Ashlee Simpson is pretty

March 1st, 2006 // 61 Comments

ashlee-simpson-chin.jpgYou may feel something poking you while you look at this picture. That would be Ashlee Simpson’s mongoloid chin. The down side is it’s pretty damn ugly. The up side is she can probably take a punch, which will no doubt come in handy when she’s married. She could also use it to paddle a canoe. Or hunt vampires.


  1. #46 – That picture of that gag-inducing hairdo proves there is only one step in the evolutionary scale between Ashlee Simpson and the North American muskrat. See for yourself:

  2. Jayne

    well it’s a good thing I find muskrat’s adorable too.

    If I didn’t, I’d feel awfully embarressed right now :(

  3. bakismaki

    Everybody always says she’s in the shadows of her sis, but she has actually had more success in terms of selling records and having hit songs than jessica. Look it up, if you don’t believe me. A lot of people actually buy her crappy music.

    As for her looks, she’s hit or miss, mostly miss. I’ve seen her look very cute sometimes but I’ve also seen her look quite bad more than a few times. She has nice features, except for that ugly man chin both simpson sisters inherited from their crazy dad. I don’t know what Jessica has done to deflect attention from that thing, I remember a few years back I couldn’t help but stare at her chin. I think it’s because she always shows cleavage these days, that deflects attention away from her chin. Ashlee can’t do that as much because her boobs aren’t as big as jessica’s.

    Also,I think the darker hair was a better look for ashlee.

  4. LivingDeadGirl

    Damn I thought that was a cross dressing man in the picture or one of those superheroes with face masks that emphasize the chin area. She’s like the crimson chin or something like that. Combine that with her long,bald eagle nose and it’s a frightening combinatin.

  5. LaydeeBug

    I’ll get you my pretties, AND YOUR LITTLE DOG TOO!!!

    Can either of these Simpson coozes strum a guitar or play any instrument at all aside form their daddy’s skin flute? I mean, Jesus, learn a chord, fa Christs sake.

  6. ButtSnack

    Geez LaydeeBug, you should check your facts. They also play daddy’s meat trumpet.

  7. sarakai

    Woah man, I had that ‘shadow’ song completely mis-read. I thought she was talking about her sister but now I see, it’s about her massive man chin.

  8. LaydeeBug

    The Crimson Chiiiin of Chincinatti!!!!! (FAirly OddParents, yes I’m a fan)

  9. tonks7


  10. WHY

    you butt don’t kill your baby if you are going to have another baby it give it away to someone who wants one!! i use to like britney spears but now i hate her every buddy is starting to hate because of what she do to her baby like BREAK IT NECK WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH HER O MY GODNESS


  11. the post #60 is scary. like some crazy ass girl that wanna kill them all…

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