Ashley Youdan Holding Her Boobs, Alexander Skarsgard In A Pool, and More News


Mark Wahlberg sounds like he had a pretty good time scaring the shit out of Isabela Moner’s boyfriends on the Transformers set. [USA Today]

Still mad at Johnny Depp for making that bad joke that triggered people who use the word “libtard” and “snowflake” to describe people who have opinions that offend them? Well he said sorry, so you can put your hypocrisy back in the fridge till next week. [PageSix]

They’re trying to spin a story that Angelina Jolie is trying to butter up Brad so that she can renegotiate their divorce agreement and get more money, but I don’t buy that bullshit- they have a hundred kids of course he’s going to hang out at her house. [CeleBitchy]

Aw, goddamnit Kate Beckinsale’s white-bro comedy boyfriend is embarrassing her again… [RADAR]

I posted a picture of Scott Disick earlier that spoke a thousand words, but here’s the full story on his latest bender with Bella Thorne. [TMZ]

This is art.

Oh boy, even NASA is getting involved in calling out Gwyneth Paltrow’s bullshit Goop store. Balancing stickers? Who is seriously buying this shit? [CNN]

Jesus Christ, Mets fans- get it together. [Perez]

Jamie Foxx may be throwing us all for a loop with all this talk about “oh being single is so hard when you’re 49 and your name is fucking Jamie Foxx” – he’s definitely still secretly dating Katie Holmes on the sly. I see you. [E!]