Ashlee Simpson’s chin: I don’t get it

February 12th, 2008 // 97 Comments

Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz attended Clive Davis’ Grammy bash and, sweet mama, that’s a chin. Seriously, Ashlee should consider shaving that thing down a few inches if not a foot. I’ve got a belt sander in my garage. I’d be more than happy to give it a go. Though I can’t guarantee I won’t “accidentally” slip and sand Pete Wentz in the mouth. But don’t worry, should that happen, I won’t enjoy it. No matter how hard I might laugh and say “I enjoy this! This is enjoyable.” Also ignore the tattoo on my arm of Darth Vader feeding Pete Wentz a belt sander . Purely coincidental.

Photos: Getty Images, Splash News

  1. She’s his beard.

  2. Spiraticus

    Nothing wrong with her chin. Rumor Willis is the one with the jay leno chin.

  3. Spiraticus

    Nothing wrong with her chin. Rumor Willis is the one with the jay leno chin.

  4. DanielDayLewis

    I drank her milkshake.

    I drank it up !

  5. themodus

    maybe her chin would be in proportion if her nose were a bit larger

  6. She’s his beard.

  7. carly

    forget the chin, look at the veins in the feet and the loads of makeup. uck, she never seems to have a constant style, she is so all over the place

  8. scubafeet

    Its Rin Chin Chin!

  9. whatever

    He probably smells like taint.

  10. Cupid

    Her chin is not that bad, I mean it’s not like she looks like Dudley DooRight, or Demi Moore’s ugly kids. Now those are some butt ugly chins.

  11. Cap'n Pickles

    I don’t know which one I hate worse. The pseudo punk/emo asshole faggot Munchkinlander of the horse faced, untalented twat. Shit. I hope they both get consumed the massive, evil powers of Paris gargantu-twat.

    P.S. I just farted and the secreetary passed my cubicle. Tee hee. I toot sweet baby! Strawberry ice cream.

  12. fdjkfjd

    When did she get anorexic?

  13. lipper

    She looks dirty, like there’s a layer of grime on her. Especially in the close up of her face. And why do girls do that dark makeup UNDER the eyes? Hello?? Want to look like you haven’t slept in days and all strung out? Then congratufuckulations, you’ve achieved it.

    And run a comb thru that hair while you’re at it, and get a trim! Sheesh!

  14. Abbadon

    #13, exactly. Her eye make-up is horrible. Add it to the black nail polish and she just looks icky. It is not a good look, never was, never will be. And yeah, she looks dirty with stringy dirty hair. Wow, She almost made Pete look clean. Almost.

  15. Auntie Kryst

    I want to see that douchebag Wentz throw a football.

  16. combustion8

    how tall is that douche? 5’2?

  17. sicasso

    I’d do her ’til her makeup ran. And by the look of things, it could take a while. And I’d do her in front of her “pseudo punk/emo asshole faggot Munchkinlander” boyfriend until he cried and his makeup ran, too.

  18. That’s what happens when you start shaving down parts of your face (like Ashley did to her nose). Other parts start to look big and awkward.

  19. Jen

    Why are you so mean? Look at her eyes, Ashley is beautiful!

  20. Jen

    Why are you so mean? Look at her eyes, Ashley is beautiful!

  21. That is the best the Fish can come up with? Ashley Simpson’s chin? What is next? Britney Spears pubic hair? or Pair Hilton’s herpes sores??

  22. BunnyButt

    He’s trying so damned hard to look cool … and just can’t do it. Dude, either you’re born with it or you aren’t. And you weren’t.

    Odd how Ashley’s body shape changes in pics 4 and 8. Either she forgot to keep sucking it in or the stays in her girdle snapped …

  23. Dick Richards

    I get Ashlee’s chin: she uses it to fuck Pete Wentz’s pussy.

  24. Abbadon

    They look like Katie and Tom. She now lurps to not look too tall, and he is a midget. I mean, bet he sucks the Xenu member too.

  25. lipper

    Good god you’re right 14! That IS saying something, Pete always looks greasy… and I don’t want to know why.

    *looks at Ashley back at Pete and shivers*

    To think they bump uglies makes me nauseous
    …and sicasso I want a ring side seat.

  26. Clever

    She’s a cute girl, WTF is wrong with you people? Insecure? Bored? Ugly?

  27. Blondie

    They both have huge chins!!
    But I still think she is pretty though…

  28. deaconjones

    hmmmm, im sensing a lot of women on women hate today….where’s all the feminists now????????????

  29. How can she go from ugly to hot to ugly again so quickly? Geez, Louise.

  30. Racer X

    That’s a Popeye chin.

    /’cause I always eats me spinich

  31. Chas

    Her chin is nowhere near as bad as her new song!!! OMG I heard it today and thought it was a joke!!!!

  32. Chas

    Her chin is nowhere near as bad as her new song!!! OMG I heard it today and thought it was a joke!!!!

  33. Sidney

    I do not care for Ashleys music or her plastic surgery, but she looks pretty. I like her hair color; it looks great on her; better than blonde.

  34. feg

    she looks very pretty. gorgeous eyes. he looks kinda like Wilmer’s lumpy & less attractive brother.

  35. FRT

    Both her and her sister Yoko Romo have men’s chins! I mean you would almost think that their real dad was Kirk Douglas…that old sauve devil!!
    Hell…half the guys out there wish they had chin structure like that…!

  36. negroes kill

    Is he Punky Brewster’s brother?

  37. feg

    that handbag does not go though.

  38. Donna

    I think she looks pretty. Mostly because she looks nothing like her usual-hideous self.

  39. God he’s a douche, why is he such a douche? Who gives a shit about HER, she is nonexistent, but HIM??? He’s a fuckin DOUCHE..

    I bet Mike wants to drink him.

  40. pantsless farter

    It’s not as bad as Reese Witherspoon’s chin. But it’s pretty dang bad.

  41. Whinnyhouse

    Well she looks kinda pretty here, best I ever saw her.

  42. AdamYYZ

    She looks like a whore AND a corpse. “Whorpse” if you will.

  43. isitin

    May all those EMOS burn in hell!!!!!!!!!!

  44. deez nuts on your chin


    ashlee is 5’6 and her heels appear to be about 2 inches so i would guess he’s 5’8

  45. fattie

    She looks fine. You should go look at Jennifer Chiniston if you’re so obsessed with chins.

  46. DeeDee

    I am no fan, but I think she looks good. Nice skin and the hair color suits her well.

  47. gotmilk?

    those are more like 4 inch heels. she can barely stand in them.

    she looks like an Olson Twin reject except dirtier.

  48. Realist

    Uh, I was pretty sure she already had it shaved it down when she did her nose. It is looking bigger than it has been. Pete is 5’7

  49. #40-
    maybe, but reese witherspoon doesn’t harass Burger King employees for kicks. ashlee is a talentless bitch.

    ’nuff said

  50. Dorito Man

    She’s cute as a button. I’d do her.

    But wtf is she with him. He’s a pillow biting little poof.

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