Ashley Dupre sues Joe Francis for $10 mil

April 29th, 2008 // 57 Comments

Ashley Alexandra Dupre, a.k.a. Eliot Spitzer’s whore, is suing Girls Gone Wild for 10 million smackers. Ashley had a fake ID saying she was 21 when Joe Francis found her and put her on tape. Since her recent notoriety from the Spitzer case, Joe has been making some decent scratch off of her name. Well, now, like most good hookers, Ashley wants her money, according to the AP:

Ashley Alexandra Dupre, 22, contended in the lawsuit that she was only 17 — too young to sign legally binding contracts — and drunk on spring break in 2003 when she agreed to be filmed for “Girls Gone Wild” in Miami Beach.
Dupre “did not understand the magnitude of her actions, nor that her image and likeness would be displayed in videos and DVDs,” says the lawsuit filed by Miami attorney Richard C. Wolfe.

When will people stop attacking Joe Francis? The man only wants to share drunk boobies with the world. I mean, when did it become okay to attack someone for doing the Lord’s work? I blame the Internet.*

*The excluded. We’re more like a holy sanctuary of chastity and purity than a website. No, really, I’m just quoting the Pope. Honest Injun.


  1. ShitBitch Carl


  2. Dave

    Fuck this bitch

  3. Als

    i’ve never commented before!

  4. Lara


  5. havoc

    Wow, questionable behavior for a hooker…….


  6. They White Urkle

    The bitch needs to get paid Dammit’! This taco don’t come free baby.

  7. HuckyDucky

    Remember, that “x” on her finger symbolizes how far she stuck her fingers up in Spitzer. And while that may look like a peace sign, she’s actually saying that she came in contact with a little #2 while doing it.

  8. Sophie

    A Whore suing a Whore. WHO FUCKING CARES?

  9. I feel so bad for her..

  10. Steven L Braun

    Cunt. No wait, Rich Cunt!

  11. ph7

    Spitzer got to violate her snatch for $4,300; she’s wants 10 mil for just showing her boobs?

  12. Kodos

    The whore who fucks for a living is trying to fuck back!!
    Greedy cunt….

  13. Jrz

    Yes, at age 17 she didn’t understand the consequences of her actions of getting shitfaced on Spring Break and giving lap dances and a whole lot more to a fucking football team for a camera crew. And now, being a fucking hooker, she’s had time to reflect on all of this and now realizes that she was taken advantage of.

    *cleans bayonette*

  14. tp

    This bitch is coyote ugly

  15. dude_on_a_wire

    Great case – she is claiming that she lied to GGW, yet they are responsible for her volunteered exposure based on that misinformation.

    Amazing that this skank has fumbled her 15 minutes already – America has moved on in the search for the next whore to capture their imagination.

  16. asdf

    Good for her!

  17. veggi

    13 re-cleans after using it on 16.

  18. George Washington

    The fake ID will not help her court case, way to go Joe.
    This chick will never make the short list for the Darwin Award.
    Joe should just farm her shit out for free NOW.
    Just another nasty ass hooker….

  19. caitie

    i don’t blame her. she may as well make something out of the loss of her dignity and self respect. 10 mil may help her cope with the life of crippling self loathing and shame which lies before her.

    Everyone should stop judging that-eliot-spitzer-whore-woman for being such a gosh-darn filthy goddamn whore. what did she ever do to you?

  20. Ted Mosby

    WWED? What Would Elliot Do?

  21. Michelle

    Joe Francis is a low-life scum bag!

  22. Michelle

    Joe Francis is a low-life scum bag!

  23. whogivesafuck

    Joe only has some brief boobie shots.. I don’t see the big deal.

  24. English Bob

    I for one hope she gets all the money she can, after all the worlds full of whores cashing in; Paris, Kardaskank, Jordan, Lohan…the list is endless.

  25. Yawn! Tired of his whore already….

  26. hmm

    she’s ugly

  27. Argyle

    Hold on a second… She’s filing a lawsuit, saying in official court documents that at age 17 she had a fake ID, got drunk, and did softcore porn? They can at least fine her or something for that, right?

  28. take out your elliot spitzer

    wait…..she was drunk, 17 years old, underage, stripping, AND using afake ID and somehow THATS Joe’s fault hahahahahaahahha………only in america can fucking hookers sue for 10 million dollars…….she needs to know her place in society!

  29. Gotta Use What She Has Left

    Poor Ashley, now that her pussy and mouth are starting to rot from STD’s, she needs to find another easy way to make money.

  30. Anonymous

    Did you finally get rid of the dating site spammer?

  31. crazygut

    this girl is blowing her 15 minutes better than she blew Spitzer

  32. isitme?

    Holy Jessica Hahn! Make your money while you can, honey! Joe Francis is scum, but you lie beneath him. Where are pics of him as an “already whore” teen, showing his nasties? This ridden-hard skank isn’t even pretty, so what gives? Is her VaJayJay like a Venus Fly Trap?

  33. jeremiah

    @30 That is exactly, what I am waiting for. Superfish should post the fuckers IP address so that we can track them down and beat the living shit out of them.

  34. deacon jones

    mmmm…under 18……
    As Paris would say, “That’s hot”

  35. GalPal

    Stop picking on her! She’s vulnerable right now…in a blow your load all over my face kinda way. But still.

  36. JohnnE

    Ugh fuck off bitch you were a slutty whore then and are a slutty whore now, she shouldn’t get 10 cents let alone 10 million bucks.

  37. jumpin_J

    You guys don’t get it. This IS her 15 minutes. She barely got a publicist, her recording career such that it was went kapoot, she’s out of the tabloids, so she’s only doing this to keep her ball rolling (in her mouth). It’s so pathetic. I wouldn’t hit that if she paid ME.

  38. Hecubus

    I love her. She so pretty. many people say they see her at youcancuminmyhairfortwentydollah . c o m. Could it be she is ready for more man in her life ?

  39. Jade

    There is definitely something wrong in the world when a person can knowingly get a fake id to defraud people, and then carry through defrauding people to get what they want, AND THEN sue even though they knowingly defrauded them. So what she was under 18? Obviously she knew what she was doing if she got a fake id in order to do things she knew she couldn’t because she was underage. It is disgusting our courts will entertain this crap. Once a whore, always a whore I guess.

  40. Supervixen

    She’s fuckin UGLY. I see way better women in the grocery store… wtf?

  41. annie m

    Haha– this gets more ridiculous by the day…
    I have an idea — let’s dump this slut and Joe Francis off on an uninhabited island and let them “work things out.” She knew exactly what she was doing at age 17 and for her to cry about it now is a moot point. She’s just pissed because her 15 minutes are over.

  42. missywissy

    What gripes me the most, is how funny looking she is and got paid a lot as a hooker. She just looks to me like maybe the 10 mill could cover a few surgeries.

  43. Hank Greenberg

    The two she’s holding up is the size of Spitzer’s penis in inches, the number of Spitzer’s balls his soon to be ex-wife will own, and the size of his sphincter after he’s disbarred and tossed into jail like the criminals he prosecuted. Or it could be her IQ.

  44. Kel

    That’s the stupidest fucking thing I’ve ever heard. You were too young to be drinking, too, so I think they should put your happy ass in jail, how bout that? Seriously? You agreed to be filmed for Girls Gone Wild and didn’t know that “your likeness” would end up on DVD? What the hell? Best case scenario, a judge will agree the contract is void and tell Francis he can’t use the footage anymore, but big fucking deal, it’s already out there. This bitch is just pissed off that Francis got to withdraw his offer to her, because she’s actually SO slutty, she can’t even make money off it anymore!

  45. RIGAS

    BRAVA..BRAVA..don’t give up Ashley.. She certainly hasn’t murdering anyone, she wants her piece of the pie.

    Why are all you melon ranchers, not protesting a man, and I use the term loosely like, JOE FRANCIS..???

    This garbage takes advantage of underage girls, girls, who would not give him the time of day without some serious alcohol consumption being involved…even Paris Hilton refers to him as a loser, imagine PARIS HILTON referring to you , as a loser…that’s like Woody Allen referring to you as a good father..ya, weird…

    I hope she gets her 10 million, or even one million. She should rape this guy, again…Ashley, use what God gave you, and make that money now while you can.. it doesn’t count if you take money from a pedophile.

  46. Janine

    I think as the previous poster said, that Paris Hilton calls him a loser because he gave her herpes. Make sense because she used to date him. I don’t feel bad for stupid girls that do GGW anyway! If you are stupid enough to sign a contract, you are dumb enough to suffer the consequences! That being said, this girl is a money hungry whore. I hope she doesn’t get a dime.

  47. devil's advocate

    First, at 17 the law says that you are not competent to enter into an enforceable contract (unless emancipated). So, the waiver she signed is not enforceable. Also, as was stated, “she was drunk.” That may be an arguable defense as well. But I’m sure the fine, upstanding Joe Francis did not encourage her to drink any alcohol.

  48. Samael

    She lied too! She’s just trying to profit. I wish this whore would give it up and go away.

    She knew exactly what she was doing.

  49. LL

    Man, I wish society would stop presenting us with situations in which we’re expected to take the side of one douchebag over another douchebag. Can’t we have a third option where both get horsewhipped or lightly stoned (with real stones, not the fun kind) and then banished from public sight forever?

    I’d like it very much if both Francis and the hooker disappeared entirely from the face of the earth.

  50. Jaffo

    The sad part of this is that legally she probably has a leg to stand on. The whore is probably going to get money and Joe and his cronies might just get busted for furnishing alcohol to minors and maybe even kiddie porn charges too. As for her, since she has admitted to possessing a fake ID, she will probably get busted for that. Big whoop. Ditch whore (probably) makes good. Too bad ten mil won’t buy her pride or erase the fact that everyone in America knows she is a whore. HOWEVER, now that she’s of age, she can stop on by and I will rent a crack whore from Broad Street in Camden to make a lovely sequel to ’2 Girls 1 Cup.’ We’ll call it ’2 Skanks 40 Diseases.’

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