Ashley Dupre in Playboy

April 14th, 2010 // 160 Comments

Because Hugh Hefner will sue my young balls off and use them as his own, I can literally only get away with posting one shot of Ashley Dupre from the May issue of Playboy. That being said, I couldn’t be more supportive of everything going on here. It’s important to let women know that, with enough hooking, you too can land a profitable spread in a men magazines where your chance of getting rolled up in a carpet is barely 15%. So if anyone wants to practice breaking into the fast-paced profession of turning tricks, think of me as your personal pommel horse who won’t get attached.

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UPDATE: Sorry guys, Playboy made me take it down. But enjoy this cover image which is almost exactly like seeing a woman’s bare breasts and vagina once you use your imagination and go look at porn instead.

Photos: Playboy

  1. TheWraith

    I guess Egotastic has better lawyers. They have the pictures from Playboy up:

  2. ashley sen sona kald?n dona kald?n sana yazacak bi?ey kalmad? inan

  3. 30 years old, he engaged in insurance sales work, the boss after a falling out because of money problems and resigned.

  4. Pick up the magazine! I’m the centerfold! Dont judge a good book by its cover. =)

  5. Pick up the magazine! I’m the centerfold! Dont judge a good book by its cover. =)

  6. Cute woman.
    Like her.

  7. nobullbingo

    Every fresh things will looks soother for our eyes which gets stuffed for watching the same snaps we need much more than our expecting !! ;) nobullbingo

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