Ashley Olsen shows off her bra

March 14th, 2007 // 81 Comments

Ashley Olsen was spotted looking relatively normal shopping in Brenthood with her bra hanging out. Although I’m pretty sure the bra flash was intentional considering how her top was buttoned. With her figure I’m not even sure why she needs a bra. I know 7-year old boys who have bigger boobs than her. Hell, I know frying pans with bigger boobs than her.


  1. Luy Sel

    After looking at this pic I started remembering something.. Not ONCE have I seen either of those girls actually drink their coffee..


  2. no1justminda

    Don’t you know…you’re not somebody unless you have a giant cup-o-Starbucks in your hand? (Bonus points for soy!)

  3. NipsyHustle


    my boyfriend and i celebrated early this year because he’s out of town tonight but hey, i think it’s only fair. chicks get Valentine’s and men want Steak and Head. Go figure.

  4. punkrockcowgirl

    Wait, I don’t get it. Every picture of the twins on this site shows them either shopping or attending fashion shows. But what do they buy? Their clothes suck. I think the big Starbucks cup is just an empty container, a status symbol, like the way everyone carried bottles of Evian around in the 1980′s.

  5. VeronicaRedux

    Uncle Jesse wants to hit that, hard.

  6. VeronicaRedux

    The Olsen Twins, Nicole Richie and Jennifer Garner have stock in Starbucks.

  7. VeronicaRedux

    HollyJ, are you high?

  8. marme

    man whats in that coffee diet pills? crack? fuck every time I see her she has at least 2 fucking jugs of coffee in her hands.

  9. geek_uk

    i’d bang her.

  10. jrzmommy

    a bra?!? how come?

  11. And what’s up with always having a coffee cup in her hand? She’s a walking advertisement for Starbucks.

  12. pancakes

    why would someone who is 6stone need to wear a mumu??what the hell would she have 2 hide?a penis?and her bra isnt even nice-surely a fashionista aka tanny like her should have better style?

  13. jrzmommy

    58–hee hee….you said jugs……

  14. StoneRose

    Geez, she is in such ‘size denial’…nice five inches worth of jean roll-up there, and that shirt’s just a tad billowy, a tad tent-y. Pick a bag that’s not large enough to fit the entire Iraqi army in there. Drink a coffee from an espresso cup why don’t'cha. Carry one daffodil, not an entire flower bed on your arm. That way, you will not look like a garden gnome who just sprang to life, grabbed the sleeping homeowner’s sunglasses, raided the laundry line, and made a break for the garden gates.

  15. whitegold

    Does anyone remember where there was all this hype for the day the Olsen twins were finally gonna be legal, and then guys everywhere could consider them as sex symbols without worrying about going to jail. That day already passed, right? Doesn’t it feel like we still have to wait for these girls to actually become legal and not be little kids? And just why was everyone excited for that day? Looking at these pics, I can’t imagine what the excitement was for?!

  16. Agree to amy! By the way… they all drink coffee and usually they like to smoke even if we were thinking they dont do it! :D

    At least this time she has dressed better than in last pictures I saw with her :D


    Nicole Richie at 4AM seems more in touch than these two ever do.

  18. ch474

    Why bother with a bra in the first place. There’s a couple of Band-Aids in the first aid box if she needs a little support. Although I now have this disturbing visual in my head of the Olsen twins with giant basketball sized porn star breast implants. The words “Olsen twins” and “cleavage” were never meant to be used in the same sentance.

  19. ch474

    Hey, how the hell can she drive the giant SUV when she can’t even see over the spare tire? Does she need platform pedals and several phone books just to drive the damn thing?

  20. DrPhowstus

    C’mon boys. You know this one fucks like a piston, training bra and all.

  21. whitegold

    I thought one of them was supposed to be the pretty one. I can never figure out which one that is?

  22. herbiefrog

    #70… you could be right : ))

    …is that the spin ?
    …are we in the wrong storey : )

  23. belle

    Okay, so I’ve been sick, but I actually think her bra is kind of cute. I actually used to have a white one kind of like it except I could never wear it under t-shirts because it would show and look weird. But is she pouting or are her lips that odd and duck-ish? Considering her more recent outfit-and-makeup combos, she looks surprisingly normal here. Sunglasses to cover up her scary I-gonna-eat-youu vampire eyes, no 100-layers of dirty dark hobo clothes, no bad dye job.. If the shirt actually fit and was buttoned a tad more and she threw on a skirt over those leggings she’d look cute! God, am I getting a fever?

  24. belle

    Okay, not that anybody cares but I just realized those aren’t leggings, they’re pants. So maybe she should just ditch those for some regular old jeans.

  25. herbiefrog

    #74 mmmmm… leggings : )

    the female of the form

    shhhh : )

  26. V

    It’s not even a pretty bra! Looks yellowed with age.

  27. sh0t0kan

    there is nothing sexy about this little boy

  28. dancer5678

    Sure, she should button her shirt. Although she has made many bad choices, she did not choose her brest size! Some women don’t have them. I’m surprised that Fox would make fun of this.

  29. Kat

    I think everyone on here is being a little harsh. Ashley is very beautiful. Those pants…take a look at an Urban Outfitters catolouge…they r supposed to be the next new spinoff on leggings/skinny jeans/highwaisted kind of stuff. She’s different. If she was the same stereotyped “face and body” of every other young celeb, you guys would dig in on her about that. I think she’s beautiful…Ashley fuck these haters….!

  30. Kimay

    WOW. your comments are cruel and incensitive. YES her boobs are small, and eveyrhting youre sayign is perhpas true, but atleast they wont ever sag ! and atleast she’s beautiful all fo you writing hateful comments must be FAT, HORRIFYNG, & OWN TITS THAT SAG TO THERE KNEECAPS, or worse, ANKLES.

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