Ashley Alexandra Dupre already was a Girl Gone Wild (Gasp!)

Surprise! Ashley Alexandra Dupre already flashed her boobs for Girls Gone Wild back in 2003. A prostitute got naked for Joe Franics? What are the odds? The AP reports:

“It’ll save me a million bucks,” Francis told The Associated Press on Tuesday. “It’s kind of like finding a winning lottery ticket in the cushions of your couch.”
He said his employees got to work on pulling the footage and planned to offer it on the Web site by Tuesday evening, with a free sampling on the front page and the rest available with a $29.95 monthly subscription.

Uh oh, no million bucks for Ashley. Let this be a lesson, ladies. Girls Gone Wild might seem like a good idea (Note: it’s the best idea.), but it could come back to bite you in the ass. You know, after you inevitably become a prostitute and have sex with middle-aged men who turn out to be elected officials. Then you can’t cash in because Joe Francis owns the right to your ta-ta’s. That’s just poor business planning. In between tricks, get yourself down to the community college and sit in on some classes. You might learn something and, please, there’s no need to thank me. Like Jesus I’m just here to help others – and maybe score a freebie.