Ashley Olsen disses designer

December 15th, 2005 // 12 Comments

tn_ashley_olsen_shades_cr.jpgBusy being the sane Olsen twin, Ashley was understandably late for a recent Chanel fashion show in New York. Designer Karl Lagerfeld, who apparently can’t get anyone else to show up for these things, held up the event hoping for Olsen to arrive. She eventually made her appearance, but had to watch everything from backstage. That’s when things got interesting.

To make things worse, when Lagerfeld waved at Olsen and tried to talk to her, our source reports that “She cringed away from him like he was a stalker. Her person had to tell her who he was, but he had already whispered something nasty in French about her and was very mad.”

At least now Ashley can devote more time to her acting lessons. Mary-Kate is better suited for being accosted by an elderly man with an unhealthy desire for women who are still teenagers. She can battle to the death with Lindsay Lohan for the honor of being the next Chanel whore.


  1. MortyFishbein

    She’s got nerve shying away from someone who looks strange. If I saw her hobbity looking ass in an alley, I’d definitely run the other way screaming, “Troll bitch! Troll bitch! She’s gonna put me in her Balenciaga bag!”

  2. BurnZ

    Ashley olsen is still a hot little slut so she can do whatever she wants to some dirty ass piece of Euro Trash.

  3. asenath7766

    Must be nice to be so insulated, self-absorbed and/or clueless! I’m so glad that Lagerfeld refused “another audience with her”.

  4. Ashley’s cute. Lagerfeld is not.

  5. Lagerfeld is going to unleash hell upon Middle Earth now. All because of one hobbit billionairess.

  6. JerseyGirl

    She’s got an empire worth over $300 million, what does she care if Lagerfeld refused “another audience with her”.

    But I really don’t get fashion shows. Most of that stuff is ugly and unwearable anyway. But I guess if you’re Ashley, a size zero, and have $300 million, it might be fun.

  7. asenath7766

    Filthy rich celebrities need to be humbled and embarrassed from time to time, otherwise they become freaks like Madonna, Michael Jackson and Tom Cruise.

  8. ki

    No one wants to see a barely legal Moncheechee with the body of a 10-year-old boy draped in $10,000 worth of couture. Well, maybe some of you sick fucks out there.

  9. alteaon

    Heh heh…@ 8, She does look like a moncheechee. I totally forgot about those things. Good work!

  10. HollyJ

    I want a MK bobby-head doll on my SUV that will periodically vomit when I hit a bump.

  11. cNicky

    This is complete BS. This July, Ashley was on the cover of Bazzar and she talks about how she met him while doing this covershoot.

  12. ruhroh

    Moncheechee?…doubt it. I’ve never seen a photo of her with her big toe in her ear while her thumbs up her nose. And Hobbit?…naw, never seen the hairy tops of her feet. What’s exciting is the acting classes! We can finally get our sequel to “The Dark Crystal” with a real actor and not those freaky J. Henson puppets or CGI leads!

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