Ashley Dupre sues Joe Francis for $10 mil

Ashley Alexandra Dupre, a.k.a. Eliot Spitzer’s whore, is suing Girls Gone Wild for 10 million smackers. Ashley had a fake ID saying she was 21 when Joe Francis found her and put her on tape. Since her recent notoriety from the Spitzer case, Joe has been making some decent scratch off of her name. Well, now, like most good hookers, Ashley wants her money, according to the AP:

Ashley Alexandra Dupre, 22, contended in the lawsuit that she was only 17 — too young to sign legally binding contracts — and drunk on spring break in 2003 when she agreed to be filmed for “Girls Gone Wild” in Miami Beach.
Dupre “did not understand the magnitude of her actions, nor that her image and likeness would be displayed in videos and DVDs,” says the lawsuit filed by Miami attorney Richard C. Wolfe.

When will people stop attacking Joe Francis? The man only wants to share drunk boobies with the world. I mean, when did it become okay to attack someone for doing the Lord’s work? I blame the Internet.*

*The excluded. We’re more like a holy sanctuary of chastity and purity than a website. No, really, I’m just quoting the Pope. Honest Injun.