Ashlee Simpson may induce labor, says Jessica Simpson

November 18th, 2008 // 63 Comments

Remember when Ashlee Simpson got pregnant, I’m guessing, at least ten years ago? That kid’s still in there. While taping an upcoming episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Jessica Simpson says her little sister may have to induce labor soon. People reports:

“They’re going to have to. It’s already developing really quick,” Jessica said Monday at a taping of the The Ellen DeGeneres Show.
Ashlee – described by husband Pete Wentz more than two weeks ago as due at any moment – has already tried other ways to begin labor.
“Different foot massages and stuff,” Jessica told DeGeneres in the show airing Wednesday. “I don’t know. I think she’s really just jumping around trying everything right now.”

Then again, look who the source of this information is. The day I take medical advice from Jessica Simpson is the day I end up performing a C-Section with a hot dog because “babies like mustard.”

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  1. Wow she has been prego forever! I thought for sure she already had her emo baby…

  2. Laur

    i think minnie drive was preggo longer.

    regardless, i want to kick pete wentz in the balls.

  3. whistle

    Has the backlash against Wentz’s fashion sense began yet? Those pants and shoes are more absurd than I felt possible.

  4. Baby Wentz

    DO YOU BLAME ME???? Would you want to come out and have to live with those fuck tards? THere going to have to send in an entire envoy of marines to get me out, and even then……

  5. It’s funny how I totally forgot that Ashlee Simpson even existed

  6. Ted from LA

    Dear Pete,
    It looks like you’re wearing a nine year-old girls pants. Consequently, as a 20 something year-old man, you look like a complete fucking idiot.

    Ted from LA

  7. Kiss My Ass Elmo

    What is the name of the faggot store that dresses Pete Wentz? Let’s burn it to the fucking ground. That doesn’t just look like a short bus kid dressed them self, that’s offensive.

  8. EmoKiller

    you know that move you’ve seen in cartoons for punching 2 goons in the face at the same time using the Double Fist of Death? yea, you know it will never work in real life, but we have to make an exception for these 2 tards.

  9. yank is wank

    Honestly all celeb media whores have elective caesareans combined with a tummy tuck, this shallow trollope will be no different, and yes that IS the correct spelling of caesarean I speak English not an ignorant American version of English.

  10. It's Me Fuckers!!

    that is all we need is more Simpson spawn to populate the world. The worst thing about it is the Simpson spawn is congealed with Wentz sperm. *hooork* I just fuckin puked. Can you imagine how they are going to dress their It?

  11. Jeezy

    Pete Wentz is as gay as them come, and he definitely didn’t impregnate this ho (down). Also, she’s packed on the pounds!

  12. At first I was going to say Wentz apparently doesn’t know how to put on a fucking shirt. Then I realized it’s an egregious looking shirt and decided he also doesn’t know know what a real shirt looks like. Anyone know a bus we can throw him under? Oh yeah, and nice pants jackhole

  13. Geronimo

    These two are such poseurs. Ashlee didn’t know what an emo was before she met this douche and began dressing in black.

  14. Sport

    I want proof that Waldo here is the dad.
    No chance the dude even has a wiener.

  15. Andy

    Pete has offered to be on the receiving end (so to speak) of an anal gangbang, if that would help to induce labor.

  16. Evil Cat

    Please tell that kid to pull his pants up!

  17. Kiss My Ass Elmo

    I hear that Pete has agreed to have the equivalent of the baby rammed up his ass so he can better understand pregnancy, and Ashley can better understand faggotry.

  18. Me 2

    @11…uh she’s pregnant…

    It really alarms me that a guy who dresses like Pete Wentz is allowed to be a parent….like, looking at his outfit and thinking ‘this guy is going to be someone’s DAD’ I’m really thinking that someone should institute a parental screening process and if you don’t pass it should be *snip snip vasectomy* for you.

    I’m more sympathetic towards her b/c maternity clothes blow but I still think her pants are weird.

  19. I really wish this douche flavored douche would get paid a visit by Dr Kevorkian.

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  21. stoplookingatme

    Reasons the kid doesn’t wanna get birthed:

    1) At least in the womb, Pete’s singing is muffled.

    2) Is afraid of what they might name it.

    3) Too much chin, can’t fit through birth canal.

    4) If it’s a girl, doesn’t want Grampa Joe Simpson ogling her — letting him get a gander at the ultrasound was creepy enough.

  22. missywissy

    That dude looks like he needs to grow up.

  23. Malberry

    you know she’s gonna get the c-section/tummy tuck combo like every other celeb…

  24. mrswentz

    They look cute and happy. Good luck Ash…Pete, still waiting for the new album!

  25. Tony Romo

    Getting ran over by a steamroller and then immediately sealed in glass so everyone can laugh at you forever gets wasted on the wrong people….

  26. Colin Powell

    Barrock Obomma has been getting dark make-up put on for interviews and publicity shots so that he looks more like a pure breed porch monkey instead of just a half-breed monkey.

  27. What the fuck is with those pants.

  28. Pheromone.Cult

    Ugh I fucking hate that poser they both deserve each other they both sold out faster than the iPhone

  29. Pheromone.Cult

    Ugh I fucking hate that poser they both deserve each other they both sold out faster than the iPhone

  30. Lexoka

    Wow, that guy’s pants are… really confusing.

  31. BunnyButt

    “2. Laur … regardless, i want to kick pete wentz in the balls.”

    Good luck finding them. Looks like he doesn’t have any.

  32. Meemee

    I don’t think it’s the pants, I think Wentz needs some legs… he got some short ass legs!

  33. Bickus Dickus

    he looks like a completely fucking gay Freddy Kreuger who has dildo’s for fingers instead of knives…

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  35. Barry (O)

    Wearing pants low started in prison, as a sign that the inmate was looking for ‘gay congress’ or ‘anal sex’.

    Looks like Pete Wentz is keeping that tradition alive.

  36. Clem

    Who the hell dresses this fuckin bender? Jesus! That’s really pissed me off now.

  37. sunshine

    What’s he wearing – a white onesie – then pulls on a too small pair of pants and sweater with some kind of girl collar. Is he raiding the kid and wife’s closets or what? Mr. Blackwell just turned over in his grave.

  38. Jeff W.

    Wow, she looks like she put on 80 pounds! Wanna bet that she’s one of those chicks who never takes the weight off? I love trailer trash!

  39. Matt

    Pete Wentz is as ghey as ever.

  40. luv_trentr

    funny how these useless douche emo bands get lumped with uncool girlfriends like Hilton, Richie, Simpson etal.

    show’s there is a god!

  41. Matthew

    I can’t blame the kid! the baby’s aunt is the most stupidest person on earth!

  42. justifiable

    #9 yank is wank, the correct spelling of the word you used is “trollop”. “Trollope” is the last name of an English author – seems you’re an ignorant Brit who doesn’t know the difference.

    And “irony” is when you attempt to correct American spelling usage and then immediately use a word you’ve spelt incorrectly. You may “speak” English but you can’t spell for toffee. Now go have a haemorrhage, please.

  43. toolboy

    They look like clowns from a french circus.

  44. Minerva

    Hmmmm… I thought you weren’t supposed to dye your hair when you’re pregnant? I doubt that’s her natural hair color… Maybe she’s using henna? Meh whatever they are both terrible “artists” if you can even call them that…

  45. Val

    the circus is in town!

  46. Ginger MINGE

    She looks so unhappy in the last one. Maybe she realised what she’s let herself in for…

    Plus, wtf is he wearing?!?!?! He obviuosly stood infront of the mirror for like 2 hours deciding what looks the “coolest” before leaving the house. Pathetic bum fingering mong

  47. NY Ted

    Holy Shit…the fucking kid must be walking already…maybe it is a fucking alien that will just one day burst out of her gut and rip the head off of daddy goof-ball Wentz and then eat him whole! Short pants and all!

  48. Holyfuck

    This dude is a fruitcake. If my son ever tries to dress like this kook, he is out of the family. Immediately.

  49. Urbanspaceman

    Since when do celebutards go into labour? Don’t they all get scheduled c-sections so they don’t miss any phone calls?

  50. edamame

    #23 exactly what I was thinking! It’s easier to get a C-tuck, and preserve the Southern hemisphere…than to repair it after childbirth.
    What in Holy Hell is he wearing?!

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