Ashley Greene has nipples

July 30th, 2009 // 87 Comments

Here’s Twilight’s Ashley Greene on a photo shoot in West Hollywood yesterday. Adrian Grenier reportedly had a shot at this and I’m going to assume it ended with “I don’t need an Entourage cameo that bad, I’m in freaking Twilight. Now wash your penis.” It’s like you’re almost there, isn’t it? I’m magic.

NOTE: Pics link to NSFW versions that still can’t make me see New Moon. More than once.

Photos: Flynet

  1. Kev


  2. gary


  3. pistol

    Her face in the first picture disturbinly reminds me of Michael Jackson…but once you get over that, she is beautiful.

  4. So sexy my heart just skipped…

  5. ronr

    Nice looking girl. Who the hell is she?

  6. Jay

    For a sec there I thought it said, “Ashley has green nipples.” Imagine, sour apple flavored nipples?! As if we needed another reason to suck on nipples.

  7. She’s hot and pretty

  8. gotmilk?

    she is gorgeous. but what is up with those pants?

  9. I saw Twilight once and that was enough for me without falling asleep while having my finger up my ass as usual. Anyways, cute chick..I’d bukkake it.

  10. Junior

    Nice…very nice.

  11. bUZZTOE

    I don’t blame her for not going out with Adrian SMEGMA Grenier…

  12. techman

    What in the world makes these pics NSFW? The prudishness of Americans is hilarious. Even if she was topless they wouldn’t be NSFW here in Montreal.

    That out of the way, she looks great. Maybe I’ll use one of the pics as my wallpaper on my work system.

  13. Alex

    What the hell is with her pants. Did she mug a clown or something.

  14. grobpilot

    She needs to be wetted down

  15. Ozzie

    Good God… you need to put stars over that?

  16. john jay

    So, basically, every single woman in a movie needs to look like either Megan Fox or Scarlett Johannsen? Variety, anyone?

  17. yawn

    WE GET IT..


  18. Why do her nipples look like pink stars?

  19. Joe Fonebone

    Why post pictures every three or four days of some ever-so vaguely familiar tramp just to pretend it’s a ‘celeb’ site? Just call yourselves ‘XXX Slapper Slut City’ and post some hardcore fer fucks sake! Waiting…..

  20. Sport

    #12 true, yet still sorry you live in Montreal. That really sucks man. At least you aren’t Eurotrash and instead are just the hat of the United States. I love Canada talking smack – too funny.

  21. She is simply best looking nice ……………….!!!!

  22. JustJess

    Wow – portraits can be painted of her – a feminine, classic beauty…

    What a departure from the ordinary trannies on the ‘Fish…

  23. maggie

    Sexy and wild??!!
    Are you the hot cougar hunter on __Agelover.c om__? the place where all hot Ageless singles meet, mingle and more…?/

  24. Ted from LA

    #12 is right. Who can’t look at clothed women on the Internet at work? If you can’t, you have a shitty job. Quit. There are plenty of jobs out there for the taking.

  25. soovertwilight

    Why the heck doesn’t she play Bella??? She’s way hotter than that horse-faced Kristen Whatever-her-name-is.

  26. bronskrat

    I would poke it with a stick

  27. biteme

    i would totally fornicate with this honkey bitch. Sure, my penis stinks worse than Adrian Grenier’s. It ain’t gonna smell any better when I pull it out of her anus and shove it down her gullet so why the fuck do I care

  28. Jim

    That really wasn’t all that racy. The stars over her completely covered nipples seems a bit much.

  29. Ted from LA

    How could you get caught fucking a horse yesterday and already be out of jail?

  30. ihavefakeones

    ummm shouldn’t her tits be 3 inches higher?!? She’s too young for saggy funbags!

  31. dipshit

    @#31 your fucked up name says it all “ihavefakeones”

    Over inflated fake breast shoved into a small breast will put your nipple up under your chin and you will look like a complete douchebag whore.

    So either you are a complete douchbag whore or some 50yr old pervert that lives in his mom’s basement and makes stupid post posing as a female.

    I believe in the latter

  32. Lys


    A hat make someone look classy.

  33. gotmilk?

    31, no they shouldn’t. they’re fine where they are. i think the fact that her pants are jacked up so high give the illusion that her boobs are sagging. nice try though fuckstain.

  34. spastic whale

    “It’s like your almost there, isn’t it? I’m magic.”

    You’re, not your.

  35. Stinky

    Hammer pants!!!

  36. Haagen Dazs

    @#20, ha, ha, ha, ha, I am laughing because you’re an idiot!

    @#12, Sorry, not all americans are stupid, just this stupid moron called Sport!

  37. Jamie

    This chick looks soooo much like me its scary, i’m glad all of you guys think she’s hot!

  38. vito

    Hey #38. Jamie…

    Where do you live? If you look like this young beauty I’d like to spend the weekend eating your pussy!

  39. yuki

    i think you should censor the crotch area too just cuz its there.

  40. she is true beauty

    FINALLY thank you superfish. I can’t believe that while women like this exist some of you turds think Gizsmell Manchin is hot.

  41. They add stars so they get you to open another page and get more ad hits. I have all that shit in my HOSTS file so they get nothin from me!

  42. Timber

    So those nipples really are “not safe for work”? Americans, your country sucks so hard.

  43. techman

    @ 20

    Have you ever been to Montreal? We have some of the best restaurants in the world, the best Jazz festival, the best Comedy festival and some of the hottest women in the world .

    We also have nudity and adult language on regular network tv stations and a bare breast is not considered NSFW because we aren’t afraid of the beauty of the human body.

  44. Holly

    @26 Because Bella’s supposed to be “plain” with dark hair and eyes and albino-white skin.

    @43 Timber – LOL!

    @44 ..You kick ass..

  45. Holly

    @26 Because Bella’s supposed to be “plain” with dark hair and eyes and albino-white skin.

    @43 Timber – LOL!

    @44 ..You kick ass..

  46. Her face has a perfect profile.

  47. Taz

    id put it in her butt

  48. WOW! she has a wonderful face that attracts everyone…

    I really like her!:)

  49. Gloria

    I think she is beautiful !!

    Support for Rachelle Lefevre in Eclipse

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