Ashlee Simpson turns down Playboy

June 28th, 2006 // 115 Comments

Ashlee Simpson has turned down a $4 million offer to pose nude in Playboy, although she allegedly seriously considered the offer. Her publicist confirmed she had received and turned down the offer, although sources close to her insist she should’ve done it, telling In Touch Weekly: “This may be the perfect time for her to do it. It could be one way for her to separate her image from Jessica’s.”

Sure, posing in Playboy would separate her image from Jessica, but so would becoming a prostitute or having a sex change. Or doing it with a donkey. She’s already considered the untalented sister, so why not go all the way and also be known as the sister who does it with donkeys.


  1. cruzin333


    I think DLL in #46 just wants someone to talk to. Why else would you bust out with



    totally out of the blue? Craving attention!

  2. M@ce


  3. MyWellRehearsedMistake

    46. where did that come from? And what are you sick of? i thought we were criticising “celebrities” not bowing down to a leader.

  4. jane's eyre

    Very good. Carry on.

  5. jane's eyre

    Yeah, WTF was that about? I don’t recall ever seeing that name before. Maybe trying to be funny?

  6. Ryan Smith

    Man you guys are a bunch of gays, she’s hot, I really wish she would have done this.

  7. M@ce

    She should have a naked spread in Bits N Pieces magazines of all the parts she’s had removed or shaved off.

  8. jrzmommy

    That would be borderline kiddy porn. Albeit one ugly fucking kid, but still, very close to kiddy porn.

  9. MyWellRehearsedMistake

    Not gay, just a girl that doesn’t care if she poses naked or not sorry.
    i’m sure you can find naked pics of her somewhere on the net isn’t that what it’s for?

  10. bito

    Ashlee Simpson is the most beautiful girl out there. Here face is amazing specially after her nose job…makes her look 1000x better. If that wasn’t enough she has a body that is to die for!!!!!

    I would love to see Ashlee on Playbay…com’on Heff UP the offer!!!!!!

  11. tits_on_snack

    If you want to see some annoying bratty self-obsessed teenybopper twat’s twat, just go to myspace.

  12. justlikehoney1

    #43 – I’m sure her fan base is mainly young girls but my poi8nt is that she has a shitload of money & she’s all over the place right now. Frightening, I know. So, for now, she doesn’t need the exposure or the cash.

    We were happy as hell to see Vida on the cover because we’re sick of the same old thing month after month. So damn annoying. Not too crazy about her pictorial but it’s a start. The international versions of Playboy are waaaaay hotter & better. Even the Indonesia one and they aren’t even allowed to have nudes in their magazine!

  13. cruzin333

    #56 & #60

    yes, Ashley is the most beautiful girl, Paris is a virgin, and Lohan has never touched drugs.

  14. Nikk The Templar

    Actually, out of morbid curiousity, I too would have liked to see her in Playboy.

    Think about how much it’d be worth when she finally bottoms out a la Britney Spears…

  15. kandyk0119

    #16 must be on a dial-up dinosaur!

  16. DancingQueen

    #60 – Mr. Simpson is that you???

  17. DancingQueen

    I swear to God this bitch cannot close her mouth.

  18. RichPort

    Well I would mind seeing “pieces” of her, because she does have a rack and is pretty clueless. They can probably get her to pose for the “100 things you can do with a cucumber” spread. Although I do wonder how they’ll get Joe’s cock airbrushed out of her mouth…

  19. alaskanchicsickle

    @49 Feckless twat, lol, that’s a good one.

  20. junkindatrunk

    DLL is just another one of lame-ass banana’s butt-munching personalities. Both use caps and both talk about senority.

    Sorry, I’m usually just a lurker and had to get that out of my system.

    Love the site and can’t get enough of most of you.

  21. alaskanchicsickle

    @42 Having Ashlee Simpson in Playboy couldn’t be worse than LaToya Jackson, blech!

  22. wishiwasthere

    #70… I couldn’t have written a better comment. DITTO.

  23. Playboy offered ME $4 million to pose nude, but I told them NO WAY — I have standards — and there was no way in hell that I would take my clothes off for money, unless they could hook me up with a little blow and maybe airbrush that goiter from my neck.

    It actually might have been “Hot and Horny Housewives,” not Playboy, come to think of it.

  24. IFuckingHateYou

    Jacq, Jacq, Jacq – first you agree with herbiefrog and now lame-ass-bananarama?
    What are you on, Prozac, Paxil or just shooting up heroin again? Still love ya, just starting to get worried.

    This ugly, non-singing cunt Ashlee Simpleton shouldn’t get paid 4

  25. Iambananas



    Maybe if your SN was iamcocaine or iamheroine or iamweed, we would get a lot of people to give up narcotics. You know.. they’d develop an aversion to it also. Like me and bananas.


  26. Saucie

    Sweetcheeks, that goiter is one of your best features. Besides, you should never change for THE MAN or his magazine. Heck, just paint a nipple on it. Love me, love my goiter.

  27. diamondprynzez

    Oh puleeezz… She doesn’t have much to show anyway. Her little sneak peek at her plumber’s ass wasn’t too appealing, either.

    And Uh oh, I’m sensing a pretend coob that got annoyed of the real coob.. lol.

  28. bito

    I wrote comment #60 and I stand by it. Ashlee is beautiful.
    Her breast are nice and big, and she has long silky legs!!!
    Her ass is big and juicy…Mr. Heff give her 10mil she is well worth it.

  29. IFuckingHateYou

    bito – sorry to hear about your misfortunes.
    Hard to believe that somebody who is blind and deaf can still post on these boards.
    Way to go, you are an inspiration to all the other handicapped fucktards in the world.

  30. jane's eyre

    If you read it in the context of it being a Carl’s Jr. commercial, it makes better sense

  31. bito

    #80 You are right…Heff give her 20mil!!!!!!!!

  32. Craig & "em"

    Having never purchased a Playboy magazine in my 20some years, (unless you include last months issue with Vida Guerra), I would be willing to bet that “people” would go out and buy this. Because “people” still think of her as barely legal, and I….I mean “people” just love barely legal nude girls.

  33. causewerecountry

    is carl’s jr and hardees the same thing?

  34. jane's eyre

    Never heard of Hardee’s, so I couldn’t tell ya.

  35. alaskanchicsickle

    Joe told Ashlee not unless Heff would consider a daddy/daughter theme. Sick bastard.

  36. Jewbacca

    Id like to see her in Hustler. I like seeing a womans crotch spread wide open.

  37. jane's eyre

    I just Googled Hardee’s and it does look like the same thing. They’ve both got the Happy Star.

  38. Italian Stallion

    I would fuck her……….Not with my dick, but with her old nose

  39. jrzmommy

    Hardee’s is the east coast version of Carl’s Jr. Great burgers. Too bad I can’t eat a burger from either place without having thoughts of STDs because of Paris the Whore and her stupid fucking commercial.

  40. alaskanchicsickle

    They even have Hardee’s in Canada. Wow, we are pretty off topic, lol.

  41. Benny

    I would by the Playboy if she was naked, getting beaten with a baseball bat like Vito the fag on the Sopranos. Now that would be quality!

  42. HollyJ

    Playboy actually backed out when they saw that her ghole matched her tongue. (NSFW)

  43. sabahat

    thats a really pretty picture of her….

  44. HughJorganthethird

    How fucking lame is Playboy. You asked the wrong sister you fucktards. Not even a donkey wants to see Ashlee’s shit naked

  45. Lettusaurus

    Hell, I’d like to see her naked. Call me crazy, but she looks damn good lately. And all of you fat ugly people out there that can’t get laid are the ones that say they wouldn’t wanna see her, because they are ashamed of themselves. So they just say stupid shit like, “ew gross, not even a donkey would wanna see her naked,” as they beat off to this site while they are typing their comment. Well, I have news for you all, I WANNA SEE HER NAKED!

  46. bungford

    i’d like to see her naked too, but no fuckin’ way did playboy offer her 4mil. that’s got to be a planted story.

  47. shello

    LAMBANANAS you are fuckin weird, im sick of seeing your name posted
    fuck off to another website

  48. Saucie — finally, someone who accepts me for what I really am! A voluptuous, sensual, PASSIONATE woman with a goiter the size of a volleyball on her neck. I’m touching it right now and thinking of you. Is that wrong?

    This Halloween, I’m going to paint a face on it and go trick-or-treating as a two-headed circus freak. It’s gonna be AWESOME.

  49. Fawlty

    I think she looks great after the surgery. Way hot. I could see that issue being a big seller.

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