Ashlee Simpson is leggy and other news

September 23rd, 2009 // 30 Comments

- Kanye West can’t be having sex with Amber Rose. Just can’t be. [Drunken Stepfather: Site is NSFW]

- Jude Law has a new daughter because apparently paying child support out the ass is his favorite. [PopEater]

- Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz reunite in Boston, and he seems to be giving her the classic Katie Holmes arm grip. You know, the one that reminds her not to show human emotion or Xenu will Klaxon ray them both to death. Yeah, that one. [Lainey Gossip]

- Amy Winehouse randomly shows up at schools and beats up kids now. What took so long? [Just Jared]

- Trevor Donovan must work out. [PopSugar]

- Kevin Federline will appear on the next season of Celebrity Fit Club and I will call that fat bastard “Messiah” if he eats Dustin Diamond. Messiah. [Celebslam]

- Jackson Rathbone was injured on the set of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. Must’ve been all that lame, non-threatening, dry-humping vampire action. Shit will kill you. [WonderWall]

- Drew Barrymore has mommy issues. Oh, yeah, well Mackenzie Phillips’ dad stuck his penis in her for 10 years, so maybe quit your bitching. Just a thought. [The Blemish]

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  1. What?

    Leggy? She’s like five-two.

  2. Simpson is the Quintessential loser girl from high school who was a dirtbag and stayed the dirtbag.

  3. #6, yes, you can be short and be leggy if you have the right proportions, like a miniature version of a tall model. Not one of those big boned short people you are used to seeing in your family.

  4. Bigo

    She just gave birth to that Midnight Mougli Pooper or whatever and she’s back to shape… wow

  5. She is charming, but a little problem, the skirt is a little short for her long legs.

  6. She is charming, but a little problem, the skirt is a little short for her long legs.

  7. Hey

    @6: She’s actually around 5’6, so she’s not tiny. #8 is right, you can be short and have long legs. It’s considered to be the ideal combination, in fact.

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  9. chopper

    still a brainless talentless hack..and all the nose jobs & short skirts in the world cant fix that.

  10. not kanye

    nice stems!

  11. Kapow

    Ashley Simpsons still fucking hot!! Aint no way Im sayin no to that

  12. EricLR

    If that’s the “leggy” look, then I have several crack whores in my neighborhood who are also leggy.

  13. Delgo

    I’d lick them

  14. Jail

    Leggy? Try chinny.

  15. Galtacticus

    With those heels anybody would be leggy.

  16. Darth

    Isn’t there much acting talent required in Melrose Place?

  17. fuck this

    Oh come on, yes she has a nasty chin and is odd looking and is a simpson and married pete wentz and birthed his heathen emo spawn and… where was I going with this? Oh right she does have nice legs, admit it, just because the rest of her is barftastic does not mean her legs aren’t great. Like Katy Perry and her magic boobs, except the rest of her is far less yucky than the rest of Assley Chinson. Also Assley apparently has decent boobs too or well that’s what her Dad said and we all know by now that Hollywood Dad’s know best when it comes to how hot their daughters private parts. Fuck this world is such a disgusting place.

  18. lola

    She looks almost unreal in these shots. Ashley is as beautiful as she can look. No real woman would ever wear this outfit, but it work for the show

  19. The link to the Kanye story at the top (Drubken Stepfather) is NSFW.

  20. FISH – could you plz note that the link to the Kanye story at the top is NSFW.
    (Porn Banners)

  21. fop

    That’s not leggy, that’s gigantic fuggo shoes.

  22. il

    she looks so good! loooving the outfit and the hair :)

  23. If anyone would have told me 4 years ago that she would end up hotter then her sister I would have laughed in their face….pretty amazing really!

  24. gill 12

    —Hey! —-wouldn’t it be cool is Simpson shluffed-off
    the pop-slop jive —and came out and spilled about
    Hollywood’s decades of cover jobs and financial
    ‘involvements’ for the most awesome —and unoutted
    -genocidal regime in history —-across the Pacific.

    —————-Uhhhhhh! ——HUH!

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