Ashlee Simpson turns down Playboy

June 28th, 2006 // 115 Comments

Ashlee Simpson has turned down a $4 million offer to pose nude in Playboy, although she allegedly seriously considered the offer. Her publicist confirmed she had received and turned down the offer, although sources close to her insist she should’ve done it, telling In Touch Weekly: “This may be the perfect time for her to do it. It could be one way for her to separate her image from Jessica’s.”

Sure, posing in Playboy would separate her image from Jessica, but so would becoming a prostitute or having a sex change. Or doing it with a donkey. She’s already considered the untalented sister, so why not go all the way and also be known as the sister who does it with donkeys.


  1. likeitshot

    I wouldnt mind the two posing together, given they are all about incest anyways. Take advantage of the sluttyness I say. Maybe Ashlee grabbing Jessica’s huge tits hard from behind while Jessica sits with her legs open on a chair, nothing between your eyes and a dripping, completely waxed pussy but a couple of fingers; and long, long fingernails. Pictures of them kissing, one hand in each others crotches, the other visibly wet with c*nt juice and running through one another’s hair. Jessica pictured from behind, bending over, tits hanging down etc etc etc

  2. SarahInEngland

    ashlee simpson?! Surely that would be for paedophiles. isn’t she only like 14 or something?!?
    I don’t see why she doesn’t do it, her sister sold out her love life to the world

  3. daisyduke

    it was actually 2.2 million not 4, how do i know? because i am hugh hefner in disguise

  4. bito

    #103 Let’s give her 20mil!! Anything to see that angel naked!!!

  5. daisyduke

    which is why i spelt my own surname wrong ahem i meant heffner of course

  6. Uhhh – I don’t think I would look away if the pics were in front of me. She needs a nose job and a rock star boyfriend to complete the loser package.

  7. sittingonurmansface

    no one wanted to see max the moon in playboy any way…

  8. gabster

    I wonder how many of you are playboy worthy? It’s so funny to me how you are all tearing this girl apart, like somehow you are better. No matter if you think she is attractive or not, she is the one offered 4 million dollars to pose, not you, your family, your friends, your kids, your spouse, your mother, no not any of these but instead ashlee. Isn’t it easy to throw stones, name call, judge, when you are sitting at a keyboard anonymous. Are your lives so empty and depraived that you have to resort to picking apart a person that you don’t even know? judging someone who could buy you and your whole family? It’s pathetic, it’s almost sad.

    I think she’s cute and way more talented then her sister.

  9. pick_me

    #108 The fact that you think she’s talented is the definitive indication that you must be retarded. Your accusation that we’re “tearing a girl apart” that we don’t even know is ironic when considering that you’re willing to defend a total stranger. Despite my “depraived” life I am able to discern that ashley simpson is a lip syncing whore whose tragic acid reflux must be a consequence of all the fellatio required to get her a record contract. Aside from the pedophile and murderer population in prison, every living individual is in fact better than Ashley simpson.

    I guess I’ll concede- a.simpson is “playboy worthy,” (ie slutty and dumb enough) so go cry for her worthless life somewhere else. pathetic.

  10. xplayoboyx

    ashlee simpson is effin hott and maybe the girls in here dont like her because she hotter than them but i know for a fact that if ashlee simpson was in playboy every guy here would be wacking off to her

  11. what up, ya'll

    $4 million!!! She’s worth $4, and that’s on a good day. I can’t stand this bitch. Can’t put my finger on it — maybe it’s the ever-emanating immaturity, or the faux-ho teasing, the fact that she doesn’t have two brain cells to rub together, anyway, she makes me wretch. Plastic surgery or not, she looks like she should be pushing samples at Costco.

  12. gabster

    109 glad to see I got to you. Have you thought of seeking help for your obvious sexual problems?

  13. thewaymouth

    110 xplayoboyx, 108 gabster, 96 Lettusaurus & 79 bito… DITTO.

    1), It’s just a rumor and probably not true at that. 2), Besides, she’s still a hot commodity and damn plenty hot with her clothes on; she doesn’t need to do Playboy so why do it.

    I’m primed and proud to be going off to punk pogo and whirling dervish to Ashlee, her songs and spunk, the sights and sounds of her fabulous tongue, mouth and body, all LIVE on July 5th at the club Hampton Beach Casino. I will be sure to give a Superficial “l.o.v.e.” shout-out.
    Ashes to Ashes, Angel Dust to Highway Stardust, this Megatop Phoenix gonna rise above, like us she must… Little sister, you’ll outrun both the sun and the son as you a hell of a lot more than outdo what your big sister done… Keep on rockin’ in the freebird world… She can dance she can sing she can clown she can bring it on with everything and more till there’s nothing left to lose out on the floor but herself in our l.o.v.e. for her…

  14. fetalfoe

    She probably can’t pose nude until her weirdo dad releases the photo’s HE took! hahahha Seems this talentless lip-syncher would be best served by doing something to make people actually pay Attention to her. I mean…we can’t be expected to actually LISTEN to that shit she screams out. What a family of self-promoters they all are. Must’ve been fun growing up as a hypocritical baptist. Oh wait….aren’t ALL believers,Hollywood-hypocrits? I say Pose nude girlie girl and take the publics mind off of your caterwaulin crooning!

  15. Yeez Ill Give Her 4 Bucks…

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