Ashlee Simpson only squeezing out one Mini-Pete Wentz

Ashlee Simpson is having a boy – and just one of them, according to Jessica Simpson. “Definitely not twins,” she told Yo on E! yesterday. In the meantime, Pete Wentz decided Playboy would be the perfect outlet to announce the baby’s gender:

“We know with 90% accuracy that it’s a boy, and our due date is around Thanksgiving,” he tells the October issue of Playboy.
While “we don’t have any names yet,” he adds, “My friend Andrew said, ‘Your kid has to have a name that would fit either a rock star or a senator.'”

While the thought of Pete Wentz. Jr running for office has me updating my visa, why in the hell is Playboy reporting on Ashlee Simpson’s pregnancy? This is exactly why I never read the articles. Of course, some might say the airbrushed boobies are why I never the read the articles. To which I say, “Go away. Nipples.”