Ashlee Simpson is having twins

September 8th, 2008 // 59 Comments

Ashlee Simpson is reportedly carrying twins, according to E! Online:

Hip-hop artist Tyga, Pete’s buddy, says that the parents-to-be are expecting not one but two bundles of joy.
“They’re having twins,” Tyga said in an exclusive interview yesterday at the House of Hype’s pre-VMA barbecue. “They’re really happy.”

Ah, twins. Nature’s magical “fuck you.” Except this time it’s directed at all of us because Pete Wentz just goddamn multiplied. At least we can take comfort knowing that, when evil strikes, the Wentz-Simpson family will join together to form Chin-tron: Defender of the Universe if You Count Perpetually Smiling Like a Douche as a Means of Defense.

Photos: Splash News

  1. Ashley is so cute pregnant!

    But I already saw this on

  2. biteme

    I am glad she is having twins. It will result in twice the pain when they are stillborn.

  3. AshleyHater

    Congratulations, you two, on your pair of emo fag kids. Will they come out of the womb with black fingernails and metro hairdos?

  4. all the polls

    “Her coming in and having things in common with some of us, especially women, makes her a viable threat to the opposite sides candidacy. I , for one, am ready for someone a little more like me. If she is who she appears to be, you will find a lot of other women that feel the same way I do.”

    All the polls say that, if anything, she’s had a reverse gender effect: men are now more likely to vote McCain/Palin, women less likely.

    “If she is who she appears to be” …well, you mean a Pentecostal fundamentalist who chose a church with “speaking in tongues” and all that psycho stuff?

  5. immmers

    Naaaaaah, douchebag just wants us to think he has supersperm despite looking like an ugly girl.

    Even if it’s true, betcha that she’ll forget about both kiddos once Pete dumps her ass for that hunky bodybuilder with the gigantic member.

  6. blah

    why is it that whenever a celeb is pregnant, the rumor mill has to instantly churn that its twins?! Its usually never the case (…save for Brangelintard)

  7. Palin is retarded whore

    So she speaks in tongues awesome. I wish she would channel and do it on the campaign trail!!!!! This country is being lead by retards.

  8. 54 is another mad liberal


    Who cares what the polls say, as they are usually wrong anyways. The same ones that had Kerry/ Edwards even having a chance? or the ones that had Al Bore close in 2000? either way, they were wrong, as usual.

    MEN were already voting for McCain / Palin.

    Metrosexual fags with white guilt & pre-menopausal women were the ones voting for Osama/ Biden (GOD thats so funny to even type…biden..hah! that was the straw that broke that camel fuckers back).

    If youre going to bring up religious bullshit, you have just as much religion going on on the dumbocrats side with the christian/muslim and the devout catholic biden.

    Im all for picking sides, but at least admit when youre wrong or being biased silly boy.

  9. spike

    Doesn’t that little squirrel of husband of hers know that his hair is ridiculously stupid? Doesn’t he?!!

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