Ashley Olsen disses designer

tn_ashley_olsen_shades_cr.jpgBusy being the sane Olsen twin, Ashley was understandably late for a recent Chanel fashion show in New York. Designer Karl Lagerfeld, who apparently can’t get anyone else to show up for these things, held up the event hoping for Olsen to arrive. She eventually made her appearance, but had to watch everything from backstage. That’s when things got interesting.

To make things worse, when Lagerfeld waved at Olsen and tried to talk to her, our source reports that “She cringed away from him like he was a stalker. Her person had to tell her who he was, but he had already whispered something nasty in French about her and was very mad.”

At least now Ashley can devote more time to her acting lessons. Mary-Kate is better suited for being accosted by an elderly man with an unhealthy desire for women who are still teenagers. She can battle to the death with Lindsay Lohan for the honor of being the next Chanel whore.