Ashley Alexandra Dupre’s music ‘career’ takes off

It turns out Governor Spitzer’s expensive friend Ashley Alexandra Dupre has a budding music career. She had just one track “What We Want” on Amie Street that prices songs based on popularity. Just yesterday the song was free, but according to Silicon Alley Insider, it’s blowin’ up 2 tha roof:

Ashley’s first song — “What We Want” — hit Amie Street’s top price of 98 cents before midnight last night. Overnight she’s uploaded a second track — “Move Ya Body” — and this one seems to be selling briskly, too. It’s already at 98 cents.
How many tracks has Ashley actually sold? Amie Street won’t say. But the company does note that her page is now more popular than those of artists you’d actually heard of before this week.

I just listened to both of these tracks which prove that all you need is good production and minimal musical talent. *looks at Britney* Anyway, “What We Want” is already playing on radio stations in New York which will make for some hilarious car rides for Eliot Spitzer and his wife. “Hey, honey, this is that young lady I paid for kinky sex. Her beats are off the sheez- AH! You maced my eyes!” *CRASH* Honestly, I should write family sitcoms. I think I’d be good at it.