Ashlee Simpson is suggestive

December 2nd, 2005 // 67 Comments

I don’t have a dirty mind like you sick perverts out there, so I don’t really get what’s so funny about this picture. So she’s pretending to eat an ice cream cone or acting like a panting dog or something. Why is that funny? I don’t get it.


  1. Kiren

    i hate you ashlee! :P

  2. And to think that, until now, I never truly appreciated Ashlee’s talents. I think I might be in love.

  3. RoniD

    Shouldn’t her dad be close by staring at her exposed cleavage?

  4. Zannar

    Close by? Her dad is most likely to be right in front of her. Or judging from the direction of her gaze, towards her left……

  5. Chris25

    C’mon, folks. If she is in fact preparing for fellate that microphone, we can all rejoice that she isn’t singing/talking/whining/lip syncing for at least a half hour.

    As far as I’m concerned, whomever is lending their microphone to such a service is a Hero of the State!

  6. jour hadique

    55 comments and no links to photoshopped versions of this picture? im disappointed.

  7. damn, she has a long tongue

  8. nikki

    Hey Hugh Heffner:
    Ashley’s auditioning!!!!!!

  9. With her hair blonde now she might just get the job.

  10. brookiebabers

    why do you all hate ashlee simpson? serious what did she ever do to you? im sure nothing and Im sure you don’t even personally know her and looks arn’t everything maybe she doesn’t have the same voice or looks as her barbie doll sister but atleast she has a BRAIN but clearly you would rather have some fake bimbo over someone who is real!

  11. otownkid

    good lord, with a tongue like like , who needs to sing ?

  12. otownkid

    Superficial, or superfacial? I think the latter, cuz that’s what Ash is gonna get from me, after she gets done lapping my swollen balls and throbbing shaft with that oversize tongue she has— Yep, a big, thick load all over that sexy face is what’s due her.

  13. Phoenix Guy

    I’ll take Ashlee Simpson over Jessica any day! I have a fetish for girls with big noses and long tongues. E-mail me at and tell me what you think.

  14. burn1980

    Ashlee is the sexiest lady alive marry me ashlee love neil from england! Love the tongue

  15. bigd

    “So she’s pretending to eat an ice cream cone”

    oh yeah. because people always get on their knees to lick an ice cream cone…

  16. Taylor

    Jessica Simpson’s email address is “”
    I got it on TRL

  17. Taylor

    I sent her an email and she did reply. Give it a go.

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