Ashley Dupre in Playboy

April 14th, 2010 // 160 Comments

Because Hugh Hefner will sue my young balls off and use them as his own, I can literally only get away with posting one shot of Ashley Dupre from the May issue of Playboy. That being said, I couldn’t be more supportive of everything going on here. It’s important to let women know that, with enough hooking, you too can land a profitable spread in a men magazines where your chance of getting rolled up in a carpet is barely 15%. So if anyone wants to practice breaking into the fast-paced profession of turning tricks, think of me as your personal pommel horse who won’t get attached.

The Superficial: Giving Back to the Community

UPDATE: Sorry guys, Playboy made me take it down. But enjoy this cover image which is almost exactly like seeing a woman’s bare breasts and vagina once you use your imagination and go look at porn instead.

Photos: Playboy

  1. captain america

    I’m sure RAPES will rise in prudish america, folks!!

  2. cc

    “What’s the tat say? Her hourly rates?”

    It says ‘Time is of the essence’.

    Seriously though, this bitch still exists? Get your stank ass back to obscurity.

  3. She is TRAAAAAAASH! Go back to your trailer, trashy.

  4. kanyeisgay

    @25 and 26 STFU, you obviously like to floss with pubes or do not get or have not had any oral sex since the seventies or are total fags. I betting on the last one. She is smoking hot,, how many mules for her ?

  5. Donk Donkerson

    Fish…where are the other pics? I don’t want to go to other sites but you’re forcing my hand.

  6. turd da third

    That’s not a twat its just a built in speed bump……needs a sign..HUMP HERE

  7. datroof

    Chick has a good-looking vag, and supposedly that was her best feature.

  8. Rough for hire

    She looks solid! I must say, Silda may not be gifted on top; but to me she exude sexiness, just as Annette Benning and Ashley Judd. I mean in their hay days.

  9. Deacon Jones

    “Now I’d buy that for a dollar!!”

    (Guarantee not one chick on here knows where that’s from)

  10. jenn

    ok, i know this isn’t the focus of the picture, but where is her other arm??

  11. cc

    “I mean in their hay days.”

    They were cattle?

  12. havoc

    She’s got a Barbie cooter!

    Maybe Spitzer put some bondo on it or something as part of the Weatherization Assistance Program.

    Sealed it right up….


  13. whooooo totally hot.

  14. name withheld

    Eliot Spitzer, reminds me of my dad. Except my dad has integrity, doesn’t spend his money on hookers, and is not part of New York’s Elite, and doesn’t have to grovel at Selda’s feet for the rest of his living days…

    He does however wear those fucking black socks!! He wears them with sandals, with running shoes, with dress shoes, that’s o.k I guess, but seriously dad, lay off the socks!

    Ashley Dupree, what you should have done was blackmail him with a sex video…

  15. Dn

    Shanna Moakler wore those same stockings in her Playboy Playmate shoot. It’s QUITE clear now why Spitzer couldn’t keep his schnitzel in his pants. This chick is SMOKIN’ HOT!

  16. why does society reward whores?

    Kim Kardashian
    Paris Hilton
    Ashley Dupree

    any other whore who fucked someone on film, or fucked a politician.

    i dont get it.

  17. dymaxion fuller

    old news, but some might find this interesting. i was intrigued by her tat. from the pic, it looked like the first word was “tutelo” (turns out it is “tutela”, though), and i googled “tutelo tattoo dupre” and found this:

  18. Stefan

    I prefer shaved pussies with a landing strip

  19. Stefan

    But in general, shaved pussies are better than non-shaved ones, no doubt about it

  20. Natalie

    The reason her vagina is airbrushed like that is because Playboy is mostly a boobie magazine. They never show the inner labia. Penthouse does though. In pics from the Chyna sex tape, you can see that has huge inner labia, and an enormous clitoris. It’s like a tiny penis. I guess from taking steroids. But anyways, when Chyna posed for Playboy, they airbrushed her vagina to look like the one above. Which is fine, because she had a gross vagina. But they airbrush all their models vagina’s a lot, even the ones with non-gross vaginas, lol.

    I don’t know why Playboy doesn’t show what their models really look like down there. It would probably be considered too “pornographic” is my guess.

  21. Dude Love

    I don’t even feel tingly in my jingly looking at playboy pics anymore. It feels just like looking at a naked mannequin. Airbrushing a girl that’s already mostly plastic is dumb, dumb, dumb.

  22. @30 Good one, sir.

  23. DragonKatt

    They should have a special ‘no photoshop’ issue of playboy. =)

  24. Ryan the Canadian

    Fucking Hugh, always ruining the fun for the rest of us. Who wants to look at the cover? I’ve seen more alluring covers on Details.

  25. BennyfromThames

    @73 My thoughts exactly… WELL SAID! An for you morons that want to scream “ped”, a pedophile is a adult that experiences sexual preferences for “prepubescent children”! If the only physical difference between prepubescent girls and women that look like Ashley Dupre* in your town is a crotch full of pubic hair then you need to lay of giving your kids so much damn foods with hormones or something! As for the real PED’s, don’t worry theirs no convoy of dudes without pants driving ice cream trucks converging on your town to spoil your daughters. Your daughters are too busy showing the entire internet how to “shake it” for free on Youtube!
    *BTW- U know Spitz wreaked this chick damn she’s fine!

  26. Jerry Falwell

    I like a nice shot of a woman’s tight starfish. Any good magazine suggestions?

  27. You cannot “literally get away with” this unless you are actually taking the photo and running away with it, you dumb piece of shit.

  28. Sherlock H.

    #88, It’s because the inner labia (meat flaps) aren’t visible. Just depends on the womens’ anatomy. I always tell girls that their vulvas’ appearance is like a personality, all different and unique. Heard from her pimp that she had the most beautiful vagina he had ever seen. So probably not too much airbrushing was needed in that area.
    I can see why Spitzer was going back again and again.

  29. mikes

    Just another ugly whore that teens will be taught to see as a role model, what a pathetic world.

  30. Debutante

    God, she is an ugly beast. That nose looks like something you’d see on a toucan ! How can you think she’s hot? Her BODY is hot, the face is just average at best. What a whore. Listened to her today on Howard Stern, she’s always been a druggie whore since her teens. Now she’s crying because that was years ago, and everyone should just forget about all of her past. And then she starts bragging to Howard about how she lived with this couple – a man and a woman back in her clubbing and drugging days and fucking them both So how are we supposed to forget when she was talking about this just today ???. Once a whore, always a whore.

  31. Debutante

    Playboy must be desperate ! Average Whore.

  32. Yeah

    You can “literally” suck my fucking dick.

  33. Mr. Nice Guy

    We love Whores. They make the Best Girlfriends/Wives.

  34. Gunther




  35. ham

    @6 Gee, presumptuous much? I am none of the above, thank you very much. Funny as it sounds, I come here for the occasional intelligent post and this site’s willingness to use celeb’s problems as a social platform where people can openly discuss prickly issues, like cheating, not too long ago. Plus the funny comments from readers. I don’t appreciate the degredation of the female form very much either, but I don’t agree with 1′s idea of showing males in that manner. Just post gossip, not semi-pornography, Fish. That’s your original purpose, isn’t it?

  36. Playboy showing hookers = Bankruptcy

    My, how Playboy has fallen. They used to be classy, and had pics of college girls and hot everyday women in their issues; now they’re paying HOOKERS to pose in their magazine. They must really be hurting financially…

  37. captain america

    see one thing clear please:

  38. April

    Our society is in enough decline…making hag ho’s like this celebrities is disgusting..send her back to the trash heap where she belongs..what are we telling our daughters by making her’s just sickening..

  39. April's next door neighbor and poker buddies

    April we are telling your daughter to pay more attention to our balls while she is giving us head, if she is 18 or older.

  40. great art photo and i love her

  41. heyy playBoy you boyy boyyy :))

  42. EWWWWWW, this is definately a most unflattering camera angle, I think she should just crawl back under her rock and let all the lezbo’s out there frig themselves into oblivion thinking about her

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  44. JJ Bangbang

    Dude, your crappy little blog sucks. Get a real job you pathetic wannabe.

  45. sick men to the ONES that got a bonner!!!
    She’s cute but she has no ass or tits!!!
    all her appeal seems to have to do with looking terribly under-aged. Always has the same vacant look in her eyes with 0 personality. Not trashing her though. She’s a successful seriously looks like a 13yr old kid!!!!
    Perverts and Anorexic ass hoe!!!!

  46. “forever” is also the boys grow up, because I always love you deep , first of, and, said these words, I feel now I am sitting at a computer in front of it, like a child, eh, think of your face, sweet voice, I laughed off the chill of the heart, time for you, really good and beautiful has always been, until now, in the future.

  47. You make me truly laugh out loud so often. Its a much needed break from the hectic everyday
    it’s just plastic surgery holding her together now.

  48. Just post gossip, not semi-pornography, Fish. That’s your original purpose, isn’t it?

    I don’t appreciate the degredation of the female form very much either, but I don’t agree with 1′s idea of showing males in that manner.

  49. she looked hotter in these photos then i thought. then again it’s playboy so the airbrushing is serious.

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