Ashley Greene nude pics leaked online


Somewhere dollar signs just popped into my lawyer’s eyes because here are were nude pics of 22 year old Twilight star Ashley Greene that just leaked online. Considering Ashley’s barely famous it’s hard to confirm if this is her. However, Adrian Grenier recently slept with her, so I’m trying to get a hold of him. Provided he’s not busy running pantsless through a car wash at his publicist’s request.

UPDATE: Well, it turns out those were really pics of Ashley. From her attorney:

We have just become aware that there are photos of Ms. Greene that were posted this morning on without her authorization. Ms. Greene is the owner of the copyrights in these photos, and as copyright owner, Ms. Greene owns the exclusive rights, among others, to reproduce, distribute, and to display the photos.

Since Ashley’s the exclusive copyright owner, do you think she’d send me some non-watermarked shots if I asked nicely? Adding, woo, Twilight! (High res, please.)