Ashlee Simpson slips her nipple

January 4th, 2007 // 151 Comments

Remember Ashlee Simpson? Yeah me neither, but apparently her nipple popped out while she was beaching it up in a black bikini. This would’ve been a completely different post had that first name been Jessica, but at this point my only interest in Ashlee is seeing her get kicked in the face by a goat.

Click the image for the slightly NSFW version, but it’s basically the least exciting nipple slip you could possibly imagine. The only way it could be any more boring would be if her breast was an actual encyclopedia.


  1. danielle


  2. Tekniqz


  3. RoseColoredGlasses’s happened to all of us at one point or another….she is human….

  4. carrotjuice

    Too bad she’s not a rug muncher w/ the other chick.

  5. ToiletDuck

    Who is this person? Is she a celebrity? She sounds vaguely familiar…does she sell real estate?

  6. jazzdrummer420

    And in other news Joe Simpson is found with an enormous amount of fishing line, suspiciously tied to his daughters tops and bras. Hmmm I think this might be something…

  7. libtard

    Shaggy is right to be frightened. Ahlee’s nipple is, indeed, a monster.

  8. danielle

    #7. LMFAO!!!!!

  9. RichPort

    #1 – The post was comic gold!!! Many thanks. My sides, my sides…

  10. danielle

    Why thank you, hun.


  11. andrewthezeppo

    You know, I kind of did forget Ashlee Simpson…hopefully I can again

  12. RichPort

    Whew, I mean really… you should warn us when you do that… I thought all the FIRST!!! postings were da fucking bomb… but I love yours like a fat kids loves cake, ya heard? Holla atcha boooooy!!!

  13. Jedi Kevin

    Given that it’s Ashley, are we sure it’s really her nipple?

    She could be nipple-sinking.

  14. danielle

    ( )

    Step 1: Fill with humor

    Step 2: Remove above post for further scientific testing

  15. Jedi Kevin



  16. double-secret probation

    Her nip slip was caused by acid reflux after dancing an Irish jig in the water.

  17. misanthrope

    Joe Simpson is gonna be all up on that shit.

    @14: LOL

  18. Probably did it on purpose. Her expression is: “Hee hee, I’m so bad, look, my boobie.”

    Her friend’s all, “Not again…will you grow the hell up?”

    And yes, she probably has slipped before, just nobody ever really cares much what she does.

  19. Italian Stallion

    Can’t wait until the headline reads…..

    Ashlee Simpson slits her throat, but not before killing Danielle…….

  20. PapaHotNuts

    Danielle’s bikini top fell off on a recent trip to the beach. But instead of showing a nipple, she only revealed the dying hopes and dreams of ugly women wanting to be beautiful.

    It’s OK pumpkin, Papa will soothe your pain. I won’t force it into, I’ll let you control the speed. Unlike others on this site, I don’t want to fight with you. I just want you to experience pleasure derived from my unit, and free your mind of the simplicity of your small mind. I love you and can’t wait to deflower you.

  21. danielle


    Insert your mother where Danielle is and you’ll have today’s top story on<–♥


    What do YOU know about being UGLY? You’ve never been ugly a day in your life. You’re gorgeous, flawless and you have millions of fans flocking to wherever your beautiful ass lands. They scream your name and are jealo….oh. Sorry. Reading from my diary again. Bad Habit.

    Now where was I?

  22. jrzmommy

    And the question to the first post is……….Tell us your IQ, DanYELL!

  23. wedgeone

    Nice to see things returning to normal after the end of the holiday trolling season.

    LMAO @ #7. Joe is probably the owner of the camera that took the photo.

    No doubt some cheesy techno-jazz music was playing on the beach with all of those cameras around and Ashlee doing what came natural to her – getting naked.

    Good thing that the friend was there to corral Ashlee in be4 we all went blind.

  24. RichPort

    Uuuuhhhh, damnYELL…. let’s not forget you made the hilarious decision to show us your myspace page, complete with pics… Papa isn’t far off.

    And Papa, I already tapped that and pimped it, so unless you have $5 (I have change), you may wanna keep it moving to something less risky.

  25. So……..I’d hit it? Is this the place where I say it?

    Seriously though, she doesn’t look as good now she got a faceliftransplanturgery.

  26. danielle

    @23. It’s still higher than your -4.998765 so, what’s your point?


    Let’s not forget that you posted your prom pic either. What is a Myspace?

  27. anothershityear

    this is a terrible downward spiral, i remember not that long ago, when she…..

    …actually, i don’t remember anything this stupid fuck has ever done

    who the fuck is she again???

    way to try to be memorable you plastic-nosed bitch

  28. jrzmommy

    Okay, I gotta just get this over with once and for all…………..I will now blow DanYELL’s mind and render her completely zombie-like…………..

    DANYELL–READ THIS:-4.998765 a negative decimal conversion is a way of representing asigned number, which is called “sixteen’s
    complement” (the hexadecimal equivalent of two’s complement in
    binary). Generally, sixteen’s complement hexadecimal is used as a
    “shorthand notation” for two’s complement signed binary numbers,
    therefore I think it is easier to understand when taken in two steps.

    To find the sixteen’s complement hexadecimal value, you would first
    convert the number to two’s complement signed binary, then convert
    that binary value to hexadecimal.

    …….trust me………her cerebellum just imploded into her medulla oblongota. she’s cooked.

  29. danielle


    Lonely people and their lonely ways.

    So sad.


  30. jrzmommy

    unfortunately for you DanYELL, you dumb cunt, I took my geritol today!!!
    Posted by danielle on August 29, 2006 1:48 PM

    #252. I’m not a racist. In fact, I take everything back that I ever said. You’re right, I shouldn’t talk about other people that I don’t even know. It’s just that I’ve experienced one too many acts of racism in my day and I just simply came on here to vent out some of my frustration.

    Truth is, I do like caucasians and other races. I think that all races have an impact on the world and contribute as well.

    I didn’t mean to cause any of you all any harm. You all are probably really good people who make wise choices and are going far in life.

    The truth is: I go to a university..but it’s not Howard. I only said that because my sister goes there and I look up to her because she busts a 4.0 each semester.

    I do go to a university though, no it’s not a community college. It is a good upstanding small campus university with alumni that have been recognized for thier achievements throughout the years.

    I live in DC, NE to be exact. I am of a middle-class standing, and I like it that way. I live nowhere near Barry someone pointed out earlier. In fact, this past weekend, me and my cousins were actually dared to go to that part of town,..but we chickened out.

    I am a normal 19 year old, about to celebrate her 20th birthday in 3 months and I DO sincerely apologize for any hurtful things that I have said. Especially to you biatcho..I know that if I lost my father the way that you did, I wouldn’t want anyone to make a joke out of it.

    Please do except my apology, I am truly sorry.

  31. jrzmommy

    oh, and dumbass, that’s a standard xanga page that everyone who signs onto a xanga blog gets. nice try fatso!

  32. woodhorse

    “an actualy encyclopedia” – I am not an English major, learned the Queen’s English in Biloxi, Mississippi – I am certain that is supposed to be “actually (with 2 Ls) an encyclopedia”.

  33. lunaliz


  34. jrzmommy

    Posted by danielle on August 30, 2006 8:59 AM

    ugh, no. how did you know that i went to trinity

  35. lunaliz


  36. danielle



  37. danielle

    Why don’t you go back to the June Beyonce story and copy & paste what YOU started. Kay?

  38. jrzmommy

    I’m too old and senile to do that, Sasquatch.

    by the way, is ashlee simpson about to eat that other girl?

  39. danielle

    Casper shows his true colors.

    You should really have your own tv special.

    You could call it: Down Syndrome: The Highs and Lows of a Nymph.

    Sounds good to me.

  40. Pointandlaugh


  41. RichPort

    damnYELL… the cure for the day’s common boredom. Oh and one of those obese chicks with the 15 skinny boyfriends fighting over her on Springer…

  42. jrzmommy

    What? Did you think that was witty? That is positively incoherent. What? Highs and Low of a Nymph? How does that pertain to chromosonal defects? Good god, girl, you got serious issues.

  43. Italian Stallion

    @22 “Now where was I”

    Being your usual CUNT self with lame ass jokes, that’s where…….

    Keep talking about my mother, you cunt…….

    I will hunt you down and fucking stick a gun down your throat just like your dad used to do……..

  44. RichPort

    Actually Stallion that wasn’t her dad, that was her dady, which is me. And it wasn’t my gun…

  45. danielle

    @42. Boredom? I beg to differ. I never even addressed your simple ass in my first post. Who are you again? I tend to forget fans names.

    @43. I thought you were anything’s possible. Issues? I believe you’re the one with the issues. Go stalk the father of your kids so you can get that alimony, hun.

    @44. You don’t exist.

    BTW- Sticking a gun in someone’s throat and sticking a dildo in someone’s ass are two “completely” different things. Whoops,sorry.

    Did I just spill the beans about your “secret” relations?

    Moving on.

  46. RichPort

    Moving on? Gotta catch you breath before you get up, don’t you?

  47. danielle

    Gotta catch YOUR breath.

    Seriously..your IQ must equal that of a banana.

    Obese people will say the darndest things to take the attention off of themselves.

    Too late’ve already broken that chair you just sat in so…GAME OVER.

  48. jrzmommy

    okey doke, fat ass, I’ll speak to him about that when he gets home from work.

  49. misanthrope

    Like I’m not a bad parent already, my 3 year old son has said, “Shaggy!” quite excitedly the three or for times he’s seen Ashley Simpson.

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