Ashley Olsen might be Axl Rose

March 12th, 2007 // 62 Comments

Ashley Olsen was spotted getting some coffee in Beverly Hills yesterday wearing 80′s denim cutoffs and a Prada turban. And I know the Olsen sisters are supposed to be fashionable or whatever, but I’ve never ever in my life seen them wear anything that hasn’t looked ridiculously stupid. Is that what being fashionable means? Maybe I should start tucking my shirts into my underwear and wearing giant novelty sunglasses. I’ll be the prettiest girl in town!

NOTE: I didn’t notice before, but she’s got a massive erection going on in those shorts.


  1. gatorgirl


  2. JaeMae

    is she wearing keds?

  3. mrs.t

    How do you say “barrel” in Italian? Oh, ok. I’ll have 2 of those.

  4. There is more fabric in her bag than in her entire outfit. Maybe it’s time to rethink the HUGE bags. I mean really, what does she have in there? An Olsen triplet? The one they never speak of?

  5. ShitFacedCockMaster

    Is she going for that Terminator Linda Hamilton look?

  6. mrs.t

    It’s like she’s trapped in some bizarre HugeWorld. Look out for the Caterpillar with the hookah, Ashley.

  7. gatorgirl

    actually, she doesn’t really look bad – besides the bag weighing more than her – but her legs look nice in the shorts, cute little Keds, tee shirt not too tight…At least it’s size appropriate (unlike something Jugs would wear).

  8. cupcake

    #1 I think those are slip on vans.

  9. cupcake

    sorry, that was for number 2.

  10. prettiestgirlintown

    My god! This is supposed to be the more attractive sister? Apparently, fug is in fashion.

  11. prettiestgirlintown

    No, those are Keds. I have the same pair as her, except I don’t look quite as fashionable as she does wearing them. Damn, why can’t I look more like Ashley???

  12. Lowlands

    Hidden behind those huge sunglasses and almost covered up by those gigantic macchiotos she ain’t that bad.

  13. squab

    her cut offs look like a big saggy diaper!

  14. schack

    ashley’s got a HUGE package. why didn’t anyone tell me that she’s a tranny?

  15. bigponie

    WTF, is that a fucking wood I see.

  16. 86

    Welcome to the jungle, baby. You’re gonna die.

  17. Jay from the Bay

    nice boner

  18. suzy

    she and her sister ought to wear the clothes they ‘design’ for young girls at walmart

    that way they’d look at least half way decent

  19. Lodger92

    Can someone get this multimillionaire to spend a few bucks on decent looking clothes, for when she wants to venture out in public. SHEESH!

  20. NipsyHustle

    it’s good to see axl rose is taking better care of himself lately.

  21. herbiefrog

    …its harder
    …for our daughters
    …than for our

    they’re still us : )
    they’re still safe

    so… coupla mill on africa ?
    …just to make a start ? : )

  22. Good to see that being set for life isn’t necessarily a positive life experience.

  23. Hemlock Queen

    hahahah Nipsy!

    Is she cut? Or un-cut? lol

  24. Adriana Christensen

    and the vans reveal her true height: 4’7″

  25. Stink

    I didn’t know Kids-R-Us sold coffee.

  26. RichPort

    I could put her to good use. I’ve got a teenage stepdaughter and constant forbidden wood. Ashley would be a perfect outlet. Freud would approve.

  27. sabrina is awesome

    I don’t understand why somebody doesn’t ambush these girls and force them to get a make over! somebody should just say “hey.. maybe try on clothes that fit you and run a brush through your hair”. they both could have huge careers but it looks like they’d rather be bums…

  28. licklick

    It looks as if she is really trying to look ridiculous.

    Maybe she should get a slightly larger bag.

  29. herbiefrog

    of course…

    …they’re not
    …our daughters
    …so there
    …must be a switch
    …deep down

    luck babe )

  30. teetee

    Oh sweet child o’ mine! Look at that dink she’s packin’!

  31. whackjob

    #21,WTF is it with you and your bleeding heart for Africa? For chrissakes man, look it up. Africa is a continent with a billion people or so in 60 something countries, not some abstract municipality to be fixed over the weekend.

    You want to redistribute someone else’s wealth for what? You go wild on holiday a few years back and got a guilty conscience?

    A coupla mil would do jackeffinsquat. Billions would do only slightly more. Send your pennies to Unicef and rest well, leave OP’s money alone. Liberal/Socialist/Childish (pick one) pom fuck.

  32. Was she in Beverly Hills…

    … or Paradise City?

    Oh… and that’s totally an erection.

  33. diarrhea riot

    Slash and Duff want their lattes and they want them NOW.

  34. Tehlilmuffin

    Hotttt shorts…


  35. RoxyLoo

    shit, i hate how these two idiots ALWAYS look like they’re about to kill themselves! always pouting, always miserable. If i had 1/4 of their money i’ll be walking around with a freaking “eddie murphy grin”

  36. elizabeththewellread

    Once an ugly monkey, always an ugly monkey.

  37. anothershityear

    there were more images available

    she’s pouting here because she was too short to reach the bunch of bananas on the counter
    (which is 4’3″ from the ground)

    btw improved title, got a chuckle here

  38. My Thai

    What’s really SHOCKING about this picture is that a multi-millionaire is fetching her own coffee.

    She should use some of her GIANT ACCESSORY budget to hire an assistant.

  39. I see she subscribes to the Britney Spears 1-step hair care system.

    STEP ONE: Never wash your hair and poorly disguise this fact with stupid headbands and messy ponytails

    Aaaaand… done.

  40. herbiefrog

    herllo ~31

    thats probably


    bye babe

  41. These bitches sure do drink a lot of coffee. Maybe caffeine is the new hip addiction in Hollywood.

    She needs to remember: Even though she was born in the 80′s, doesn’t mean she should still be living in the 80′s.

  42. WTFiswrongwithUppl

    Well, well, well, my Michelle…you’re fuckin’ crazy, oh child you know you’re crazy :D

  43. Johnny Be Good

    I think she looks like a fucking idiot. How bizarre that such a confused little person could consider it okay to take a giant duffel bag into Starbucks! Although perhaps on a “human” sized human that bag would appear a bit more normal. I would demand the okay of a parent or guardian before agreeing to sell her two coffees that stacked on top of one another are taller than she is, and I would most definitely point and laugh if I saw such a person walking down the street.

  44. Gum Dumpster

    Pretty hot, but I’d have gone with really tight biker shorts rather than jean shorts. They’d nicely finish off the Axl look, plus really show off her huge package.

  45. iburl

    “..I used to do a little but a little wouldn’t do, and so the little got more and more…I been talkin to Mr. Starbucks.” –Axl Olsen

  46. lilygirl

    @40, Herbiefrog or whatever your name is,
    What is with the lame poetry comments??
    C’mon give it a rest and try to write something funny for once.

  47. wink

    That’s sure what it LOOKS like ! ! !

  48. Luy Sel

    I cant really say I like her outfit here(did she steal my grandmothers “comfy”-shoes?), but I’m usually very fond of the Olsen Twin Style. Looking like everyone else isnt really something I admire.

  49. Niecy

    Wow, I just read something yesterday about her and Mary Kate topping the Forbes list. You wouldn’t know it by the way she dresses.

  50. jesseeca

    if those aren’t Vans, they sure are a rip-off. i hate when celebrities wear stuff that’s been around forever & then it becomes fashionable. pffft! Keds, stick to your shitty narrow non-ankle support canvas sneaker for old ladies.

    those shorts are repulsive. if she sits down, there’s goign to be all sorts of labia folds hanging out so keep walking Ashley and don’t stop!!

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