Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz are idiots

May 11th, 2010 // 67 Comments

Twilight stars Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz are reportedly trying to make a cash-grab after it was announced the last novel Breaking Dawn would be split into two parts which re-opened negotiations to sign all the actors for a fifth installment, according to The Hollywood Reporter:

“We may have a situation where one of them is thrown out on the street to make a point,” says a source close to the dealmaking.
So are we headed for a recasting on the final “Twilight”?
There is precedent for such a tactic. After the success of the first film, Summit axed Rachelle Lefevre, who played Victoria, in part because her reps played hardball on money and scheduling. (Bryce Dallas Howard got the job instead.) Now, two films into the series, even the minor Twilighters (Lutz in particular) have become sought-after stars, so it makes sense they’d want to be paid more for the final film. But we’re told that the offers from Summit — which are said to be at least 10 times what the actors made on the first movie — were deemed “offensive” given the mega-money the franchise has generated.

This is an especially retarded move considering people with vaginas tell me these two are barely in the films and no one without Robert Pattinson’s pubic hair in a locket even knows their names. To prove my point, at least 75% of you will comment with “Who?”, “What?” or “I’d do that chick in the butt.” (It’s like we finish each other sentences.)

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  1. “Who?”, “What?” or “I’d do that chick in the butt.”

  2. mau

    I would tear that chicks shhht UP!

  3. T

    I’d do that chick in the butt. FIRST.

  4. ger

    i’d do that chick in the butt

  5. ger

    i’d do that chick in the butt

  6. DogBoy

    i’d do that chick in the butt, and make him watch

  7. Miguel

    Pic 2 looks like she’s auditioning for a shampoo commercial…. where I get to do her in the butt

  8. Jen

    She’s is fucking gorgeous. and I would also do her in the butt.

  9. Photoshop Police

    I’d do…. oh nevermind.

  10. havoc

    Why? How? I’d do that chick in the ass.

    See how I changed it up there?


  11. No Ma'am

    I’d shit in that woman’s vagina.

    Wait, what was I supposed to say?

  12. sborrainboc

    I resent the implication that we’re all juvenile…ah who am I kidding, I would dedicate my life to doing that chick in the butt. FAP FAP FAP FAP

  13. udkcoco

    Idiiots. How many muscely blonde guys and thin brunettes do they have in hollywood? Leighton mester could take her place. Olivia munn could take her place. Odette yustman could take her place. Hell audrina patridge could take her place! As for the guy, ryan philipee is blonde and muscely right? He isn’t doing anything? There you go. Recast and cheap! Haha. Srsly. They need to sit down, shut up and take their fucking pay check bc for a movie about freaking morman disco ball vampires and some oatmeal butterface girl that bites her lip a lot , its surprisingly successful.
    Which reaffirms my idea that the youth of the world all has downs syndrome.

  14. Argyle

    I’d do that chick in the butt.

  15. Kristen Stewart

    This girl loves anal, I’d throw a strap-on in my trailer and do her ITB in between filming!

  16. Heelulz

    I would chick that butt in the do.

  17. Sport

    Cute girl. Might have to watch one of those stupid fucking movies.

  18. radio_babylon

    @13 “Which reaffirms my idea that the youth of the world all has downs syndrome.”

    i lol’ed

  19. Parker

    I hate to be so predictable but sure, I’d do her in the butt.

  20. Fayted

    “for a movie about freaking morman disco ball vampires and some oatmeal butterface girl that bites her lip a lot , its surprisingly successful.”

    You have just became my favorite person. Best Twilight description EVER. ROFL

  21. Kevin

    Well I’m not happy about those 2 being greedy, but I know they deserve it. I’m the 25% that like these people and know who they are.

  22. Haywood Jablowmie

    #21 – kevinette, grow the fuck up. No-one deserves shit, except to be done in the butt. Report her now, for yours.

  23. Kathleen

    I’d let that guy do me in the butt.

    Fucking sexxxxy!!

  24. Jen

    @ Kathleen, #23…. me too.

  25. eatme

    They gave rather significant screen time to Ashley Greene in the 2nd film (sorry, I forget what it was called). They were clearly priming her for more of a “leading lady” position down the road, if not in this vampire franchise. As such, I can understand why she, who was initially chosen in large part because she was cheap, would expect to be paid more. I mean, would it really make sense that studios should expect to continue paying non-star salaries to people in one of the most successful franchises in movie history? This is not star wars where they got higher royalties in lieu of pay. Don’t get me wrong, these are talentless lucky bastards, but they do now have other opportunities and so should expect what all the other talentless lucky bastards get.
    PS. I’d do her in the butt

  26. Jalalalabangbang

    @18 +1

    Aaaaand…I’d do that chick in the butt. Giggity!

  27. eatme

    HA, what fucking joke…
    Bryce Dallas Howard is the ginger daughter of the once ginger (now bald) Ron Howard. Fuck me, they didn’t get rid of the original Victoria ’cause she asked for too much money, they got rid of her so they could slip in some Hollywood royalty into an already established franchise, just like they did when they put her in Spiderman 3. What a fucking joke. Never mind the vampires, it’s the cursed gingers we need to fear.

  28. Liddles

    Trust me I actually watch this crappy movies and Ashley and the blonde dude who’s name I can’t spell are a breath of fresh air after the monotony of the vampire dude and the Emo girl constantly saying how much the love each other. Ashley especially plays a vital role in the final books so she should get extra money. Under ware boy maybe not so much.

  29. Viet Man

    tôi mu?n có quan h? tình d?c v?i cô mông

    (that’s Vietnamese for “I wish to make sex with her butt”)

  30. eatme

    …oh, and the terminator franchise. What a fucking joke. Shit, why don’t they put that monstrous daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore in this while they are at it.

  31. udkcoco

    @ 18 & 20. Thanks. Haha. I hate that franchise, I’m probably the only female under 25 that isn’t in love with the idea of that ridiculous piece of shit media! It just proves teenaged girls will buy anything if it alludes to their own sexual repression and the idea that they could easily have some hott boyfriend who is entirely too dangerous for them and they needs to stay away but can’t bc @16 they’re too much in looovvvee. No one in that movie acts with any character dimension, but they’re really good at looking vacant and forlorn. That could just be because they missed the short bus to their life skills class. Who knows. Haha. Now I’m goint to get shanked by some crazy mall goth twihards.

  32. foofoo

    she’s got some looong legs in the second picture

  33. Nudgie

    Her butt.

    My penis.

    Done deal.

  34. PunkA

    Apparently, the line is long to do this chick in the butt, so I;ll make a play for her vagina and be the first to drop a load in her. YES!!!!!!!!!

  35. Me too!

    i’d do that chick in the butt.

  36. TheFish

    #34, well played. well played.

  37. Punky Brewster

    best commentary ever fish

  38. Homer

    I am getting in line for the butt. Looks like a bit of a wait, but worth it.

  39. grobpilot

    #29: That would have to be a horizontal butt-crack, right?

  40. @13 Munn… bwahaha!, you are so full of truth.

    I’m number 40 in line for the anal.

  41. 5en

    They’re all disposable to the franchise, apart from Pattinson and Stewart, and even those two probably aren’t getting paid as much as they should be getting. Greene and Lutz ARE idiots.

  42. Yoda

    In the butt, I would do her, hhhhmmmmmm

  43. Suz

    Embarassed to know this (I blame it on trying to be “hip” to what the little cousins are reading, although saying “hip” undoes any chance of it), but Ashley Greene’s character has an even more significant role in the last book than in the previous ones (may explain her hardballing now). Then again, the movie adaptation could under-utilize her character just like the second movie did.

    All that said, either he can do me in the butt while she watches, or I’ll gladly spectate while he does her in the butt.


    Alice Cullen/Ashley Greene is the queen of twilight and the only reason i went back for the second flick. so therefore at least my ticket price should go to her.

    I’d do a lot more than her butt. Definately her chest, legs, face, hair, naval… even her ears look doable

  45. 2fingerfred

    you do that chick in the butch

  46. Kevin

    So very funny…no butts. However, the books are the real treasure, the movies are just second to them. I think this is true for all books and movies. I’m very glad they hired these wonderful people to play them to their fullest!

  47. @ 32. foofoo – “she’s got some looong legs in the second picture”

    Sarcasm noted. I guess.

  48. KumaTenshi

    Further proof that we need to stop giving just anyone an acting job these days.

    10 times more and it’s offensive?? Are you fucking kidding me?? These people were probably just grateful to be cast in a big name movie in the first place, and because of that, they suddenly think they’re A list actors?? Get your heads out of your asses.

  49. Handsome and beautiful

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