Ashlee Simpson starts shit with Michelle Trachtenberg

Ashlee Simpson went on the drunken offensive Monday night when Pete Wentz and she sat next to his ex Michelle Trachtenberg at the DJ Hero party. Things were cordial until Ashlee turned into Bourbon She-Ra. Then the shit was on. Page Six reports:

“Things got out of control,” an insider was quoted. An increasingly loud Simpson began to give Wentz a lap dance while staring directly at Michelle and hurling insults at her. “She was grinding up on Pete like a stripper. It was actually pretty disgusting,” a witness told the Web site.
Things reached a climax when Simpson screamed at a confused Trachtenberg, “I hope you know, the whole time you were dating Pete, I was [fucking] him!”

The most amazing part of this story? Ashlee’s rep actually confirmed it:

Trachtenberg’s spokesperson didn’t return Page Six’s calls. But Simpson’s rep said, “It was just a misunderstanding. Ashlee has since apologized to Michelle and they remain on good terms.”

Yes, because telling a woman her boyfriend’s penis was in your vagina during their committed relationship is just a minor faux pas. Sort of like forgetting to use the salad fork instead of the dinner fork. But you get chlamydia.

Thanks to Kristin who hates cheaters. (Except me because it’s adorable when I do it. True story.)

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