Ashlee Simpson kicked off Melrose already

October 23rd, 2009 // 38 Comments

The show might have just started, but Ashlee Simpson is already off the CW’s reboot of Melrose Place, according to People:

The decision to cut the two actors has been “the original plan going into the development of the show,” executive producer Todd Slavkin tells EW. “We felt that once the murder mystery [involving their characters] was resolved, the tone of the show was going to shift … and [Simpson-Wentz's] character would move on.”
The actors’ departure comes just a few weeks after original Melrose alum Heather Locklear began filming scenes for upcoming episodes.
Simpson-Wentz and Egglesfield took the news “like professionals,” says Slavkin. “Because they knew ahead of time [that leaving was a possibility], it wasn’t a complete shock.”

So much for the acting careers of the Simpson sisters. Although I hear Papa Joe has written a few scripts with his daughters in mind. One’s a re-imagining of Gone with the Wind where everyone’s topless on a spaceship while the other’s a western that already has a working title of “Tit Fight at the Simpson Corral.”

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  1. Que

    Que so long.

  2. Kathreen

    My boyfriend made a lower back tattoo with a pink flower! Something like this
    IS TATTOOED ON HIS LOWERBACK. I’m crying and I’m mad. Is he a HIDDEN GAY?

  3. NRitH

    That’s OK. She needed more time to spend with me.

  4. Bob

    Hey Kathreen are you Asian? Just asking.

  5. O'Roughly factor

    GOOD! now if only this part would go to a real struggling actor…wishful thinking on my part!

  6. Melissa

    Ashley’s and Pete’s child is ADORABLE!

  7. Lynn

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  8. monica

    i’m just happy dude cut off his gay hair already. i mean gay as in stupid not gay as in homosexual. well no, i mean both. i’m happy he cut his stupid homosexual hair off. no offense to gay peeps, much love.

  9. in the sack

    you can polish a turd, but at the end No matter how hard you try, a turd is a turd.

  10. wtf

    what up with those hips girl!!!!!!! she looks really awkward in the first pic!!

  11. wtf

    what up with those hips girl!!!!!!! she looks really awkward in the first pic!! TOO SKINNY

  12. wtf

    what up with those hips girl!!!!!!! she looks really awkward in the first pic!! TOO SKINNY

  13. spicycy

    someone should have told her how revolting that outfit was.

  14. cc

    Geez, someone figured out that she is completely and utterly talentless? About fuckin’ time. Now if they can just come to the same conclusion about her sister, I will be thrilled.

  15. Adam

    That’s Joe Simpson’s baby.

  16. KMB

    Aww, they wear the same size jeans. Cute. ::barf::

  17. Dude

    Where did her rockin tits go? Didn’t this woman used to be pretty and stacked?

  18. Lloyd Johnson

    Lol @17 That’s exactly what I was about to type!

  19. Heywood U. Blowme

    I don’t like her, but she probably has a sweet vag.

  20. Oh, I thought this was a long-term deal. But I’m guessing her skills weren’t good enough. Even for a show like this.


  21. Yeah, her legs look all distorted and warped in that main pic.

  22. Jamie Lynn's Uterus

    We know she cannot sing, and now it is proven she can’t act. It was frickin’ Melrose Place, not Shakespeare In The Park – if she couldn’t act on MP…..yikes….

    Joe Simpson is one hell of an Agent though, he keeps getting these no talent twats jobs in the entertainment industry.

  23. she looks like some kind of anorexic psycho, definately has “that look” ….. she takes a nice picture, no?

  24. shes going to be a cute milf when she gets a little older

  25. bmose

    I’ll bet that when she got the bad news, she did a jig.

  26. crap

    Oh crap, why are these idiots trying to bring back those ugly fucking acid washed jeans

  27. She got canned cause her boobs shrunk! Remember when they we BIG?! hehehe

    Her and Jessica need to go on Skinomax and show the puppies! After Ashley gains 20 lbs.

    Poppa Joe got it under consideration.

  28. Darth

    I didn’t expect her to be a talented actress.But ‘kicked off’ Melrose?! That’s really bad.

  29. Nero

    She got her chance and she did,not surprisingly,probably fucked it up.

  30. Sauron

    They’d proof it time after time.TALENTLESS.

  31. Turd the third

    If she had any less tits, she would have potholes in her chest…yukkkkkkkk

  32. Shan

    Good..Smart people.

  33. hi, when you will go to my country :)

  34. What a shame.. shes a hottie imo!

  35. Wow she is looking really an awesome, she is standing in nice pose..

  36. strat0tele

    Their kid’s gonna be such a pricky douche-bag when he grows up.

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