Ashley Dupre stretches those 15 minutes, gives first interview on Eliot Spitzer scandal

November 19th, 2008 // 93 Comments

Turns out “former” call girl Ashley Alexander Dupre isn’t quite done whoring herself out yet. In the latest issue of People, Ashley gives her first interview about being ensnared in the FBI investigation that led to the resignation of her frequent client New York Governor Eliot Spitzer. (Bikini photos added for journalistic emphasis.):

On the real Ashley:
“I am a normal girl. Everyone knows me as ‘that girl,’ but I’m not just ‘that girl.’ I have a lot of depth, a lot of layers.”

On not knowing who Eliot Spitzer was:
“Some guys, they want to have conversations and really get to know each other. With him, it clearly was not like that. It was more of a transaction. Strictly business. I was there for a purpose – not to wonder who [he] could be.”

On becoming a prostitute:
“This wasn’t any different than going on a date with someone you barely knew and hooking up with them,” she reasoned. “The only difference is I can pay my rent.”

On how her mother found out:
Once the FBI told her they were looking into one of her clients, Dupré says she was forced to confide in her homemaker mother, Carolyn, that she was turning tricks.
“It was extremely painful for her,” Dupré says, though “my mother wasn’t angry. She was supportive.”

- -

“This wasn’t any different than going on a date with someone you barely knew and hooking up with them.” – Ashley Alexandra Dupre, hooker, poet, dream girl.

She had me at “I was there for a purpose.” *sigh*


  1. Sexy Techy



    I am a manager and the men can stare all they want, but they better have their project due on time. I stay fit and use my sex appeal as an avantage at work. Knowledge is power but knowledge and sex appeal is the ultimate.

  2. zuzuspetals

    I’ve thought about this for a while and I think that becoming a media whore is *not* a step up from being a regular whore.
    It’s a lateral move.

  3. zuzuspetals

    I’ve thought about this for a while and I think that becoming a media whore is *not* a step up from being a regular whore.
    It’s a lateral move.

  4. AIDS

    Biatch got herpes

  5. NY Ted

    Geez…if had access to tax-payers money to spend on whores…I’d pay to fuck that pig up her ass also….!

  6. BlahFest

    Listen people, who the fuck cares if she got paid to give Mr.Spitz what most women give for free anyways? I can give you a list of women who still sleep with their loser/abusive/jerk/cheating/ugly boyfriends because of convenience, (i.e. it makes more sense for me to stay with my man bc it cuts down on rent/food/expenses etc. since we share them). Or, what about the ladies that give their significant others more sex in order to get something extra from their men? (i.e. giving your man more anal, even though you hate it, just so that he will be more inclined to do something for you.) For the people that keep calling her a dirty whore and other unmentionables, just shut the fuck up! What is done between two consenting adults is no body’s business. What is it with people being so self righteous and judgmental? People are so quick to point fingers as if they have never “sinned” in their lives. I can think of many instances where I know people with respectable white and blue collar jobs, considered valued members of society but yet have horrible coke/heroine addictions and beat their wives and children. But hey, they have never sold their body for sex so its safe to say that they are A-OKAY people, right? As long as a person does not set out to hurt or victimize other people, then what was so wrong about what Dupre did. Why does she have to be penalized when it was SPITZER who cheated on his wife? That should immediately make him the douche, right? Even then, no one really knows the state of his marriage and what drove him to get pleasure elsewhere. Nothing is ever black and white. You ladies that keep calling her a whore, well, maybe it’s because if you were ever starving, close to bankruptcy and living on the street, maybe with two or three kids, you would NEVER be able to command the amount of money Dupre did for sex,. Stop hating on the girl. If that is what she wanted to do to secure a better future for herself, then good for her. Better than being stuck in a dead end job where there is absolutely no significant room for advancement and you have to stay stuck living in a roach infested studio. I’m pretty sure Mr.Spitzer is still a millionaire, and getting around town without being called a “whore, slut, or scourge of the earth.” He’s been let off pretty damn easy, if you ask me.

  7. BlahFest

    #50, losing one’s dignity?

    Who are you to measure exactly what it means to have dignity and be dignified?

    Oh wait. I’m such a fool. Your name’s not really Terry, it’s Jesus!!!!!

    LOL. I’m pretty sure if someone offered you a million dollars to sleep with them and you were in a shitty financial situation (i.e. your home was being repossessed, your mother needed money for a major operation, etc) I’m sure you would probably give it a second thought.

    To say she is worthless, well, did she kill anyone?
    Did she sell drugs to little kids?
    Did she rape anyone?
    Did she try to swindle and steal money from senior citizens?

    Cus to me, the people that do those sort of things, well, those are the ones I really think are worthless pieces of shit.

  8. Peace of Mind


    I think you are a whore too and are getting hurt by the negative comments. The bottom line is being a whore is dangerous and unhealthy mentally and physically. Ashley took the lazy sleezy way out.

    You are not very bright because your debate is worthless like Ashley.

  9. Suniant

    Why does she have to be penalized when it was SPITZER who cheated on his wife?

    Cheating on your wife is legal and prostitution is not.

  10. Homer J

    I’d let her suck me dry after she got a good cleaning at the dentist and bleached her mouth out

  11. Dirk Diggler

    When are women going to realize that those oversized sunglasses make them look ridiculous.

  12. supersex

    we all are whores in one way or another.

    some work with their hands, other with their minds but she like to work on her back.

    so everyone shut the hell up.

    but i’d still fuck her

  13. Tyler Durden

    For that money she better be able to suck-start a leaf blower


    Eliot Spitzer

    There once lived a “Client of Niner”
    Who met an attractive gold-miner
    Every Wednesday at six
    It was drinks at the Ritz
    Oh, and then he would pound her vaginer

  15. whatawhore

    On becoming a prostitute:
    “This wasn’t any different than going on a date with someone you barely knew and hooking up with them,” she reasoned. “The only difference is I can pay my rent.”

    CLASSIC WHORE BAG SLUT RESPONSE…..she wont’ ever accept it nothing you can do about it except move the FUCK on.

  16. If she had worked up here in Montreal, she would have had a hard time getting more than 160/hr. Compared to the escorts we have here she would be below average. And those stupid tattoos of hers would just drive her price down.

  17. buzz_clik

    Stumpy legs.

  18. RJ


    The difference is we keep our clothes on, not ashamed of our jobs, and we don’t have to worry about STDs.

  19. timmy the dying boy

    No matter how much she charges, you just know it would be totally totally worth it.

  20. Tom K

    I wish we could go back to the days where whores were laughed at and pelted with rocks. Fucking dirty whore trying to make more money. Close your dirty skanky legs and get a fucking job or an education and real 9-5.

  21. D

    The ramifications of these two peoples actions are further reaching than the proponents of prostitution would have you believe.

    What about Elliot Spitzer’s wife and family? How is his wife going to be able to live her life knowing that her husbands words aren’t worth the air in his lungs? The emotional trauma is devastating and I hope that in time she will be able to trust another person again, let alone her husband.

    Ms. Dupre’s family name will forever be tarnished, her parents were deceived and will have to suffer the indignity caused by her daughters actions. This whore was not honest about what she did, she did not do it because she was starving. She suffers from the diseases of materialism and vapidness, she spent her money on worthless trinkets, “designer” clothes, jewelery and purses, lavish vacations and anything else that gave her immediate gratification. Anything to assuage her unhappiness, who knows the true underlying reasons for problems, probably not even her, so blind is she to her own heart.

    This is not a “Victimless crime” as many would like you to believe, and the brunt of this damage is borne by the families of these salacious, reckless and self indulgent swine. If either of these people truly cared about their families, they would never have risked their trust & well being.

  22. F-Obama

    Wow! Who is this Slut Whore? Oh, shit, it is a slut whore!

  23. asscrack

    #50 = useless whore

  24. IKE

    She’s got a lot of “depth.” Hmmmm, I’d like to find out how deep she really is.

  25. Kahlee

    #71 I gotta agree with you.

  26. Frybread

    So this is the ho that Eliot Spitzer paid $2,000+ to hump? What a waste of money!

  27. packinwood

    This chick is thick in the legs and has some huge feet. The tattoo above her cooch must say, “abandon hope all ye who enter here!”

  28. Evil

    One of those layers just happens to be ‘whore’.

  29. Parker

    I wonder what she charges for anal sex. She has a mannish face but from the back she looks like a girl.

  30. Jrblev

    I hear she’s donating her used pads to the center for Disease control.

  31. AteIsEnough

    UUmmmm, isn’t whoring illegal? Why isn’t / hasn’t Ashley Alexander Dupre spent any time in the pokey? Don’t get me wrong, hot but $5k hot…

  32. AteIsEnough

    @56, blahfest: Do you need a hug, or is there something that you need to tell?

  33. King Wang

    Straight up, Spitzer must have made her swallow and Spitz, but he is either severely desperate and piss ignorant (like most politicians, suprise, surprise), or in a dry spell from Hell because this gal isn’t worth more than $200 an hour, MAYBE $250 on a good incall.

    I know good whores. I know MANY good whores. This gal is not a good whore.
    She is the typical chump chick, too lazy to get a real job, so she sells the only thing she CAN work with, and it isn’t her brain. (So much for the excuse, “I am doing this for College!”….)

    I guess even Dogs like her get their day, but she couldn’t sell her overpriced and high mileage shit within 1000 miles of Dallas, Texas.

    Then again, New York was never exactly know for “common sense”………..

    But I would give her $2000 to go the fuck away and get a job. Too bad, she didn’t pay taxes, and no unemployment for her!

  34. Gentleman Tickler

    No pictures of her rear end? C’mon, photographers!

  35. Gentleman Tickler

    No pictures of her rear end? C’mon, photographers!

  36. OhYeah?

    SexyTechy you really think you’re hot shit don’t you? If you were you wouldn’t feel such a need to advertise it. Lewser.

  37. Hot Shit Too


    She sounds like a female that has the discipline to take care of her figure and is proud of it. What is the point of lying when one knows the truth? I think I’m hot shit too but act modest around people. I love all the attention I get from looking hot.

  38. I'd definitely hit it

    A perfect body. Gorgeous girl!

    Please God let there be a sex tape!

  39. Evil

    ^ Oh right I want to see a baggy old man draped over her *pukes*

  40. Pilatunes

    Sexy Techy @28…soooo, how about dinner sometime?

    Oh yes, back to whats-her-name. Doesn’t the tattoo say ‘No refunds’?

    Just kidding, it actually reads ‘Dignity sucks and so do I’.

  41. Narcissist

    This is what $4000 get’s you? A dollar doesn’t go as far as it used to. Them be some squatty looking legs.

    @25 – That would be a good question from Diane Sawyer.

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