Ashley Greene in a Bikini

August 9th, 2010 // 84 Comments

Here’s Twilight actress Ashley Greene hosting a Wet Republic pool party Saturday even though she’s only famous for playing one of Robert Pattinson‘s sparkling sisters. Then again, they let Jon Gosselin host one of these things, so compared to him Ashley’s practically the Queen of England if the Queen of England made me think dirty thoughts. More than usual, I mean. “In the maids’ quarters, your majesty? But what if you fall asleep again because of your advanced age? I better move quic- CHEERIOOOOOO!”

EDIT: Added 10 more pics starting here.

Photos: Splash News, WENN


  1. Ashley Greene
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  2. All American Boy

    I would rather fuck Britney.

  3. TussTown

    I’ve been waiting for this moment. This broad has a perfect face!

  4. I would rather fuck Britney, this chick has no ass.

    • CARLO

      Britney has gotten fat! If I saw her in public I wouldn’t look twice. She was as hot as Ashley long ago but time to move over and let something a lot tighter have the spotlight. Well done Fish

  5. Ashley Greene
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    She has no ass.

  6. Ashley Greene
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    is she covered in crisco?? not attractive. classic example of skinny-fat.

  7. Ashley Greene
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  8. Ashley Greene
    Daryl G.
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    That is one terrible ass.

  9. Boo Gooligan

    She looks like a bitch in these photos but she’s so beautiful that if I ever met her, I would lose my mind and end up punching her, for lack of a better reaction.

  10. Ashley Greene
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    she has no bum

  11. Ashley Greene
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    i would put my mouth on the crack of her ass and inhale the farts from her ass hole

  12. Rockalittle

    No ass, deal breaker.

  13. Lindsay's Left Lip

    Clearly left her ass in her other bikini. To answer the inevitable: Enjoying a proper butt doesn’t mean people are into butt sex, and are therefore gay. It means we appreciate other parts of a women’s secondary sexual features other than mammarial protuberances. Im my experience women with great asses (Latinas for example) fuck better than women with pancakes in their pants (Orientals, for example). Attention hot oriental women or the world: I am willing to be proved wrong. Call me!!

  14. captain america

    americans are still surprise thes things fit people.
    due to weight-problems, folks!!

    • Fishstix

      I’m confused
      Are Americans surprised that “thes things” (I’m assuming that you mean bikinis) still fit non-Americans or are you saying that non-Americans are surprised that Americans can still fit bikinis? If it is the latter, are you implying that non-Americans are, in fact, Americans?

  15. Ashley Greene
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    She is extremely hot…except for the shots where she’s wearing the wigger hat. WTF.

  16. Ashley Greene
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    Her ass isn’t as great as I thought but I’d still violate it.

  17. Ashley Greene
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    This girl is so much hotter then that other twilight bitch it’s not even funny. Kristen Stewart could be the mayor of chin-town.

  18. Ashley Greene
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    she looks bored

  19. Simon Ward

    my cock is big

  20. Ashley Greene
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    I’d hit it.

  21. Ashley Greene
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    0 points for lack of cameltoe.

  22. Ashley Greene
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    no cameltoe?

  23. fappyfap

    Man Hands – was she soaking them in the pool all day.

  24. gorgeous woman.her ass would probly look better if her bikini wasnt hiked so far up it

  25. pimp

    would ass eat after a fresh dump…

  26. Ashley Greene
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    Her nose is so weird, did she had a nose job?

  27. Ron Burgandy's ballsack

    I’m for Team Ashley.

  28. Ashley Greene
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    What a flat ass!!!! 0.o

  29. I will fuck this girl like no tomorrow.

  30. oh uh

    No thanks, I had pancakes for breakfast.

  31. Ashley Greene
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    Anna…what a dumbass you are!…..Ashley not only has a really nice body overall, but one of the most beautiful faces ever!…..This girl doesn’t need your “critique” of her “ass”!….she’s fine!

  32. Ashley Greene
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    classic BJ face

  33. Eric

    She has no butt or hips, and looks like a man w/ her wide torso, so no thanks. Wtf is wrong w/ u ppl? she’s not even hot but then again I guess she compares high against half of our population, but I have higher standards (Megan Fox, Candice Swanepoel, Marissa Miller)

  34. Ashley Greene
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    i dont give a fuck how her face looks. Bitch aint got no love cushion for pushin. So Shut the Fuck up JC, you retarded twat. Real men know that women need that ass to grap onto. You must be a faggot.

  35. Ashley Greene
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    I agree. The girl is really beautiful, but she’s got no junk in the trunk!

  36. Just want to say I was at this party. She was the best looking girl there. All the other females were deformed or disfigured. She spent all the time she was there posing for cameras. I peed in the pool and no one noticed.


  37. Ashley Greene
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    So what? She’s still hot!!

  38. Jack Hoff

    Would it bother you to know that I’m whacking to her pictures right now?

  39. Ashley Greene
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    Her body is so overrated. She has a torso very similar to Kelly Bensimon, especially in picture 22.

  40. Ashley Greene
    Jack Hoff
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    I’ll have sum of that

  41. Nick22

    She is deformed

  42. nikki i

    WTF is up with her hands?!?!

  43. Ashley Greene
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    its flat but its nice. id hit it and lick it

  44. Ashley Greene
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    white girls are so fucking hot

  45. Alli Watermelon

    THAT NOSE ruins it.

  46. Ashley Greene
    Commented on this photo:

    Oh Nooo, she’s got anti-ass and time bomb gut. That gut will explode into a muffin top if she’s not careful. Still hot though.

  47. Ashley Greene
    Commented on this photo:

    Wow. You guys are gross. And mean. She’s so pretty and so is Kristen Stewart. You guys must be blind or jealous :P

  48. anonym

    take a close look again. marissa has manface.

    see that huge jaw?????

  49. anonym

    ^^^ that comment was directed @Eric.

    ashley greene needs more ass and hips

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