Ashlee Simpson shows off her bra

October 6th, 2006 // 113 Comments

  1. RichPort

    Biatcho, someone is obviously bored. Until stfu says something remotely funny, I think I’ll hold off before scaring it from ever coming back.

  2. biatcho

    RichP, I prefer to thin the herd as frequently as possible so as to keep this place more interesting. But I’m also an asshole.

  3. stfu

    pee wee’s phrase of the day is “inflated self-importance”

    e.g. “I think I’ll hold off before scaring it from ever coming back”



    YUMMY! I got an instant boner from that one.

  5. RichPort

    #103 – I thought one of my balls was hanging lower than the other one… it must be because you’re swinging on them. Odd, I haven’t seen you on any other thread. Please practice gargling with seltzer water and broken glass. Many thanks.

  6. HELLpenis


    The sad thing is, after that surgery she still isn’t hot. She just looks normal now.

  7. HELLpenis

    Rich Port – stop taking Superfish comments so seriously, that’s when it gets really pathetic.

  8. RichPort

    #107 – There goes my other nut I guess. So I’ll name one testicle stfu and the other HELLpenis… that’ll scare the wife. However, none of you has the privilege of having my dick named after you. Except Jessica Biel, of course. I’ll name the ol’ zipper dragon Bielicious in a cocaine heartbeat. In closing, blow me.

  9. stfu

    i’m scared. hold me.

  10. attractive cousin

    I just wanted to thank you for not making up stupid nick-names. Sooooo lame.

  11. Anonymous

    nice call-back. and i see RP is still lame here.

  12. not nearly as hot as jessica

  13. WOW Black bra suits the white milky breast.
    Too hard to see it and really sexy looking.

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