might want to brush her hair

  46. Niecy

    Is this an attempt to be sexy? If so, she might want to brush her hair

  47. Niecy

    Sorry for the multiple posts. Screw you Typekey

  48. Ted...From LA

    Good one #44.

  49. LL

    At least she’s wearing underwear. If I see one more “celebrity” bitch’s poon, I’m gonna go medieval on someone’s buttocks, and not in a good way.

    She has better legs than you’d expect, but she’s still too effin’ skinny. And no boobs. And her hair looks like crap. I guess when you’re worth a billion, you don’t have to look good, but it would be nice for the rest of us if you did.

  50. Ted...From LA

    Good one #45.

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