Ashley Alexandra Dupre’s music ‘career’ takes off

March 13th, 2008 // 134 Comments

It turns out Governor Spitzer’s expensive friend Ashley Alexandra Dupre has a budding music career. She had just one track “What We Want” on Amie Street that prices songs based on popularity. Just yesterday the song was free, but according to Silicon Alley Insider, it’s blowin’ up 2 tha roof:

Ashley’s first song — “What We Want” — hit Amie Street’s top price of 98 cents before midnight last night. Overnight she’s uploaded a second track — “Move Ya Body” — and this one seems to be selling briskly, too. It’s already at 98 cents.
How many tracks has Ashley actually sold? Amie Street won’t say. But the company does note that her page is now more popular than those of artists you’d actually heard of before this week.

I just listened to both of these tracks which prove that all you need is good production and minimal musical talent. *looks at Britney* Anyway, “What We Want” is already playing on radio stations in New York which will make for some hilarious car rides for Eliot Spitzer and his wife. “Hey, honey, this is that young lady I paid for kinky sex. Her beats are off the sheez- AH! You maced my eyes!” *CRASH* Honestly, I should write family sitcoms. I think I’d be good at it.




  2. havoc

    Oh good…..


  3. ph7

    I’d #1 her with my bullet!

  4. kyle

    i luv the song plus shes hot timbaland and scott storch should work on some tracks with her

  5. Stan

    The “x” on her hand marks how far up Spitzer’s ass she shoved those 2 fingers. And – at his request – she never took the ring off.

  6. This whore is going to become a celebrity because of this! will someone please shoot me….wait, shoot her instead.

    #1 – loser!

  7. caljenna66

    Oh, lovely, this is JUST what we needed, another “celebrity’ whose only claim to fame is that she screwed someone. No wonder everyone hates America…

  8. Shantelle

    Would you? In reference to writing sitcoms, I would watch… or at least glance at it and if it was able to keep my attention then I most definetly would watch. Unless it’s on the same time as Big Brother… yea, I said it, that show is like crack in Amy Winehouses nose, it’s just so good.
    Momma has to wait till Sunday to get her next fix.. watch out, this weekend could be messy.

  9. mark

    shes hot id buy her cd she should write a book or something and get a couple million 4 it then get a hot music vidio out get signd with (CAA) and work with sony or jive every 1 i kno luvs her music so far and they said they would buy her cd if the could. her voice is better then brit brit and i luv brit brits new cd

  10. Quinn

    HAHAHAHAHA I cannot stop laughing now.
    Between this hooker and KKardashian in today’s earlier post…. Ahhhhh sigh…. it just makes me happy to be alive.

  11. Wanker

    I would totally stick my tallywhacker in her jigglypoof.

  12. britney

    wow id go bi 4 her shes hot i luv her music does any one kno when her cd comes out?

  13. britney

    wow id go bi 4 her shes hot i luv her music does any one kno when her cd cums out?

  14. Is she asking us to eat at the Y??

  15. havoc

    If she were tossing salads, wouldn’t that big ass nose get in the way?


  16. bianca

    omg i found my new fav artist :)
    i luv those 2 new songs
    x17 perez and u guys sould say great thing about her shes thin nice body witch is more then i can say about most of the celebs u guys talk about i mean britney is so fat and ugly they had 2 make her a cartoon 4 her new music vidio

  17. Lemony

    I just listened to Move ya body! I can totally see a nerdish Elliot Spitzer dancing in his underwear.

  18. pointandlaugh

    Those songs sound like………EVERY SONG ON RADIO. Nothing like a formula.
    Edgy……really pushin the envelope!

  19. mr sensitive

    Ladies, in case you didn’t read the previous thread on this whore, here’s your lesson of the day. You can put this girl and all the other whores out of business by: sucking; swallowing; licking WHEREVER; anal-ing; and, as a special treat on occasions, ATM (apparently for Frist, that means every day). Why protest? If you want to stay with a guy forever or at least for awhile, why hold back? If you feel like you need to hold back and set limits, you’re wasting your life with the wrong guy, and you only get one life. Of course, guys need to be willing to do everything SHE wants as well, which in some cases means overcoming a lack of desire/lack of skill in the pussy-licking domain, and in all cases means overcoming a natural aversion to “cuddling” (why? aren’t we done already? when does cuddling end? what am I missing on TV? Goddamnit!). Also it wouldn’t kill you to shower more often and pay much more attention to proper ass wiping. When she’s going down on you in a warm room and your ass starts sweating, it begins to smell like she’ll fellating a rectal polyp. Again, except for Frist, that’s a real turnoff. Plus it’s disgusting when there are skid marks on the sheets after sex.

  20. Ted from LA

    I’ll bet Client #9 hopes she doesn’t make it big in the industry.

  21. D. Richards (Miserable.)

    Wow! The foresight — Ashley knew she was blowing a powerful man; she also knew that eventually, the world would find out about her whori, thus thrusting, no pun intended, her to the top, no pun intended, of the charts (tits).

  22. Ted from LA

    I’ll also bet Clients #1-8 aren’t getting great sleep these days either.

  23. Son-of D. Richards

    #21 — Whoring*

  24. Las Vegas

    How about some bets on who the other Washington-based clients are? Not only for this whore (besides, he Spitzered on other whores, not just this one), but for the whole service. I’m guessing GWB was absolutely dying to use the service, since he’s married to that thick android, but it’s just too risky. Dick Cheney? Maybe not now, but for sure in the limo after the next inauguration – he seems exactly like the callgirl-using type. Ted Kennedy’s a given. Bill Clinton gets his hos at his office in Harlem (the Emperors Club whores don’t seem fat enough for him). Possibly Nancy Pelosi? She’s way too dry to permit penetration so maybe she pays for a good licking every couple of weeks, just to keep the fire danger down.

  25. Randal

    There’s more important things going on right now than this poor girl and her now tarnished reputation.

    Have you seen it yet?


  26. Sam

    Wow. She needs to stick with her day job. Or night job. Whatever. The job where she tries to deepthroat even if she gags herself and pukes, but immediately goes back to sucking and deepthroating. Because that’s the type of thing that $4000 buys you.

  27. woodhorse

    So Monica Lewinsky’s big mistake was in designing purses instead of singing?

  28. Saksky

    Hmm lets see, she has beady eyes, a horrible nose, and man hands. And makes heavily auto-tuned music.

    The person that said everyone hates America because of shit like this is right. Making celebs out of those that should be ridiculed is just so very wrong. And so it goes……….

  29. roastbeef

    she has a creepy man-face. FUG!

  30. fart knocker

    Beady eyes like a rat

  31. spaceyQ

    Great. Another no-talent slag riding the wave of being a whore to popularity.

  32. Allen

    “Hmm lets see, she has beady eyes, a horrible nose, and man hands.”

    Completely irrelevant. She’s young, fit, and very willing to put out. Most American women are overweight, out of shape, and have lots of sexual hangups and inhibitions (especially when they’re younger). In the land of blind women the one-eyed girl is Queen.

    But, I’m sure the celeb-obsessed guys here will rip her, because they’re the type who get queened in their one-eye.

  33. jenna

    shes sooo hot her 2 new song r off charts shes gonna b huge in the music industry cant wait 4 her cd 2 come out

  34. eurotrash

    mr. sensitive… go whine about ur anal issues somewhere else..

  35. rachal

    omg u guys stop hateing on her i mean she in her early 20′s who hasent made mistakes in there 20′s? look at paris hilton and kim kardasion they r huge celebs but they both have sex tapes and we all luv them right, i think shes even smarter then them because at least shes getting paid 4 it sex and money omg its not that bad u guys like comeon stop hateing on her and saport her music carrer

  36. Janet

    LMAO@all the comments like “manface” and “beady eyes”. Lazy bastards. This is one picture. If you scroll all the way down, scroll scroll scroll, I know it’s a lot of effort, keep going, ok, there you are – at the story RIGHT UNDER this one, you’ll see many more pictures. Possibly you’ll realize that this is just one picture and not necessarily the only way she can look. Wait…nevermind. It’s necessary for you to think that bone-headed way for this site to work.

  37. So what is so great about her music? I heard both tracks and it sounded like they were produced in her living room with a 4 track machine. The instruments sound like they came from some cheep Casio key board and they are using the rythem tracks.

    Her voice is not bad, but she is trying to sound like Britney Spears.

  38. Sauron

    she must have good oral skills.The song isn’t that bad.

  39. deadbitch

    She’s a prostitute – what more can be said? a WHORE and now she’s making a buck of it. pathetic – him and her. Although her I can understand sleazy slut!

  40. deadbitch

    @35 – shut the fuck up, she’s a SLUT, KimK’s vid was with her long term boyfriend my BF has slutty pics of me too, who hasn’t got some naughty pics in their background? he wasn’t paying her she’s a stupid media hungry bimbo.
    This girl is a slut who hired herself out to any ugly Mofo who could pay you dumbass BITCH and lurn how to spel its HATING, CAREER, HASN’T & SUPPORT!

  41. Sauron

    I wouldn’t pay 4 grand for her, though.

  42. Bob

    I wonder how many abortions she’s had. I’m guessing…… 8.

  43. Sauron

    Whut’s next?A book?Just go for a fistful of bucks on the Lewinski/Clinton tour.

  44. Lowlands

    Did she really have sex with the governor or did they only play Twister??

  45. I am voting for Twister

  46. aha

    #40 for president.

  47. Sauron

    Read my lips.I’ve never paid 4 grand for a Twister game.True story.

  48. Lexoka

    Ahah, this is so funny! And the musics sucks so bad… but then again she’s really really hot, so does she even need talent?

  49. Sauron

    I repeat.I did not pay 4 twisters for a grand game.True story.

  50. Im going to sell my ass to a politician then start my pop career! what a career move come i never thought of it before……Oh yeah ScarJo auction ended click name to find out how much for?!

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