Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz are idiots

May 11th, 2010 // 67 Comments

Twilight stars Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz are reportedly trying to make a cash-grab after it was announced the last novel Breaking Dawn would be split into two parts which re-opened negotiations to sign all the actors for a fifth installment, according to The Hollywood Reporter:

“We may have a situation where one of them is thrown out on the street to make a point,” says a source close to the dealmaking.
So are we headed for a recasting on the final “Twilight”?
There is precedent for such a tactic. After the success of the first film, Summit axed Rachelle Lefevre, who played Victoria, in part because her reps played hardball on money and scheduling. (Bryce Dallas Howard got the job instead.) Now, two films into the series, even the minor Twilighters (Lutz in particular) have become sought-after stars, so it makes sense they’d want to be paid more for the final film. But we’re told that the offers from Summit — which are said to be at least 10 times what the actors made on the first movie — were deemed “offensive” given the mega-money the franchise has generated.

This is an especially retarded move considering people with vaginas tell me these two are barely in the films and no one without Robert Pattinson’s pubic hair in a locket even knows their names. To prove my point, at least 75% of you will comment with “Who?”, “What?” or “I’d do that chick in the butt.” (It’s like we finish each other sentences.)

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  1. suze

    Now if only they’d get rid of Kristen Stewart and recast the role of Bella with someone that could act I might actually go see the movie

  2. Annie Loves Anal

    That Kellan dude was in the “Nightmare on Elm Street” remake. He was awesome. Not because of his acting, but the fact that the talentless knuckle dragging knob gobbler (hey, we all know that’s how he gets parts) was only in it for like, 3 minutes. Pretty boys like that are a dime a dozen. I say fire his ass, then gang bang that chick in the butt!

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  4. captain america

    well, I’m sorry to say but most americans are, folks!!

  5. Richard

    Maybe I’m on the wrong side of this one, but I gotta tell ya, I’d do that dude in the butt.

  6. Nero

    This will be a tough choice to make! Which of them two are giving killah bj’s?

  7. cellphone

    I don’t blame them to make a cash grab.I don’t think ‘Twilight’ is gonna bankrupt soon.

  8. mattk

    I… cannot… stop… laughing at these comments… Fucking awesome, Hive Mind

    her butt/mypenis=marblecake

  9. Marcus

    _ I’d do some movie roleplaying with her. Get me some fangs and suck on her vagina during her period….!!

  10. I'd do her in the butt too

    @25 and @44 You’re 100% right and 110% funny.

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  13. Rob Pattinson

    Who the hell are these people? I’ve never even seen them on the set!

  14. Thanks very much for sharing.

  15. Rory

    I like your site but you are clearly mistaken if you don’t think people know who these two are. Especially Ashley Greene. She plays a huge part in the books and is one of the only actors in the movies that can actually act. She becomes a huge part of the story in “Breaking Dawn”. If they booted her, fans would be pissed.

  16. SteveDenver

    Never heard of Ashley, can’t think of anyone but Kellan. I’ll do them BOTH in the butt!

  17. me

    Who? What? I’d do that chick in the butt with a strap on, then I’d ride him to he cried for mercy.

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