Ashlee Simpson steps out with the prego-boobs

July 2nd, 2008 // 52 Comments

Ashlee Simpson ventured out in public last night and displayed her expanding mammaries. Somewhere Joe Simpson just tipped backwards in his chair yelling “Yippee!” That said, I’m glad to see Ashlee’s doing well. You know what I hear is awesome for prenatal development? Topless wrestling with your older sister. I’m pretty sure I read that in a book somewhere. Okay, maybe it was more like a couple of piece of papers I made a flipbook out of. Ooh, wait, shut up. This is the part where Batman shows up to referee. “Fight fair,” he says. BOOOOO! KILL THE REF! Preferably with a nipple!

Photos: Flynet

  1. Since when is this no-talent skank a celeb?

    She looks like a smelly hippy!

  2. Jackson

    She is braless and on her way to being saggy tits.

  3. mimi


  4. rikki

    Nice orange sack – in more ways then one.

  5. sean

    Aww, her first Superfish pregnant-boobs post.
    Shes grown up so fast.

    But seriously, I love her!
    She sooo fucked her life up marrying Pete, and getting pregnant, like the ONLY way its gonna end is three years of marriage, a divorce and a crappy record with 9 songs about the divorce.

    Boo, whore.

  6. ph7

    Spears and Simpsons:

    Redneck younger daughters who have to get knocked up to be noticed.

    Middle american loves stupid redneck mothers.

  7. mar.mar

    dude is you dont wear a bra, and your boobs are changing that fast your going to end up having then hang by your legs at the age of 35.
    but w/e shes with a guy whos trying to prove himself not gay.
    that poor thing will pop out with bits of eyeliner all over it.

  8. .

    fat chin…

  9. .

    fat chin…

  10. I heard she lip-synced her way through the wedding vows.

  11. Racer X

    #6 is made of WIN.


  12. Joe Simpson

    Dear Superficial Readers:

    I appreciate the feedback. I’m trying to find the right niche to market my daughter. Her Emo marriage is a viable market, but unfortunately Emo style clothing does not show much cleavage. So, I’m encouraging Ashlee to try hippie clothing, so I can photograph her swelling breasts (for you fans, of course)

    Best love,

    Joe Simpson

  13. Deacon Jones

    Enjoy the attention while it lasts.

    I want to see pics four months from now when she’s hysterically crying on the floor with the baby intercom squawking relentlessly.

  14. #13 – hopefully 4 months from now her and her gay husband will have taken each other’s lives in a murder-suicide pact and that poor baby can grow up with some normal parents somewhere else.

  15. ggggggg

    i dont get it. they got married what, 2 weeks ago? and her honeymoon photos barely showed a belly and now she looks six months prego… wtf man

  16. Jelli

    wtf is up with the string around her head? this seems to be a ‘new’ look lately. it looked like cack in the 70s and it didn’t get any better with age.

  17. kfed

    “I want to see pics four months from now when she’s hysterically crying on the floor with the baby intercom squawking relentlessly.”

    Similar footage should be shown to every woman (and man) contemplating reproduction.

    Children are very overrated. Men know this instinctively; it may take years for women to realize this.

  18. Ted Mosby

    I’d nurse on those boobs.

    But I’d rather tap Jessica. She looks a bit cleaner.

  19. veggi

    With those glasses and headband disaster, she looks like she’s getting ready to join Martin Short in the synchronized swimming skit…

    “I’m not a real strong swimmer”..

    PS: I can’t find that damn video of the skit anywhere!!

  20. HA!! Veggi, I remember that. Who was the other guy in it?

  21. veggi

    FRIST!!! There you are!! Um, I think maybe it was Christopher Guest?? I don’t know. I can’t find the dang video on youtube!! What’s wrong with the world??

  22. kingofbeer

    The “60s” called, they want their dress, headband and sunglasses back.

  23. ismellaliar

    @18, she’s not… Jessica’s had four more years of sleeping around, contracting only God knows what kind of std’s.

  24. Guy

    hey guys, I tie a shoestring around my hair, now I’m all cool and trendy, hurrr hurr hurrr

  25. wtf

    Notice she has no roots at all and she is not a natural red head…way to possibly give your baby birth defects! These celebrities should be sterilized unless their IQ is above a certain number

  26. Erica

    #16. Kids that wear those headbands when they’re NOT working out or their hair isn’t up, usually seen on “scene” kids. It’s an annoying hardcore fad. ( also wear those biigg work out headbands. Or hippies, ya know.

  27. I have an erection that must be a full 3 1/2 long right now

  28. Cris

    Isn’t it bad to keep coloring your heair while you are pregnant. That kid already has enough going against it with that twinkee father and pervert grandad.

  29. Forgive me I did not have my glasses on when I measured. Thats 2 1/2 long

  30. @27 Hey Troll, what did you do to get it so big? Use a penis pump?

  31. hendero

    So she’s going with the squaw look? 10 bucks says her dad’s telling her to name the papoose Injun Joe, because, well, y’know.

  32. vito

    udderly magnificent!

  33. lame

    she’s lame. fake and lame.

  34. Robert Acquafresca

    33 is correct. Shes just a waste of space and has no redeeming value. If she did, she wouldnt be married to her male equivalent.

  35. Spanky

    Red Hair big tits I would do her and then let her sister lick me clean . Red heads are so sexy

  36. TS

    So what, are kids the hot new fashion accessory now or something? What’s up with all these young chicks having kids?

  37. Doomhammer

    jesus she is scaring the children!!!

    That looks like some sort of tranny pippy longstocking!! Good grief.

  38. MassGrrl

    She looks ridiculous.

  39. ME!

    #17, if it’s true that women want kids more than men do, then why did it take me so damn long to find a man who didn’t want any kids? I have found that most men want kids, some even more so than any woman out there! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been told that I’ll change my mind, or that I’m just scared of being preggers….please. I just plain hate kids, end of story, that is all.

  40. Hm. So Nicole Richie is pregnant again? And she died her hair orange?

  41. BABIES

    FUCK is every woman pregnant these days? Has anyone remembered that you’re supposed to get married before you get knocked up? Where are these people’s morals? Bastard children!

  42. grobpilot

    These people wake up in the morning and make a conscious (well, maybe barely coherent) decision to dress this way before they step out of the house. And because many people are so enamored of celebrity, they’ll dress that way simply because someone supposedly “famous” does it, therefore it must be cool. Mindless sheep. Make your own decisions and stop being followers.

  43. Adrienne

    I don’t really like her, but I like her hair color. It looks better than the black and the blonde.

  44. colorJ

    Materni-titties! Nice.

  45. Eitak

    THAT RED HAIR IS AWFUL!!!!!!!! How can anyone think that looks good? She’s not bad otherwise, but I swear that is the ugliest head of hair I have ever seen.

  46. Erica

    #39. Same here. I flat out hate kids. I probably hated myself when I was a kid.

  47. Joejam2845

    Does Ashley Simpson think it’s 1967 Haight Asbury? Peace out man!

  48. poodled

    what’s up with these retarded headbands? a couple of months ago, i saw a photo of one of the olsen twins with what appeared to be a black velvet steering wheel cover around her head.

  49. Eli

    I think she’s hot…
    I love women with unusual looks like her…
    Her tits are wonderful…

  50. I guess your FAGGOT-husband don’t like TITS?
    BALLS…………………with a penis that is!!

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