Ashlee Simpson is jealous

August 10th, 2007 // 81 Comments

Apparently Ashlee Simpson is the jealous type and freaked out last week whenever any girls tried to get their picture taken with her boyfriend Pete Wentz. Page Six reports:

In Chicago last weekend with boyfriend Pete Wentz to stop by the Blender Sessions at the Hard Rock Hotel and help Crobar Chicago co- owner Mike Matushcka celebrate his 40th birthday, Simpson refused to let any girl come between herself and her man. When female fans tried to take their pictures with Wentz, Simpson “got whiny and dragged him away,” a spy said.

Dude, it’s Pete Wentz. It’s not like she’s dating George Clooney, or Brad Pitt, or me. It’s like getting upset because somebody’s trying to steal your garbage. Which I wouldn’t be surprised if she did. She probably just runs around her garbage bin shooing people away. See, because she’s Ashlee Simpson. No brain.


  1. D4P

    She’s probably jealous of all the attention the other “it” girls get too.

    I don’t blame her for being jealous. She’s every bit as stupid and untalented as they are.

  2. She’s jealous because people care more about some dude than her.

  3. vanman

    Who the hell is pete wentz?

  4. JustMe

    Obviously Pete Wentz is the best she could get. Hold on to that piece of garbage, Ash!

  5. Bite Me!

    Who the hell cares about any of this?

  6. JustMe

    #4 – Pete Wentz is a fag from a gay band called Fall Out Boy who wears more eyeliner than your girlfriend and enjoy taking pictures of his teeny weeny genital.

  7. mrs.t

    Insecurity of this type rhymes with Daddy Issues.

  8. Bob

    So 14-year old girls make her jealous?

  9. jrzmommy

    She needs to watch the scene in Full Metal Jacket where Animal Mother says “Well, if you ask me, we’re shooting the wrong gooks.” I don’t think it’s girls she needs to keep away from Gimme-Skeet Pete…

  10. U zay hez gay becoz of the eyeliner? I think hez hott with that
    eyeliner..who carez if he iz gay…zweetazz…and zhez like
    not good enough for him…?

  11. JustWonderin

    If the guy that runs this site is in the same class as Clooney and Pitt then why is his pictures never posted doing manly things to some fine filly. I’m Just Wondering?

  12. veggi

    I thought Fall Out Boy was what happens in Jimbo’s zipper region whenever bikini pics are posted here.

  13. wedgeone

    #11 – Best war movie in the last 20 years.
    R. Lee Ermey rocks! I wish that KrazyFatKelli would take every piece of advice that he uttered in that movie.

    Who gives a rats ass about either of these wankers? Find some real news, Fish! Help us out here! Has Britney been arrested yet for that hit-and -run car accident that you reported a couple days ago? Where has Jessica Simpson been hiding? Nothing on her for months seen here! Probably a good thing, but still ….

  14. wedgeone

    One more thing:
    Anyone else notice a strange resemblance between Alfred Molina and Pete Wentz? Coincidence?

  15. Dumbass

    I would be a good thing if these 2 died in a firey car crash

  16. Bite Me!

    @15 Wedgeone, You are not the only one being trolled today. I think Sibal has been let out of her cage again.

  17. RichPort

    HI JRZ!!! How are you managing to post while on vacation? Fuck off Mr. Trolly McTrollerson!

  18. #13

    Because he doesn’t intend for you to take him seriously. This is a humor based site. I never thought that would have to be explained.

  19. Christ on a Crotch

    See folks, Ashlee is not a singer, musician, actress. She’s just a person who gets her picture taken. She’s not a celeb; she’s a hanger on.

    So we can’t expect her to understand the constraints of being a celeb and doing press junkets and having to grit her teeth and sign autographs for the sake of her career.

  20. ssdd

    She rubbed her WWDD bracelet 3 times and made a wish….
    What would Daddy do
    What would Daddy do
    What would Daddy do

    The outcome was to walk away on the basis that-
    If you’re near cameras and I’m not getting a cut- walk away.

  21. Annie Rexia

    Oh, I heard that he also likes “making out” with guys as well as girls.

  22. anna

    George Clooney, or Brad Pitt??? GROSS, they are not cute at all!! George Clooney is some old gray no lip grandpa, and Brad Pitt is some 50 year old washed up southern red neck hick!! Choose better looking men next time.

  23. ipromisetoplaynicely

    fuckin’ emo dork fuck

  24. justsomebastard

    Pete really does look like a faggot. Look at that hair.

  25. p0nk

    who makes these hats? i need to make a stock portfolio investment quick.

  26. ^^^^^^KrazyHotKelliKlone^^^^^^^^^

    Pete iz a turd burglar
    I zhould know
    he ztole zome of mine
    while he waz ranging
    my rump

  27. Jessica Simpson’s pussy is so sweet.
    I love Britney, I pretend when I masterbate that I’m licking Jessica’s and Britney’s pussy. This makes me hot. I can’t orgasism without thinking of the two of them. They are my life. It’s all I have.

  28. Eddie

    Host. You’re a fag.

  29. I would suck his dick and any other dicks that need sucked.

  30. ^^^^^^^KrazyHotKelliKlone^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    Britney iz filthy and dirty
    and likez to zuck on my toez
    and put her finger
    up my azz while she talks dirty
    and callz me sanches

  31. Dicks are good for something..for sticking in my mouth. I was raised to suck dicks. I lived in the Mountains and I learned early what to do.

  32. ^^^^^^^^KrazyHotKelliKlone^^^^^^^^^^

    #31. Pete likez to zuck dick
    zo you will need on
    to zuck

  33. ^^^^^^^^KrazyHotKelliKlone^^^^^^^^^^^^

    the mountainz make
    it eazier to go down your

  34. My Precious

    She is Gollum lurking in Jessica’s shadow

  35. FRIST!!! Getcha ass back to der mountin, didchu forgit bout dem diks dat er
    waitin fur ya?

  36. Damn, I’m so hot right now..
    I’m about to burn right through my pants. Those girls make me so hot just thinking about them. I think I’ll fuck my boss since I’m so hot to trot.

  37. Annie Rexia

    I wouldn’t be suprised if Tinkerbell carried a purse.

  38. Shit, my boss is out of the office right now.
    Who the hell is that coming in? It’s the little white boy from downstairs that empties the garbage. He’ll do, I’ll just close my eyes and pretend it’s Britney and Jessica Simpson.

  39. ^^^^^^^^^KrazyHotKelliKlone^^^^^^^^^

    #40. Pete likez little boyz too!
    u have that in common

  40. Fluffy Butt

    Madd insecurity runs in the family………

  41. Ashlee

    personally y’all, I’m gitten kinda sick of Pete. All he ever wants ta do is shop, and gee willikers, It sure would be nice if’n he cleaned his shit off the dildo “fore given it back ta me.

  42. BaldAsBritney

    Relax idiot, any female fans of Fallout boy have to be home and in bed by 10 pm most nights anyway.

  43. BaldAsBritney

    #11 you win todays best Full Metal Jacket qiute of the day. my personal favourite is “Easy, you don’t lead ‘em as much” but it really isn’t relevant to this post so fuck it.

  44. Beer Baron

    Arrgg, I hate those stupid huge 80s sunglasses. And who’s this dude? When did looking like a nerd become cool? This guy looks like he’s a hybrid-child of Steve Buschemi and an Albino Ethiopian woman. DOWN WITH NERDS!

  45. Big Mama

    He’s a dog and she looks like Pinocchio in that hat.

  46. SHallow Val

    FRIST – you are so fucking funny…….looking that is (hahaha).

    No seriously, you are a scream!!!!

    Keep em posting.

  47. jude

    um im definatly not a huge FOB fan but open ur eyes- hes sexy as hell

  48. curlyfrie


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