Ashlee Simpson starts shit with Michelle Trachtenberg

June 4th, 2009 // 66 Comments

Ashlee Simpson went on the drunken offensive Monday night when Pete Wentz and she sat next to his ex Michelle Trachtenberg at the DJ Hero party. Things were cordial until Ashlee turned into Bourbon She-Ra. Then the shit was on. Page Six reports:

“Things got out of control,” an insider was quoted. An increasingly loud Simpson began to give Wentz a lap dance while staring directly at Michelle and hurling insults at her. “She was grinding up on Pete like a stripper. It was actually pretty disgusting,” a witness told the Web site.
Things reached a climax when Simpson screamed at a confused Trachtenberg, “I hope you know, the whole time you were dating Pete, I was [fucking] him!”

The most amazing part of this story? Ashlee’s rep actually confirmed it:

Trachtenberg’s spokesperson didn’t return Page Six’s calls. But Simpson’s rep said, “It was just a misunderstanding. Ashlee has since apologized to Michelle and they remain on good terms.”

Yes, because telling a woman her boyfriend’s penis was in your vagina during their committed relationship is just a minor faux pas. Sort of like forgetting to use the salad fork instead of the dinner fork. But you get chlamydia.

Thanks to Kristin who hates cheaters. (Except me because it’s adorable when I do it. True story.)

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  1. Alli Watermelon

    Apparently i’ve posted on the post. ha.

  2. anti-pathy

    God , what a no class talentless moron, bitch can’t sing or dance – witness that godawful lipsyncing incident when the music stopped and she stood there and then broke into the weird hillbilly hoe-down dance, why the emo -boy married her is between him, the camera and papa Joe, but I bet it involves some photos of embarassing boy on boy action and a threat to reveal all if his little girl wasn’t legally wedded, speaking of the devil- creepy joe should have had a vasectomy two years before he produced the first of his inbred trailer trash spawn, or ma simpson should have been pro choice and then she might have made the right one. It’s sad to think that all this misery could have been avoided if either of these men had just used a condom


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  6. Nero

    I’m not calling names but there’re girls who lose their control about themself in a drunk state.In many cases you can take easily turns on them!

  7. Gando

    I’m a bit disappointed,i thought she was the smart one of the Simpson sisters.

  8. Darth

    @57 Some people even fail for the most easiest job in the world.

  9. How classy. When you really think about it, Pete and Ashlee deserve each other.

  10. B

    I approve of any story that comes with pictures of Michelle Trachtenberg.

    God damn, the things I’d do to that girl. Dirty things.

  11. Raa

    Oh sweet Lord, and this thing had the ability to procreate, reproduce and bring up other dumb beings like herself?

  12. lol

    Too bad Michelle is 80x’s better looking than you and your chin you hag!

  13. Annabelle

    Ashley Simpson wouldn’t talk so much shit with her OLD nose. Fact.

  14. redsonja1313

    DON”T MESS WITH NIBBLET !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    BUFFY LIL SIS WINS !!!!!!!!!!!

    Simpson is a insecure skank whore who needs to grow up, no one wants her oompaloompa sized husband but her !!

  15. tara

    Just think of how embarassed Ashlee must feel when she sees old pics of her before her nose job…. she was chunky, ugly emo with a big ole honkin’ nose.

    I admit I think she’s very pretty now, but Pete is hideous…..I really am curious to see what their baby ends up looking like……

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