Ashlee Simpson is jealous

August 10th, 2007 // 81 Comments

Apparently Ashlee Simpson is the jealous type and freaked out last week whenever any girls tried to get their picture taken with her boyfriend Pete Wentz. Page Six reports:

In Chicago last weekend with boyfriend Pete Wentz to stop by the Blender Sessions at the Hard Rock Hotel and help Crobar Chicago co- owner Mike Matushcka celebrate his 40th birthday, Simpson refused to let any girl come between herself and her man. When female fans tried to take their pictures with Wentz, Simpson “got whiny and dragged him away,” a spy said.

Dude, it’s Pete Wentz. It’s not like she’s dating George Clooney, or Brad Pitt, or me. It’s like getting upset because somebody’s trying to steal your garbage. Which I wouldn’t be surprised if she did. She probably just runs around her garbage bin shooing people away. See, because she’s Ashlee Simpson. No brain.


  1. BiteMe

    Krazihottkelli, I have sent you emails. Why won’t you write back to me?

  2. ^^^^^^^^^^^KrazyHotKelliKlone^^^^

    51, zhe iz zwimming in the ocean
    with the other whalez

  3. Beer Baron

    On second thought, it looks like he’s haggling over the lunch bill from Canters with her. “Now, hold on, I ordered the matzah ball soup. It’s just not right for me to have to pay most of the tab. I’ll just leave a nickel tip cause it’s only soup. And this August weather is so humid, it’s going to dry up my adnoids but good. I’m going to have to pick up a month’s supply of Claritin at Dr. Katz’s today…”

  4. Jane_Says

    Dude is starting to grow one fierce mullet.

  5. Chirst on a Crotch

    He’s got that “I’m going bald” hair-do going there. I hate guys that look like him; I hate that fucking “Val Kilmer” upper lip thing that makes them look all “Duuuhhhhh” with thier mouths open.

    That only looks good on Gina Gershon.

    MMMMM, Gina Gershon…..

  6. Italian Stallion

    I wonder if when they make out does her chin get in the way?

  7. Rhino. Fucking. Plasty.

    Cuts the nose, makes me angry. Lies about it, makes me angry. Dyes her hair blond, makes me angry. Hooks up with Emo Phillips, makes me angry.

  8. wedgeone

    Get a life, schack. “orgasism”? WTF is that, you slimy piece of rat shit?

  9. EMO boy, EMO boy, Ashlee got her an EMO boy. I just read somewhere, might have been Alternative Press, that he was half gay. I guess that explains the friendship with the guy who owns Crowbar.

  10. Briana

    I <3 Pete.


  11. Claire.

    Well no wonder she is jealous/insecure.
    She’s a dog with a bad personality who wouldn’t be anything if it wasn’t for a famous sister and a nose job.

    There will be at least 10 groupies a night who would blow her away..and blow him…

    But saying that… wasn’t this Pete guy hanging around with Rumer Willis a while back?
    Hm, does anyone know if this guy is maybe legally blind?

  12. superstar

    She’s such a bitch! She thinks she’s her own person after getting a nose job. I mean, Pete is hotter than those other guys in FOB.
    Ashlee doesn’t deserve him. I remember Pete saying he likes girls with talent? =P He must’ve been smacked over the head with something incredibly hard to like Ashlee Simpson.

  13. to 13+20

    what is a ” filly ” anway?
    Are you shocked that someone needs that explained?

  14. zhe muzt b like nichole
    and lick hiz azz====

  15. Ummmm……this is the first time I’ve commented on here……troll, I actually do know who you are and will be emailing you later

  16. Jesus

    Ashley please turn to page 167 of “Firestarter” and stick your arm down a garbage disposal unit, and please PLEASE!! STOP Looking like a drag King

    Thank you

  17. Lily

    Even though the guy is nothing to look at, he probably have a decent amount of cash and that’s enough for girls to want him. So, maybe Ashley should be protective. However, if she doesn’t trust him, then there is no real relationship and she shouldn’t even bother.

  18. manu

    oh gosh loved the grabage can joke!class humor!!!!oh and…pete is sooo disguntilgly ugly!damn it wt do some people see in him??euurrghh

  19. allie

    omg!!!!!!!!!!!! whoever wrote this article i hate they said pete is like garbage!!!UM SO NOT TRUE PETE IS SO FREAKING HOT SO WHOEVER WROTE THIS STORY SHOULD BE FIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I LOVE PETE HATE ASHLEE SIMPSONE AND THIS WRITER!

  20. Hmm

    Look at Pete’s nose. Then take a flash-back to Ashlee’s real nose. If they had a kid, he/she would be required to have rhinoplasty by the age of 9.

  21. britteny spears

    I love Pete!I don’t know what he see’s in Asslee.

  22. I have a confessions to make. The reason everyone is getting spyware is my fault. I put porn on the kraziherpezkelli link on all the pages and this is the problem with the site and everyone’s computer. When you click on the kraziherpezkelli link it goes to is three old men having sex with each other. This is the problem. It was a secret inside joke to hurt someone I hate. I also sent krazihottkelli fake emails that told her she won the lottery. I am sorry to the Superfish and to all the people I caused problems to. I hope I don’t get kicked off of this site for this. Please don’t hate me for being so mean and malnipulative.

  23. kate

    Lily – August 11, 2007 1:43 PM
    “Even though the guy is nothing to look at, he probably have a decent amount of cash and that’s enough for girls to want him.”

    Lily? Isn’t that a girls name? Are you a girl? Almost every single girl under 25 thinks he is hot. Not to mention he’s a musician, and funny.
    Any money he might have comes about last on a list of things Pete Wentz has to offer.

  24. jennaxrad

    @ 12 learn how to spell

  25. Hayden Brooks

    He’s gay anyway – more successful gay marketing.

  26. MissKaNia

    perhaps the simpsons sisters were born carrying a hopeless romantic ego inside of each. silly. it’s just pete wentz for heaven’s sake. let him be. i’m sure he will crawl back to ashlee as soon as she says goodbye. he’s such a twat.

  27. Jacqueline

    When did the Geico cavemen start dating around?

  28. agreed. he’s SO ugly!!

    fall out boy started going down the drain when pretty-boy wentz thought he was the shit. wearing eyeliner and crap, thinking everyone’s in love with him.

  29. PWLTC

    “When female fans tried to take their pictures with Wentz, Simpson “got whiny and dragged him away,” a spy said.”

    Who the fuck cares? Ashlee is a stupid twat and Wentz, well, Pete Wentz loves the cock! He signs his name Peter “Penis Breath” Wentz. Peter sucks Peter’s peter; he’s very flexible that way. Once when asked how he could do that, he replied, “You have to really want it.”

  30. Abi

    The only reason she’s freaking out is because the girls were probably normal looking, and she’s insecure because she resembles a plastic alien.

  31. tony

    who cares about these 2 mother fuckers fuck them both stupid dumps

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