Ashlee Simpson makes highway pit stop

May 10th, 2006 // 192 Comments

With her new nose and giant sunglasses Ashlee Simpson is starting to look suspiciously a lot like Paris Hilton. Although if she’s planning to take her identity and inherit her fortune, she’s gonna have to work on looking less like she just saw a unicorn dancing on a rainbow, and more like she thinks poor people should be ground into soap and used to wash her car.


  1. Iambananas

    sarinaamanda is officially a member of C.O.O.B (in case you need a reminder… Club of Obsessors Over Iambananas)

    And M@ce is a card-carrying member. Lol, I love how obsessed he is over me! WOW! This one might be the biggest!

    And sarinaamanda… if you weren’t so stupid you’d realize that that was just what I was trying to do, comment on celebrities, but I mentioned that I liked someone and I got attacked with obsessing insults. So, read and educate yourself before making statements.

    Don’t hold strong opinions about things you don’t understand.

    And it is an I (like eye) not a L at the beginning of my username… so now you’re really stupid.

  2. Iambananas

    Wow… putting obsessors in their place makes me WAY bananas!

  3. CruisingForCock

    I never understood cornhole.

  4. CruisingForCock

    151 Don’t fuck with my bitch tsarinaamanda. We understand that it is Iambananas. You fail to understand that you are LAME. It’ll come to you.

    And if you ‘re gonna copy and paste on 20 threads, please check the spelling first.

  5. Blueballsmcgee


  6. Gerald Tarrant

    Now here’s a fucking story, Steven Seagal is on tour with his band. No shit, that fucking guy who can barely talk has a band.

  7. Since when is a not talent hack
    stopping to take a leak news? Whatever happened to nip slips and bikini pics? This site has because worthless.

  8. Getitstraight

    Why don’t you people set up your own website to snipe at each other instead of interfearing with the celebrity gossip. Huh?

  9. Getitstraight

    Why don’t you people set up your own website to snipe at each other instead of interfearing with the celebrity gossip. Huh?

  10. Getitstraight

    Sorry only meant for it to post 1 time.

  11. Renegade Priest

    Love how a picture of Ashlee Simpson leads to slagging off Tom “God Damn Tw@” Cruise!

    BTW the “unicorn dancing on a rainbow” is coming from the shower of piss from the guy on the right.. I can see it too Awww

  12. Renegade Priest

    Love how a picture of Ashlee Simpson leads to slagging off Tom “God Damn Tw@” Cruise!

    BTW the “unicorn dancing on a rainbow” is coming from the shower of piss from the guy on the right.. I can see it too Awww

  13. BarbadoSlim

    Carvin Klein presents a fragance, a scent , a musk for those who yearn… OBSSION

    OBSSION by Carvin Klein ..calvin klein’s retarded cousin.

    Distributed by lamebananarama MFG Co.

  14. Lou

    @138 Sweetcheeks, I assure you that I have only posted on this site with this name, but it seems hypocritical of you to get involved when you find fault in these others for it or maybe you can’t accept that they don’t share your opinion but these are all subjects for your therapist. I stop posting after a certain time because I go home. Home, you know where I have a life and family. But go ahead and continue to hang on a subject 5 hours after I’ve last posted or respond to this one as you have probably spent another sleepless night obsessing over post on SF i.e. lack of life in real world. Oh and Good Morning!

  15. wonderchild


  16. wonderchild

    Frivolous copulations with somebody, not Ashlee Simpson, Sir Bob Geldof perhaps, but not by me, as I am a man and I dont do things like that

  17. liya

    tsarinaamanda, sweetie this isn’t Russia, its not for you to regulate who can and cannot post on this site.

    Sweetcheeks, i am sick of the ‘i love so and so and i hate so and so’ bullshit, please grow up, it seems you never matured.

  18. tsarinaamanda


    Hey. Retard. How does mentioning your name as an example of how NOT to act on the Superfish make me “obsessed” with you? 99.9% of the time I ignore you and your asinine comments, just like almost everybody else. Don’t give yourself too much credit there, you’re not interesting, witty, or funny enough to pay much attention to, except to ridicule every so often.


    I like being your bitch. :)

  19. tsarinaamanda


    Nobody is telling anyone what to do. I’m just trying to clue her/him/it in on how it is around here. You act like an asshole, you get mercilessly tormented. If thet’s what they want, I don’t give a shit, but nobody wants to hear them bitching and whining when they can dish it out but they can’t take it. There’s not much tolerance around here for total fucking retards, so I thought that retard should know that.

  20. tsarinaamanda

    Oh, and please get with the times. Russia isn’t communist anymore, it hasn’t been for over 10 years. Read a book, I swear you might learn something, possibly even something useful.

  21. Lou

    @170 – That’s what’s so great about this site it’s educational too.

  22. liya

    Who said anything about communism. Why don’t you try reading the news sometime.

    “NGOs fear new rules passed by the state will restrict their activities or close them down altogether. Putin alleges that NGOs helped foment democratic revolutions in Georgia, Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan. This means the authorities could have the power to effectively ban any groups whose activities they do not approve of. A spokesman for Human Rights Watch said that his organisation would no longer be allowed to have a representative office or branch in Russia.”

    Paranoia or what

    sweetie i know you don’t get much of a foreign perspective over there what with the government controlling the state media so i’m not going to blame you for being completely ignorant.

  23. liya

    #171, hows that for educational

  24. Lou

    @173 You have inspired me to peruse CNN. Oh, look a cannibal asks that last meal be Land-Cock. Officials are puzzled and offers him chicken instead.

  25. uncle_leo

    You fuckwads are all dead to me. Deader than my dead mother.

  26. spatz

    this site is completely out of control.

    its really embarassing to read posts by people like lamebananas SCREAMING for attention. just utterly screaming in hysterics for it, and people ignoring her. its so sad. sad to the point where i think she has run off many of the funny posters, and without them whats the point?

    in all seriousness is there anyway to get her ISP blocked? its not fun or funny anymore. even sherry-co is more amusing then her

  27. Jacq

    Liya – why don’t we all just get into a pit and bare-knuckle box? We’ll even let you and sherry wear your padded retard helmets. Anyone recollect that retard fight on South Park – that’s what it would look like. Plus big ol’ lesbian me, with my vag hanging out. I feel cunty today.

    I guess me being sOOOOO dead is why all I can think is, “brains! BRRRAINS!”

  28. liya

    Jacq you fucking cunt, who the fuck rattled you fucking cage. i think your on the wrong thread, kissing Stallions ass was on another thread bitch, now piss off

  29. She’s holding her hands like that to conceal her jay leno ass-face-chin.

    She must have noticed, I mean she noticed the nose quite recently.

  30. boogaloo

    for fuck’s sake could someone put up a roster of the teams on here??? i miss a couple days and don’t know who to hate anymore.

  31. Jacq

    #178 – I think that YOUR cage is actually the rattled one. In my case, I’d rather be pissed off than like you – pissed on.

  32. Italian Stallion

    @178 why is my name being brought into all this? I guess you didn’t learn your lesson the other day, Huh? The lesson is Don’t Fuck With Stallion, Is that so hard for a retard to understand? Keep my name out of your mouth bitch, it doesn’t belong next to all those cocks in there……….

  33. liya

    Lesson???? you call those retarded comments you made a lesson?? yeah you really burned me with those comments ,i was crying so badly. You want to live in your own little world, fine by me cunt

  34. eatmyass_sherry-co

    #48- Your post is partially true:

    I am not a lesbian, but I will admit I am fattie. I am wearing heels. 4″. And I am 6′ tall. Heels are a necessity. I may be fat, but I’m hotter than all other fatties because I wear heels. I say it’s a real skill for an elephant to wear heels and should be commended.


  35. Jacq

    #183 – That was so lame it only gets a *zing!*

  36. 86

    Thanks 163. I just spewed Dr. Pepper all over the computer screen.

  37. shfjruth678fhehnktig590oa

    FIRst!!1 lolz!!11 *zing*!! lol omg

  38. Italian Stallion

    Liya, did you ever wonder why the guy at the grocery store always bagged your head and never the groceries, there was a reason for it you ugly bitch. And you called me a cunt? That is a new one to me….A cunt calling man a cunt, priceless…….

  39. Jacq

    #48 – They look at you like that because they’re thinking, “Shit! That’s an UGLY dude wearing heels.”

    #188 – Mangina.

    My boyfriend only acts like a cunt when he has vaginitis.

  40. Blueballsmcgee

    What is wrong with being a communist? While communism is the control of business by government, fascism is the control of government by business. Fascism should more appropriately be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power. Sound Familiar? Go fill up your gas tank bitches.

  41. Brit_Fan

    She looks more like Nicole Richie to me.

    K-Fed for president!!!

  42. IdiotIndeed

    TCLTC = Tom Cruise Loves The Cunt

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