Ashley Greene in a bikini

October 6th, 2009 // 95 Comments

These are the Ashley Greene bikini shots that started making the Internet rounds today and nobody seems to know (or care) where they came from. So keeping with all the journalism happening here, I took the liberty of adding one more random pic for the sole fact that you can see 1/5th of Ashley’s areola.

Dedicated to Walter Cronkite 1916 – 2009


  1. Puddinpants

    She is attractive.

  2. ChicagoEric

    Oh my, I think she was my server today at the Chicago Hooters. Oh wait, I’m mistaken, she was the counter girl at the YMCA I live at. I took those pictures of her before I hit the pool at the Y.

  3. I think that’s more like 20% areola. :)

  4. Stabby the Guard

    Her bikini fits like baggy jeans

  5. Leighton Meester's Keester Eater

    Her nudes were better

  6. jamillah

    Where are her waist and hips? She’s athletic, but her body is positively deformed-looking.

  7. ringmybell

    she’s in great shape and has very pretty, natural features.

  8. Ralph

    Judging by the clocks in the background, Walter Kronkite took these photos.

  9. Amy

    She has a beautiful face.

  10. Your Mom's Beaver

    I don’t know who in Hades she is, but I need to reupholster my recliner before my wife gets home.

  11. Your Mom's Beaver

    I don’t know who in Hades she is, but I need to reupholster my recliner before my wife gets home.

  12. minx

    I will admit, I’m totally jealous of her cat-like face… but not of her waist to hip ratio.

  13. she’d be good for body shots because that belly button could sure hold a lot of liquor.

  14. Lesley

    This bitch used to have a dick.

  15. Jose

    LOL I hope you guys are TRYING to be insecure, overcritical lil trolls. You couldnt even dream of actually being in any way shape or form involved with a girl like this. So I guess defense mechanisms like these date back to grade school where youre just programmed to look for anything bad to make yourself seem less imperfect. Lol her bellybutton, her waist to hip ratio lol. Gimme a break the girl is beautiful period. Like alot of girls ..and Im sure youll search like crazy to find somethin wrong with them too ;)

  16. Jamillah

    at #16:

    The girl is very athletic –in great shape. But her BODY SHAPE is faaar from ideal –she has no waist-line or hips. Women are supposed to have waist/hip ratios of 0.7 or less — it’s what indicates fertility and is a primary female sexual characteristic. Girls who lack this waist/hip ratio are not only unhealthier, but lkess attractive.

  17. Guyinaz

    Where were these pictures taken? Do I see a dude talking on the phone at a desk in the background? They have that 3 clock thing going on, so obviously someone is too stupid to add an hour per time zone. This is like one of those casting couch scenes where the guy is all “a blow job would really help your career at this second in time”

  18. Kait

    people scrutinize too much – a girl cant have everything. she is very naturally pretty, and that’s good. Yes she doesnt have much hips, but in realty there are very few women with good natural looks, nice boobs, and big hips.

  19. Oh yes, very nice, and before any digital work too. Beats the other Twilight girl hands down.

  20. Ryan the Canadian

    Great lips and boobies. BOOBIES!

  21. 1 hr cheek implant procedure would benefit her greatly.

    Some of the male commenters on here might want to check this out. it could help them.

  22. #20, thank you. I’ll have my boyfriend take a look at your comment so he knows how lucky he is.

  23. JustBeatIt

    her face reminds me of a rodent.

  24. Phil McCracken

    Finally, Hollywood has chosen some decent looking women… Fucking hell am I tired of looking at the slags we’ve had banging around for the last decade. Get Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton the fuck out of here, and replace them with the girls from Twilight (gay movie).

  25. bobx

    @16 &20
    She looks like a dude from the waist down. If you’re into shemale trannies than by all means enjoy.

  26. spinal

    Beautiful girl, beautiful body. I don’t know who she is but whatever.

    Cue some mouth breathing idiot calling her fat in 3, 2, 1…

  27. Turd the third

    Its OK, she looks totally bored or like she is posing for pictures that she really doesn’t want taken. Ok bod, ok face, maybe she needs some Pam Anderson tatts to look like a real bad ass celebrity. Oh yah, this bathing suit is really really horrible and doesnt work with her body shape well

  28. The Rough report

    Im greene with envy on account of the total love affair between the camera and Ashlee. Yeah I think youre up for the Edward R. Murrow awards for this Fish….

  29. Keith

    She’s got no waist. Boxy midsection.

  30. Cheese

    Damn i wish i had a penis. WAIT i do have a penis!!

    Ashley Greene i’ll be there in 10 minutes!!

  31. Pilatunes

    What a fabulours, natural, fit figure. Pretty too!

  32. nicefrenchgurl

    she is gorgeous
    can i have the same ones for christmas? please?

    ps: did anyone else notice how much she looks like judie foster on the 1st pic?

  33. Rancid

    Chick has very little makeup on – that takes it to a totally different level. Any broad with pancake and photoshop can look like a movie star. But what does she look like first thing in the morning?

    If a girl is hot the moment she wakes up she’s a goddess.

  34. See Alice

    Where are her hips ?

  35. blahblah

    Love it.

  36. havoc


    Who is she?


  37. Sapphire

    #13 (Minx): How does a person have a “cat-like” face? She looks like a human being to me, not an animal.

  38. Sapphire

    I’ve never seen a woman shaped like this before, she has this huge wide torso and skinny legs. I’m kinda freaked out by it.

  39. :(bua

    @41 – Sadly, many women have this problem. I have amazing, long, tanned, fit legs, and a flat muscly tummy, but i do have hips too, with shape. so it looks like this, straight on. sucks. i see all the brasilian models with tiny waists, and perfect hips that lead to that curve starting the thighs, and i feel like crying. you can lose weight, tone up, tan, anything – but you can’t change your bones. SUCKS.

  40. hacksaw

    I’d hit it.

  41. Nome King

    Have no idea who she is. I’d hit it, but she looks like your typical chick you’d see in the mall.

  42. panzy

    it looks like she’s got man hands in the last picture.

  43. JADE

    Now you know if this girl came up to any one of your dorks and flirted with you , you would not be thinking about her waist. You would cream your Star Wars underwear. She is sexy and worked hard for that body, none of you can say that.

  44. Chatham

    She TOTALLY looks like Jodie Foster!!

  45. good god

    -lol- some people amaze me.

    How perfect must some of you be to pass judgment on any and every little flaw you can make yourselves see. I think you should all post a pic of yourselves, so we can be in awe of your perfect greatness.. I’d really LOVE to see what a flawless person looks like. Come on, don’t keep us waiting.

    Ashley looks wonderful. And what ever happened to beauty is only skin deep anyway?

    I’d hate to think any of you might have children, and the morals you must be trying to instill in them.

  46. Dave Mustaine

    I would slowly put it in her.

  47. She’s so beautiful!!

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