Ashley Dupre in Playboy

Because Hugh Hefner will sue my young balls off and use them as his own, I can literally only get away with posting one shot of Ashley Dupre from the May issue of Playboy. That being said, I couldn’t be more supportive of everything going on here. It’s important to let women know that, with enough hooking, you too can land a profitable spread in a men magazines where your chance of getting rolled up in a carpet is barely 15%. So if anyone wants to practice breaking into the fast-paced profession of turning tricks, think of me as your personal pommel horse who won’t get attached.

The Superficial: Giving Back to the Community

UPDATE: Sorry guys, Playboy made me take it down. But enjoy this cover image which is almost exactly like seeing a woman’s bare breasts and vagina once you use your imagination and go look at porn instead.

Photos: Playboy