Ashlee Simpson’s chin: I don’t get it

February 12th, 2008 // 97 Comments

Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz attended Clive Davis’ Grammy bash and, sweet mama, that’s a chin. Seriously, Ashlee should consider shaving that thing down a few inches if not a foot. I’ve got a belt sander in my garage. I’d be more than happy to give it a go. Though I can’t guarantee I won’t “accidentally” slip and sand Pete Wentz in the mouth. But don’t worry, should that happen, I won’t enjoy it. No matter how hard I might laugh and say “I enjoy this! This is enjoyable.” Also ignore the tattoo on my arm of Darth Vader feeding Pete Wentz a belt sander . Purely coincidental.

Photos: Getty Images, Splash News

  1. itsad

    gosh, i want a hollywood makeover…NOT…nobody looks like themselves anymore. its sad.


    “Yoko Romo” – I love it!

  3. kevin

    eh w/e…she’s still hot!

  4. mcbeef

    saw her on some late night show last week. maybe kimmel.

    she is dumber than fuck.

  5. CJ

    Quit looking for things to pick at…she’s just fine.

  6. Lala

    That’s because it’s a chin implant- she got it done at the same time as her nose. duh.

  7. Natty D.

    her eyes are amazing.

  8. Blondamnation

    FULL BUTT CHIN! But the worst part is that she didn’t have the Butt in her chin before, she had it ‘added’ when she had her entire face rearranged and her nose taken off I mean “done”. SHe looks NOTHING like she used to.

  9. Blondamnation

    It is be cute, think saw face her on i’m anasswipefromanothercountry who wantsyourmoney dot com. Many rich singletype people helllo???High five!!

    I can’t even pretend, you fake posters suck-go study some english and stop trolling this site or Ashley Simpson will aim her ButtChinFace at you and sing/lipsync (syng!) :)…

  10. jenifer

    actually she doesnt have a boyfriend.I saw her profile on a celebrity and millionaire dating site called “Searching Millionaire Dot com”.Her profile is nice with several recent pics there. Many men winked at her. What relationship is she looking for?

  11. Janine

    I thought she got that thing shaved down when she went in for her plastic surgery?

  12. Pilatunes

    People…she’s a man.

  13. mike

    bullshit. i hate her music but she’s cute as a bug and her chin is just a chin, nothing more or less. must be a slow newsday to account for an unjustified and ho hum chin attack.

  14. Grunion

    This chick is the fucking bomb!

    and yes I have a chin fetish

    mmmmmm chin

  15. Anonymous

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  16. She looks great from the shoulder blades to the waist.

  17. t

    Anorexic? She’s totally got a gut. If she’s anorexic than I’m a skeleton.

  18. bigberd

    Dude, there is nothing wrong with her chin. I’ think you are funnier than hell but I’m starting to think you have some serious issues…

  19. omar

    she is sexy

  20. um

    Seriously, she is tiny in person. I saw her in San Francisco a couple weeks ago singing at a club and she’s like 5’2 and 105 lbs. People in hollywood are soo small.

  21. Angel<3Pete

    She doesnt deserve him!

  22. Angel<3Pete

    She doesnt deserve him!

  23. Angel<3Pete

    She doesnt deserve him!

  24. zsa

    Rumer Willis did unfortunately get her dad’s chin. Poor thing.

    I think Ashley looks gorgeous. The prettiest she’s ever looked. and they look like they’re in love, so I’m happy for them.


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  26. sunshine

    I like that she sucks her gut in when she is posing, but in #4 and #8 when she is laughing and not posing, her gut hangs out.

    #8 Rin Chin Chin – good one!

  27. corey

    Is it just me or does it look like her old nose is starting to grow back?

  28. Bill

    Looks like she is a Griffin from “Family Guy”

  29. Bill

    Looks like she is a Griffin from “Family Guy”

  30. moobs

    i do appreciate the fact that, i haven’t heard about ashlee simpson in a while.

    that’s a start.

    unlike that whore sister of hers. (kidding)

    i don’t like either of them, because they are just daddy’s bitches, but they have a long way to go before becoming “Britney annoying” at least.

    /anything ‘Spears’ should be thrown in the trash.

  31. crazy otto

    seriously,her chin looks perfect………(with my balls on ‘em!)

  32. Chin

    Gah, her and Jennifer Aniston, I know Aniston had surgery for her block jaw, and I bet you $10 Trashley did the same. (and by $10, I mean that’s how much she paid me to surgically implant a chalkboard eraser in the southern half of her face)

    And stop making fun of her makeup, Pete does it for her, just for “practice”

  33. M@RiVeLLe

    …black nail polish. red purse. tan dress. wtf is her stylist on??

  34. alex oz

    simpson is so fake O M G!!!

  35. RCA

    when the clock STRIKES … half past 6 BABE! …

  36. chenush

    that hat dosnt make him look taller…

  37. brooke

    Oh shut up, she’s a cutie pie…There is NOTHING WRONG WITH HER CHIN…When she first jumped on to the music scene she was cute then too, but places like this site made her feel insecure so she went and had a nose job and chin implant. Then everyone said Oh, she looks great, but here we go again, it seems like it doesn’t matter how pretty you are, you are still never pretty enough. Ashlee is beautiful…..I think she looks better than her sister now, even though she’s always been pretty. I think she is a better entertainer than her sister too. Jessica has a more pretty voice, but Ashlee has more talent. She’s a good actress and she writes and sings her own songs instead of using other people’s like Jessica. Jessica should of stayed with Nick Lachey, everyone liked her better when she was.

  38. El Chinko

    Hey, who call me?

  39. kelyy

    oh, GOD, so nice discussion , would you love enjoy something new…? it would be more interesting…sweet, hot….Wow writing words is not the same as catching my eyes and enjoying the hot video across the room and smiling

  40. pete

    pete did not get her pregnat!!!!!!!!!!!
    she doesn’t deserve her anyway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    OMG!!!!!! Pete wentz wouldn’t get her pregnat!!!!!
    Ashley doesn’t deserve Pete anyway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. goerge

    hi lo u msn

  43. sally the hot girl

    She may not be too bright, but there’s nothing wrong with the way she looks. Totally cute girl. Not enough going on upstairs.

  44. Suri with the Fringe on Top

    It seems as though everyone’s so distracted by her nose, nobody here recalls what she looked like in the “before” photos. People, the reason her chin looks so big is because she’s had a chin IMPLANT. Anybody remember the severly cleft chin of old Ash-tard? The implant smoothed away the Kirk Douglas-esque, pronounced cleft she used to have. Couple the addition to the chin with the subtraction to the schnoz, and there you go! Riddle solved.

  45. Reese Fan

    Sound’s like your jealous of Pete Wentz and your trying to take it out on Ashlee Simpson’s chin, get a life. I know you’d still hit it, and if anything, you’d only be thankful for the chin because you’d have something to aim for. I don’t care enough about these people to dedicate webspace to them, I’d much rather spend money on a good dedicated server to some videogame, at least it’s semi-productive comparatively…
    I still think Reese Witherspoon is one of the hottest, most respectable actresses out there, but I was just now watching family guy make fun of her chin as I pulled this up, apparently she probably left Seth MacFarlane or David Zuckerman for a better hung or hotter guy.

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  47. sigh im effinugly

    I don’t care about her personality whatever her chin is fine it looks like mine damnit i hope people dont think that way about me

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