Ashley Dupre was the Girl Gone Wildest

Ashley Alexandra Dupre not only got freaky for Gov. Spitzer, but during her week with Joe Francis and Girls Gone Wild, she was the wildest one of the bunch. She claimed to be a 21-year-old waitress named Amber and was so wild the Girls crew ditched her, according to the Palm Beach Post:

Amber hopped on a table in the middle of a hotel lobby crammed with frat boys, one producer told The Post, and launched into a raunchy strip-tease. That’s when the camera crew packed up and returned to their monster bus to leave town.
When asked by our reporter about the party, Amber said: “It got crazy. It was everything you thought it would be.
“It’s not stupid to do it (take off your clothes for GGW). It’s all fun and games.”

It should also be noted that Ashley was actually 17, and not 21, but since she didn’t engage in any sexual conduct her nudity is surprisingly permitted by the state of Florida. That being said, had Ashley been Joe Francis’ cousin, sex would’ve been permitted under the Unspoken Law of the South provided Joe paid the customary fine of saying Dale Earnhardt was Jesus on wheels.

Photos: Splash News