Ashlee Simpson is pretty

March 1st, 2006 // 61 Comments

ashlee-simpson-chin.jpgYou may feel something poking you while you look at this picture. That would be Ashlee Simpson’s mongoloid chin. The down side is it’s pretty damn ugly. The up side is she can probably take a punch, which will no doubt come in handy when she’s married. She could also use it to paddle a canoe. Or hunt vampires.


  1. tito

    Sure she has enlongated features such as a long nose and a chin that might stick out a bit, but something about her is still so damn adorable.

  2. jimmycracks

    Hideous… just like her sister. Why can’t they just go away!

  3. Otto

    Didn’t she play Marv in Sin City…Christ she really bulked up for that role. I love that part when she makes it with Goldie. Man I thought that scene was awesome, even when I thought she was a dude.

  4. em167

    That kind of looks more like Kate Hudson than it does Ashlee Simpson… no offense to Kate Hudson.

  5. reesestet

    All I can visualize is Rodney Rotten from the Nick Jr show “Lazy Town”

  6. reesestet

    Jay Leno’s love child!!!

  7. #2 Joe Simpson is the devil and some record execs and movie producers sold their souls to him. That can be the only reason.

    Look at that smile. That is the smile of a person who has zero talent and is laughing all the way to the bank.

    How else can you explain it?

  8. munchy

    Short and sweet. And fucking hilarious. That was seriously the funniet thing I’ve read here in a while.

    She looks like Mac Tonight to me.

  9. layla

    Man, that’s one hit up chin!!

  10. tits_on_snack

    haha #8, oh my god the 80′s McDonalds moon-headed guy, I always said Hilary Duff is the spitting image of him with her gigantic crescent-moon shaped face and head.
    But you’re right, Ashlee looks like him too.

  11. playahater101

    She’s hideous. I’m sorry, I just do NOT see her appeal at all. She acts like she’s mentally retarded, too.

  12. honeycomb's_big_yeahyeahyeah

    The humpy-faced Simpson gals look just way too pervily much like their dad, Joe “Satan Face” Simpson, for comfort.

    When he exultantly exclaimed over Jessica’s tatas that time, I carried an image of him in a blonde wig, vicariously squeezing his own man-boob flesh together in a frenzy of lust and despair, sobbing as he ejaculated weakly onto the dusty-rose shag carpeting in a darkened manor room.

    He looked very much like this.

  13. davina85

    jessica’s chin is just as bad

  14. Can somebody please find out where Tara Reid has been hiding for the last year and send Ashley Simpson there too?

  15. Tracie

    Unless the fugly little thing undergoes an extreme surgery, she is stuck with that chin. It hasn’t hurt Reese Witherspoon either, so it’s doubtful that will happen. The thing that I don’t understand is Ashlee’s HAIR! Have you ever seen this chick with any style that looks even halfway decent?! It’s something that’s totally under her control and so easy to correct. I think it’s obvious proof that she is one of the laziest millionaires in “show business”. (If you can actually call what she does being in “show business”.)

  16. not-one-of-you

    ya, she is pretty…..FUGLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Quiggie

    Looks like Drew Barrymore to me.

  18. SMF121490

    Ashlee and her sister are both butt ugly bimbos. And, their dad is a incestuous pervert. Another no talent family making the big bucks.

  19. ESQ

    She looks like a dog with a mad overbite, an ugly dog at that.

    Why are over large sunglasses the rage in Hollywood, they do nothing for nobody.

  20. ESQ

    I meant to say a mad “under bite” not overbite.

  21. crazydelicious

    those sunglasses are hott

  22. Mr. Fritz

    Jay Leno called, he wants his chin back. She is not attractive at all. How the hell did she become a celebrity?

  23. littleone

    Does she remind anyone else of the grandpa in Hey Arnold?

  24. Pimpin’ really is a lucrative business. Just look at Joe Simpson. His hoes (daughters) don’t have to be that pretty, they just have to do whatever he says and take their clothes off. What a pimp!

  25. The Devil

    I would admire my balls on her chin.

  26. gogoboots

    She looks like an old lady in that picture, or she’s grinding her teeth so hard cause she did too much coke that nite…either way…gross…

  27. gogoboots

    her hair is hideous. i kind of preferred it short, she looked like a pixie. she’s not that ugly either, she just dresses badly and her tresses look tired in most pics.

  28. Aimtrue

    Paint her green and she is the wicked witch of the west-I’ll get you and that little penis too!!!!-

  29. theyareidiots

    Only someone with that huge a schnoz could hold up those ginormous glasses.

    They are a typical Texas skank (Jessica) and her fugly sister (Ashlee) who is supposed to be hidden away in the basement and never spoken of.

    In this case, though, Papa Joe got greedy and decided to take her out of the cellar, mask her with voluminous amounts of make-up and cheap hair dye and sell her to an unwitting (and witless) public.

  30. SumLikeitHoTT guys are beautiful

  31. SMF121490

    Ashlee is going to end up looking like that old grandma lady in Playboy magazine. The one with droopy boobies and always runnin after the younger men.

  32. Sally

    I woke up with panda eyes this morning, a massive, erm, mosquito bite on my left cheek, drool running down my chin – sorry, sorry I’ll stop there… Then I turned on my computer and there was Ashlee Simpson on my screen. I thought to my self, “Sally, you’re not too shabby at all”.

  33. I’m scared. Hold me.

  34. Tania

    #27 The Devil: OMG that was so funny! I totally got a visual of balls resting on her chin shelf. So funny.

    And I loved “The up side is she can probably take a punch”. That’s good stuff.

    Can I also point out that not only is her chin huge, but it’s also a butt chin! (No offense to anyone on here that has one because on some it can be cute or dare I even say sexy, but this just isn’t the case for Miss Ashlee). Jessica has one too but Ashlee’s is more “pronounced”, to put it nicely.

  35. HughJorganthethird

    Lets see, no talent, face like a can of smashed assholes, intelect of a developmentally challenged (retarded) 12 year old.

    Oh yeah she should be famous.

  36. Foxbase Alpha

    Shrimp cocktail, shrimp gumbo, boiled shrimp, fried shrimp, bbq shrimp, broiled shimp…

  37. playahater101

    #38 LOL!!!! It’s nice to see we all pretty much agree that she’s a no talent ass who has overstayed her 15 minutes.

  38. mamacita

    lemon shrimp

  39. miss cent

    If you have a talented sibling and an industrious dad, you don’t need looks OR talent. Solange Knowles knows this very well. The only reason we know who she is is because her older sister is Beyonce. The ONLY reason. Matthew Knowles worked it for his daughters, now the pretty/talented/older one is famous AND the less talented/unattractive/younger one is famous, too. Joe Simpson must have studied at the feet of Matthew Knowles. Or maybe it’s a Texas thing…

  40. Who’s Solange Knowles?

  41. HollyJ

    Yeah, Who’s Solange Knowles? :::blank stare:::

  42. Pez_D_Spencer

    I didn’t know Kirk Douglas was still alive.

    Or that he had long hair.

  43. jennyjenjen

    I feel really sorry for her. She clearly can’t handle all the pressure her dad and the record execs are putting her under. I give her a year before she checks herself in for “exaustion” then spends the rest of her days self medicating.. poor thing.

  44. Jayne

    Solange Knowles is Beyonce’s kid sister.

    Anyway, I find Ashlee adorable.
    Airbrushed and sitting in an awkward position.

    like here.

  45. Pez_D_Spencer

    #46 – Good God, she needs medical attention. How many bones did they shatter to get her in that pose?

  46. Dee

    I just wish the likes of Ashlee Simpson, her sister, Paris Hilton, and Lindsey Lohan would just disappear. They are all no talent bimbos who are photographed because of their partying and designer clothes.

    I’m sure we’ll all have Britney Spears’ sister and Lohans as well following in Ashlee’s footsteps (or should I say coat tails)

  47. punch.perm

    There is nothing adorable about Ashlee.

  48. Xanthia

    #41: It is definitely NOT a Texas thing – that’s why we ran their nasty asses out of the state.

    He should be investigated, there is something really really wrong with him!

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