Ashley Graham Wasn’t Posed To Look Thinner For ‘Vogue’ Cover

It seems like every time Ashley Graham appears in a magazine, the unfuckable corners of the internet get to work trying to say she was Photoshopped to look thinner or at least strategically posed because [sad asshole man-shit barely disguised as concern about “unhealthy bodies” here]. Which is exactly what happened with the new cover of Vogue. E! News reports:

It didn’t take long for critics to point out that Graham is the only covergirl whose hand is placed on her thigh, which some believed was Vogue’s attempt to make her look slimmer. Additionally, others thought that because Hadid’s arm reaches past Jenner’s waist and onto Graham’s, Photoshop was used to cinch her midsection.
Ashley took to Instagram with a response, clarifying in the comment section on her own page, “I chose to pose like that.. no one told me to do anything.”

Jesus Christ. This next part is going to make me sound like a dick, but trust me when I say it’s 100% in defense of Ashley Graham and how she DGAF about being thin. Look at her leg compared to the other models. You can almost fit three of them in one of hers, and that was very clearly left on the cover. That said, I honestly can’t tell you what the hell’s happening with Gigi Hadid’s arm except that she’s probably Doug Hutchison’s X-Files character who could stretch himself into any room. Which raises serious questions about how many times I’ve stared at her breasts even though the answer is obvious: Stretch Armstrong gets me sprung Aliens. It’s aliens.

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Photos: Instagram