Ashley Alexandra Dupre: Gov. Spitzer’s special lady

March 13th, 2008 // 189 Comments

This site doesn’t really delve into politics but, once a bikini became involved, the story of Governor Eliot Spitzer and his $4,000 prostitute immediately fell into my jurisdiction. This is a photo of 22-year-old hooker Ashley Alexandra Dupre that the New York governor solicited on the night of February 13, according to the New York Times. She’s admittedly pretty damn hot. Unfortunately to gain access to her lady parts you have to be a governor, willing to drop four grand and have a cool code name like “Client 9.” Well, I’ve got the four grand (Ah, cash advance. How can I lose?) and I’m all set on the code name. Call me “Jean Chuck Norris Van Damme.” Now I just need to work out the governor part which, I’m assuming, entails chopping off Arnold Schwarzenegger’s head thus gaining his powers.

EDIT: Here’s her MySpace page. She currently only has two friends, but I get the feeling that number’s about to drastically increase. At least by one. C’mon, friend request, work your magic.

EDIT: So, that’s not really her MySpace page after all. Special thanks to the New York Times for the link. You guys are aces!


  1. joe smoe


  2. airr3ca

    she is not.

  3. deacon jones


  4. Ted Mosby

    Nice rack. Fug face. Politican’s dream.

  5. OutRunner1

    Big f-ing whoop. Stupid bitches like this are a dime-a-dozen in any NYC bar I go to. And I assure you, for the price of a few drinks, you can put away your checkbook with the confidence of going home with something comparable to this little girl.

  6. Todd Spitzerrrrrr


  7. There’s more pics from that site; I linked it on my name.

    No more bikini shots than that one though…

  8. Hatey McWrathenstein
  9. toopier

    whats up with that huge man-watch?

  10. FFF

    Sorry, but she is hot! What makes it even hotter is that she’ll do pretty much anything you want–rear entry, feet, you name it. For a price, but whatever!

  11. crabby old guy

    Anyone who’d pay 4g’s to hit THAT is a moron.

    Unless her box is a magic Fountain of Youth or a efing slot machine, she could probably be had for a dinner and tix to a Bon Jovi concert.

    $4,000 for a sperm receptical? You’ve GOT to be kidding!

  12. FFF is an idiot

    You like to feet fuck? Jesus man, you have issues. Or a very small penis and require other tools. By they way, just in case I haven’t gotten my point across, you’re an idiot.

  13. veggi

    Spitzers swallower. Awww, she must feel so accomplished..

  14. Hecubus

    I preferred it when the whores we had on here at least pretended to be something else. If a fucking prostitute winds up becoming a celebrity simply for being a prostitute I’m getting out of this world and taking a few thousand people with me.

  15. She’s pretty hot, but so is Frist and she’ll do ATM basically for free (assuming you were going to buy her drinks anyway). Same deal with veggi, except she’s not hot.

  16. That’s it? Unless that’s a really bad pic, she is not worth four K, much less a political career. ‘Rode hard and put away wet’ comes to mind…she looks older than 22.

  17. momo

    FFF you’re a dumb ass.
    All girls do rear entry.
    they love it.

  18. Sneaky Pete

    Nice try Barry Boggs but you cant trick me that easily. Her real profile was canceled at about 11am, which was up on the Drudge Report. Make sure to edit this one in Superficial guy/girl?

  19. Chauncey Gardner

    She’s not his special lady – she’s his fucking ladyfriend!

  20. Nice try Barry Boggs but you cant trick me that easily. Her real profile was canceled at about 11am, which was up on the Drudge Report. Make sure to edit this one in Superficial guy/girl?

  21. @15 You so funny you stupid troll..

  22. Elliot

    When she’s in pumps and a tight skirt she makes most of those Hollywood sluts look like 10 year old boys. Those tits are real fellas… Any one of you homo’s think she’s tired is addicted to your right hand. Fagots…

  23. peeps

    Whore you’re rolling in dough now, kindly buy yourself a new nose.


  24. Ron

    Was she worth thousands? Don’t be retards (I know it’s difficult for you people) – he thought he was paying for complete privacy and discretion, which would have been true if the IRS hadn’t already located the service on its radar. Besides, his wife (Harvard Law grad, founder of a nonprofit, etc.) certainly wasn’t going to give him what he apparently wanted:

    “The woman accused of running a prostitution ring allegedly patronized by Eliot Spitzer told one of her call girls that the New York governor had been known to “ask you to do things that, like, you might not think were safe.”"

    The details on this story are going to be awesome.

  25. I read she’s an ‘aspiring musician’. Wonder what instrument she plays? The ‘Organ’ perhaps???

  26. Lex

    Weak. Took you this long to ge the info out? I mean, beaten by the NYtimes.

  27. Lex

    Weak. Took you this long to get the info out? I mean, beaten by the NYtimes.

  28. D. Richards (Sadist.)

    That’s one high-priced cunt-flap. Sadly, Ashley’s nothing at all like what Dick is used to buying.

    The women Dick purchases are straight out of the dumpster. They’re poor, their meat is flabby, and they have enormous addictions to feed.

    At least nobody questions why those lowlifes go missing.

  29. Jammy

    Love that county lockup “x” tattoo on her hand….and what’s with the two fingers?!? Is that how many you can stick in her ass while she’s blowing you for 4,300 tax payer dollars an hour?

  30. Sunflower

    Sure, she’s a pretty girl, no denying that. But worth $4000 a shot? Sorry, can’t justify that much for her. She’s pretty, but not awesome. I agree with #5. I work in NYC and there are TONS of beautiful women walking around this City who, for some overpriced drinks and possibly a meal, will dish out what this paid whore does. Just cheaper!!! I heard on Opie & Anthony this morning that she’s actually booked to do a show somewhere???? Please.

  31. Lex

    embarassing for me, I guess.

  32. D. Richards (Saint.)

    #25 — Nope, Ashley’s a multi-instrumentalist: she plays the ‘skin-flute,’ and the ‘salad-tongs.’ Ash’s getting better at playing ‘throat.’

    With time, my dear. With time.

  33. CJ

    My friend sent me her Myspace page last night… it’s completely different now. There used to be a background to her page, she had a ton of friends on there, millions of comments and had all her info and everything. She even posted the songs she performed as an aspiring musician (singing).

    But in other news… $4000? For a prostitute? I agree with 11 above.

  34. sva1994

    As of right now, (3.13.08; 12:58pm EST), she now has EIGHT friends, and five of them are online. I guess your prediction was right, Supe.

  35. combustion8

    looks like a typical new york dego whop to me.

  36. Auntie Kryst

    I think she is pritty, is she single now? I will check. She is said fond of internet recently. Her blog and profile can be found on filthywhoreforhypocriterepublicans.c o m. It is siad to be really hot in there with many repressed republicans. Charlie Sheen is said to find luve their.

  37. Of course she’s not worth $4000! No pussy is worth $4000!

    Just goes to show you that really rich people don’t care what they pay because they think if they spend a lot of money they are gettining something special. Just a bunch of retards fucking a ho if you ask me! Oh, and #1 is a retard too.

  38. sva1994

    For 4 grand she better come over and paint my house, walk my dog, and cook me dinner after blowing me.

  39. RENEE

    She looks kind of familiar for some reason. I think I’ve seen her in print ads or something. I bet she was trying to make it big in Hollywood, and only whoring on the side til that panned out. Oops, so much for her big dreams. Then again, the way Hollywood works, she’ll probably suddenly skyrocket to stardom from this; via some stupid reality tv show or something. Anyways, she’s got beautiful skin, but other than that I don’t think she’s very attractive…kinda manly looking, actually.

  40. pointandlaugh

    SHE IS DAMN HOT. Spitzer has good taste (I’d do his wife in a heartbeat too….)

  41. yomama

    Hey Fish can you for once report the TRUTH on this stupid page. They said that prostitutes in that place get paid max $4,300/hour but Dupre gets around $1200. Why are we seeing pictures of this prostitute anyway, is she going to make money off of this case now? This country is officialy dunzo.

  42. Jennifer

    My god, you guys are morons! Sure there are plenty of attractive girls in NYC. Every one of them would boink the governor and then blab to everybody they know. The professional whores have to keep it to themselves to avoid getting busted, so that’s what you’re paying for (along with, according to the old joke, “you don’t pay them for sex, you pay them to go away afterward”). And do a little readings before going on a tard-outrage rant about “taxpayer money” – he used his own money, there are cash transactions in his personal bank accounts that correspond to his 8 bouts of whoreboning. Banks have to report “suspicious cash transfers” and that’s what started the whole investigation by the IRS. This info is in the first couple of paragraphs of any story on Spitzer. You guys should learn the details, because you certainly seem like the types who need to use prostitutes and you don’t want to get in trouble with the IRS (although I don’t think they investigate $20 mercy handjobs, so you’re probably safe).

  43. The Mistress

    He should have got a hot looking mistress for a lover. We know how to keep secrets. My current lover is married and in the public eye and I do everything I can to keep a low profile and make him happy. He makes me very happy too.

  44. Auntie Kryst

    @35 I agree with what you’re saying, but I’m a stickler for proper use of racial slang.

    That douchefucker Nazi Republican Kraut paid to fuck a dago (not dego). She’s a wop (“without papers” not whop). Another one I use time to time is filthly fucking Guidette, a female guido. It’s a good one too.

  45. #36 – Sorry to break it to you AK but Spitzer is a Democrat ( I did enjoy your comment all the same). Take a look at his web site it is quite impressive.

  46. Sara

    Wow, she’s a hooker? hahahah I guess most of my classmates are whores too, and I was wondering how they managed to dress so well and groom so well while studying among students such as myself, who look student-y, that is, low maintenance.

  47. Yikes what is that i see?

    thanks peeps #23 glad to see i’m not alone in my observation…. love the sarcastic vibe too.

    her nose is fucking huge, she looks gud with the sunglasses and has a nice body but oh my god! that is A FUCKING HUGE UGLY NOSE!

  48. havoc

    I hear she plays a mean meat flute…….



  49. Auntie Kryst

    @45 Oh fuck he’s a Democrat? Dumb me. I still hate the fuck. Thanks for clarifying.

  50. Harry

    She kinda looks like Danica Patrick. But with big fake boobs. Bikini shot is nice. Others…meh. I’d hit it, but not for anything more than the price of dinner. It’s probably telling that she looks best in the pix with sunglasses.

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