Ashlee Simpson walks like an ostrich

September 24th, 2009 // 66 Comments

Here’s Ashlee Simpson leaving the David Hasselhoff and daughter-attended lingerie show she hosted last night, and maybe I’ve never noticed this before, but what the hell is going on with her neck? It’s like she’s constantly bobbing it forward in every shot, and oh, wait, she spent the night at her dad’s house again, didn’t she? Never mind.


  1. Wooooo

    Wowzers maybe first!

  2. Jenn

    Yikes! she looks anorexic.

  3. Jenn

    Yikes, she looks anorexic in pic #10, or all the pics really.. Ew!

  4. Amy

    Looks like she has a few ostrich feathers on her chest as well.

  5. big alkie

    No…I’m the last of the do do’s!

  6. Io

    maybe she thinks it makes her look thinner

  7. Max Planck

    Where’s that little schlub she usually has in tow?

  8. Lisatlantic

    Shot #9… crazy eyes.

  9. glace neuf

    when photographed from the front, it makes you look thinner!

  10. Courtyardpigeon

    why is crazy neck famous again? oh yes…she fakes singing for a career.

  11. Cher

    #7 that’s awesome.

    Yep, she’s the last do-do. dadodo-da-do-do-do….

  12. huh?

    Coke makes you twitchy….

  13. DrAero

    Christ look at her hideous chin. Time to get the chinplants taken out, , at this point you could strap that bitch to the front of a ship in the North Sea and use her as an ice breaker. That is gross as all hell.

    It’s funny, she was a no talent hack singer, and now she’s a useless celebrity like the Kardashian Kunts.

  14. I think she’s in decline. And what’s with that outfit?

  15. Suz

    she needs to eat a sandwitch!!!!

  16. Suz

    she needs to eat a sandwitch!!!!

  17. She’s trying to keep Pete Wentz’s sperm from sliding down her throat.

  18. maeby

    i think i see nip on #9, post baby droopy boob nip

  19. The Laughing G-D

    eh gads, looks like lurch or maybe she is just concentrating on walking, really, really, really hard.

  20. Karmen

    She’s definitely not anorexic, if anything she’s trying to hide the fact that she’s gained weight.

    I’ve seen pictures of her ALOT skinnier than this, and she isnt scooping like a pigeon in any of those.

    Poor babies just self-conscious of being a fat ass :(

  21. ash

    Looks like drugs to me

  22. pointy chin.. why so pointy?

  23. Delgo

    Christ, someone GIF it already

  24. Anonymous

    I will never, ever understand how this skank can be famous. She does nothing and has no talent whatsoever. This country is fucked up.

  25. Randal

    When the paintbrush of perfection was used with Ashlee, it started out with those long, silky, sexy legs. With a hint of oil, created her radiant and glowing skin. The dazzling secondary colors where then splashed perfectly on her face, finishing off with that burning red color hair of desire.

    Looking like a woman more and more, Ashlee!


  26. nysro

    She should stick to posing solo.. other people in the picures make her look that much more retarded. her god damned face pains me… she should have left it alone.. she was doing alright with big shnozz and isn’t doing much better with the new one.. plus it looks like shit.. along with whatever else she had done around the same time..

  27. Alyssa

    Randal wants to splooge all over this horsey…

    ‘With the feathered quill, it penciled in a beak grand and mighty, and a chin as a cliff, for the beaked ones to land upon, and eyes of wonk, to glaze over like a fine thanksgiving turkey”

  28. Nameless

    LOL at Ashlee Simpson hiking up her shorts to her armpits like some old spinster.

  29. illy

    maybe she was giving head and it just……stuck there.

  30. Danklin24

    Fish you sure are obsessed with Joe Simpson. Does someone have a man crush? Jesus stop talking about him already, its fucking disturbing.

  31. blame it on ROUGH DADDY

    Yeah this broad is dense, especially in her pursuit of “beauty”. She didn’t have a hook nose, it was a very distinctive indian head nose which was classic and aesthetic. That’s why Jessica is more revered visage wise. (not just for the melons)

  32. Hotbox

    Besides the idiotic plastic surgery, this girl is making a very bad decision with posture and is going to have back problems her entire life. Take note girls, young and old, be proud of your titties. Jut them things out there as soon as they bud and get your shoulders back and neck straight for a lifetime without back trouble!

  33. maya

    Her nose used to look better after it was first done and still swollen, now she just looks like all the other plastics.

  34. mini

    What kind of good drugs is she taking. Oh, I know, the Hollywood Coke Diet Plan, it’s not drugs but a diet.

  35. chopper

    she brings nothing to the table.. brains, looks, talent,,,, zero, nada , zilch.
    so why in the world does she take up as much room as she does in anyones life other than her childs ?

  36. lollollol

    haha wow shes unrecognizable with all that plastic. nasty bitch with a shitty voice.

  37. @17 – don’t worry, it’s all going into his boyfriend’s backside

  38. alisa

    she has verrrrry bad posture..

  39. weirdo

    I wonder how she’d walk with my tongue stuck up her sweet ass?


    pointy chin.. so pointy, pointy
    anoint my balls.. anointy, nointy

  41. puhleez

    eww what is she doing?? that is not attractive…

  42. like a skeleton..

  43. Sarah

    Actually, it looks like she’s having a hard time walking in her shoes, and she’s compensating by hunching forward and poking out her neck.

    Most high heels have a little bit of a platform under the balls of the feet, and her shoes look like she doesn’t have much of anything. With as high as the heels are, she probably feels like she’s going to fall over.

    I’d say the only crime she’s guilty of is not knowing how to walk in heels like that.

  44. GROSS

    She seriously needs help. DISGUSTING. She looks really old and frail and nasty.

  45. Amy

    “44. GROSS – September 25, 2009 11:02 AM

    She seriously needs help. DISGUSTING. She looks really old and frail and nasty.”

    Oh stop being so fucking over dramatic, you assclown. Old? Grow up. I’m sure you’re a real piece of ass. I know, I know, you get more ass than anyone else at every one of the family reunions..

  46. Bigo

    That’s what happens if you give too much head!

  47. Yeah, she probably hopes that doing that makes her look thinner.


  48. FACE

    Just an awkward, talentless pop whore who should never be forgiven for going on a TV program with the world “LIVE” in its name and lip synching.

  49. Name (required)

    That’s called BAD POSTURE!!

    and @47 people do walk like that to make them look skinnier (taylor momsen) … but it doesn’t work … obviously.

  50. Nero

    Does she have any problems with her neck?! Maybe i know a way to help her out?!

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