Ashlee Simpson shows off her bra

October 6th, 2006 // 113 Comments

  1. LukeWarmwater

    Her nose might fall out of her bra slippage. First bitches!!!!!

  2. Better to see her underwear, tacky as that is, than to see her unclothed.

  3. Eye-Dish Lass

    Hilarious! Doing the BS “Ugly Hat” Celeb dead giveaway….AshLeeeeee, you might want to actually BUTTON UP YOUR SHIRT if you don’t want to be noticed.
    Such BS – all the women out there know that you FEEL IMMEDIATELY if your blouse went open, so lads, don’t buy it that it was an accident. Was about as accidental as Janet Jackson boogalidge slippage and liposuction.

  4. Eye-Dish Lass

    Looks like Jessica has a new career – opening doors for her baby sis (check out last pic).

  5. Bioplant

    I enjoyed envisioning her breasts popping free from beneath their captors.

    Thank you.


    So, is this a breast competition between two sisters? Because I’m always happy to watch.

  7. saturnswirls

    At first glance I thought it was one of the Olsen’s. She’s got that whole pouty thing going. LOL@#4!

  8. Danklin

    Are you guys gay? This chick has some hotass tits. She looks way better now than she ever did.

  9. Danklin

    eye-dish your post doesnt make sense bro.

  10. Binky

    Ash is sort of cute – maybe she should learn to sing or something.

  11. these photos really did it for me. I even blogged about it. BTW: What’s so great about being first?

  12. MsNicole

    ashley got hot.. id do her.. she needs to help her sister out now

  13. Lukielongsocks

    As much as I would hate myself afterwards, I must admit that I would enjoy stuffing my cock inside her.

  14. MsNicole

    can i watch lukie? i loooooove sock sex

  15. prideofchucky


    “Alright Simpson, We have u surronded FREE THOSE HOSTAGES!”

  16. Natalina

    Joe Simpson took his dog Ashlee to the vet, to find out what breed it was. Turns out it’s a Jessica Simpson X Ashley Olsen X Nichole Ritchie crossbred. I would agree, looking at that second photo in particular.

  17. ApacheRose

    God-freaking-dammit. Another Simpson twit with her jeans tucked into boots. Gahhh!!

    Did Papa Joe tell them it was a good look?

  18. xx.deathcab.xx


  19. xx.deathcab.xx

    ( . )( . ) Heh. Heh.

  20. Lick My Pickles

    Wonder if it was daddy takin the pics?

  21. Uncap them headers!!!

  22. I’m embarassed to admit I have a raging hard-on right now

  23. Sheva

    Hmmm yummy. She’s so much better than that harlot man-face looking sister.

    C’mere baby and let check out some of that.

  24. BigJim

    Her dad thinks this is a really good look for her.

  25. krisdylee

    Dudes, I’m all fuckin’ itchy right now.

  26. I couldn’t give two shits about this talentless wanna-be. I’d love to watch her and her brain-dead sister be eaten by a wild pack of hungry aids-infested beavers.

    Fish, get me a picture of that shit, and I will be impressed.

  27. whitney's sex toys

    she still looks like an incest baby. the fucked up face and too much lint in her pussy are just the obvious issues.

  28. I second #13′s comments. But I wouldn’t feel bad. I’d rather it be her than Jessica.

  29. I wish she would stop “showing it off,” and start “taking it off.” Derpa, derp derka derk, derpa derpa he he!

    YouTube Roast!

  30. Notice how Ash keeps looking down, like she can’t believe how cool she is that she’s showing her bra? Very funny.

  31. cayana

    *off-key singing*

    “I love how you can tell
    All the pieces, pieces, pieces of me”

    har har har

    Wtf is that on her head anyway, a snakeskin safari hat?

  32. “She’s so much better than that harlot man-face looking sister.” Yeah, yeah! What’s up with her sis’ pointy-nose rat-face?

    Anyway, this morning I find myself sexually attracted to breasts for some reason.

  33. the most shocking aspect of this photograph is the fact that daddy creepy with his hand cupping that global sphere called his daughters right breast has been mysteriously photoshopped right out of the frames.. who did this? who bastardized the integrity of this picture?

  34. BigJim

    If you look really close at her boob, you can see BigJim jism.

  35. JagedNS

    couple of more operations and she’ll successfully be the female Michael Jackson. she’s lookin wretched in that last pic

  36. veeelchop

    hey asshole,
    RAPE is an act of violence, not sex.
    a woman showing a bra, or her panties or even a completely nude woman should not lead you to believe that she automatically wants to have sex WITH YOU. and believing that forcing her to have sex with you is your right and privelege makes you an unbelievable shit-for-brains jack-off.

  37. BigJim

    I think the veeelchop is feeling a little cunty today.

  38. miss.minxy

    Hmm…is it just me or does Ashlee look wayyyy different? I haven’t seen her in a while, and it definetely looks like she’s had some stuff done. I’m pretty sure she had a nose job.

    Oh and veeelchop, you shouldn’t take things personally on this site, the guy is just messing around. To make it humorous ha-ha. So, to even the score female VS male, I will rape any guy who has his shirt unbuttoned or showing his boxers, because he wants it. The good thing is that they won’t even put up a fight. No lawyer needed ;)

  39. that-dog-is-shifty-eyed

    I am going to go ahead and rape a few of you dudes too, but not to even up any kind of score or anything. I’m just crazy into sex like that.

  40. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    so… rape is when a chick shows you her tits and then you fuck her right? But like hard from behind, right? Right? That sounds pretty cool…

  41. @37

    This rape thing is this guy’s idea of a joke. I usually think that The Fish is clever and I like his style, but not so much this time. On the other hand, the guy posts 20-30 times a week so he is going to post some losers along the way.

    I am surprised that it took 37 posts for someone to call him on it, though. He posted a story about a year ago where he suggested everyone kick some pregnant starlet in the stomach. Jesus Fucking Christ!!! Nearly every whiny cunt on this site went nuts. “Hey, Fish! It’s not funny to kick a pregnant woman in the stomach!”

    Thank Jah that all those people wrote that shit. I thought that I had to kick every pregnant woman in the stomach that crossed my path.


    I love Ashlee’s boobs. They’re so pluffy.

    -Joe Simpson

  43. tsarinaamanda


    I think some people just take thing a little TOO seriously. This is a freaking celebrity humor website, I don’t think that anyone (including the writer) would take that comment as a free pass to run around, raping women, or kicking pregnant women in their stomachs (although with 99% of those pregnant women’s spawn turning out to be the kids who throw tantrums in public and generally ruin my good time, I’ve been tempted many a time to kick a pregnant woman in the stomach). I think we all know better, and people just need to chill the fuck out. Please. And people being too sensitive is also why nothing ever gets done in our government, because the pols are so scared of “offending” some whiny-ass “special interest group” that they are paralyzed with fear, and cannot make ANY decisions. Everyone needs to just get the sticks out of their asses, and their panties unbunched, and just chill the fuck out all-god-damn-ready! Offending people is FUN though, and very, very entertaining :)

  44. tsarinaamanda


    I directed my previous post at you because you seem to be pretty normal, and fairly thick-skinned. I agreed with you, so don’t think I was bitching at you, ok?

  45. BigJim

    I think it’s only okay to kick pregnant wiggers (Oops, sorry, I meant blonkeys) in the stomach.

    After you finish raping them, of course.

  46. Nortcliff

    Thank God that Satan’s cock still has many heads.

  47. Grobpilot

    Tsarina- Your post is exactly right. People take everything so fucking serious these days. They can’t (or won’t) see what is obvious humor, however sarcastic or rude it may be and get their little feelings hurt. Or they’ll go out and kick pregnant women in the stomach and don’t take responsibility for their actions because someone “told” them to do it. I, for one, want no-holds-barred, outrageous, offensive humor simply because it’s fucking funny. Laugh for a little while about it and then go about my day feeling a little better. Pretty goddamn simple concept, don’t you think?

  48. BigJim

    Uh, I’m not sure I understand what I should be doing here. Everyone was talking about Joe Simpson giving it to his daughters and I guess I got the impression that it’s okay.

    Does you guys mean that’s actually NOT okay? Should I take my cock out of my daughter’s ass?

  49. @46.. BigJim, my heartthrob, you can ass-rape me anytime with your huge blonkey dick.

    I like that name Dick. I wished my parents had named me Dick.

    Dick-Pierre! It kind of goes together, don’t you agree?

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